DIY Pinterest Projects for Your Home

Danny and Chelsea Lipford tackle Pinterest painting projects.
Danny and Chelsea Lipford tackle Pinterest painting projects.

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Pinterest, the virtual bulletin board website that allows you to “pin” pictures and ideas you find online, has become very popular. Some of the projects our social media director, Chelsea Lipford, found and tried on her own house include:

  • Yarn chandelier
  • Paper light switch covers
  • Scrap paper collage paintings
  • Cooking and laundry cheat sheets
  • Mason jar soap dispenser
  • Peel-and-stick tile sink cabinet liner
  • Tension rod spray bottle hanger

You can find out more about these projects as well as those detailed below on our Pinterest page at then click on our DIY Pinterest Projects board.

Wall Mounted Folding Craft Center

The front legs of our wall mounted craft center fold down to form a work surface, then fold up to look like a framed picture when closed.

To create the folding craft center:

  1. Rip 3/4″ plywood for the sides and shelves to width.
  2. Cut the pieces to length.
  3. Wall mounted folding craft center.
    Wall mounted folding craft center.
  4. Cut dado slots in the sides with a router to support the shelves.
  5. Assemble the shelf unit using glue and nails.
  6. Apply a face frame made from solid wood to the front of the shelf unit.
  7. Install dowels across the cabinet at each shelf to hold the craft supplies in place.
  8. Cut the plywood work surface to size and cover the edges with solid wood banding.
  9. Make a frame for the legs from mitered pieces of solid wood.
  10. Attach a mitered frame made from brick mold to give the legs strength and the frame depth.
  11. Fill any nail holes, then prime and paint the entire unit.
  12. Attach the legs to the work surface with a brass piano hinge.
  13. Hang the craft center on the wall with screws.

Watch our video on Child’s Wall Mounted Folding Desk

Distressed Chalk Paint Finish

Wine rack with distressed chalk paint finish.
Distressed chalk paint finish.

To give finished wood furniture an antique look, mix up chalk paint by adding plaster of paris to latex paint. This makes the paint harder and more easily sandable.

Apply two coats of chalk paint to the furniture, allowing each coat to dry. Finally, use sandpaper to sand through the finish in spots, exposing the dark finish below, to give the furniture a distressed, antique look.

Crackle Paint Finish

For a different decorative finish, paint the furniture black, and then apply a coat of water based wood glue the surface. While the glue is still tacky, apply a thick coat of latex paint to the surface.

When the glue and paint dry, the finish will crack and separate, giving the furniture a unique alligator crazed, antique look.

Watch video on DIY Decorative Crackle Paint Finish for Furniture

Picnic Table Drink Trough

To keep drinks cold and handy at a picnic, remove the center board on a picnic table and add a drink trough made from rain gutter. When not in use, the top board can be used to cover the trough.

To make the picnic table drink trough:

  1. Remove any diagonal or cross braces under the table that are in the way.
  2. Screw 2x4s across the bottom of the table at each end.
  3. Picnic table drink trough.
    Picnic table drink trough.
  4. Screw 2x2s lengthwise to the bottom of the boards adjoining the center board.
  5. Remove the center board from the picnic table.
  6. Cut the center board into three pieces, and attach the short pieces at each end.
  7. Drill a finger hole in one end of the center board to allow for easy removal.
  8. Cut the gutter to length and install end caps on each end with caulk.
  9. Screw the gutter to the 2x2s using sheet metal screws.
  10. Reinstall the diagonal braces under the table.
  11. Fill the gutter with drinks and ice.

Watch video on How to Make a Picnic Table Drink Trough

Other Tips from This Episode

Plastic Container Tool Caddy full of cleaning supplies.

Simple Solutions with Joe Truini:
Plastic Container Tool Caddy

Turn a 2½ gallon plastic water container into a homemade caddy for tools or cleaning supplies. Start by marking around the top half of each side of the jug, then use a utility knife to cut through the plastic following the lines. The built-in handle in the center of the jug make the caddy easy to carry. (Watch Video)

can of Kilz Clean Start Primer

Best New Products with Jodi Marks:
Kilz Clean Start Primer

Kilz Clean Start primer, is an extremely low odor product that contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). It is mildew resistant and can be used as a primer, sealer, and stain blocker on both interior and exterior surfaces. Kilz Clean Start primer is available at The Home Depot. (Watch Video)

Using cordless drill to install drywall screw in wall

Ask Danny Lipford:
Repairing Drywall Nail Pops

To repair popped nails in drywall, remove the popped nail from the drywall using a screwdriver and pliers. Install drywall screws on either side of the popped nail with the screw heads recessed just below the surface. Fill the popped nail hole and screw heads with two coats of drywall joint compound, allow to dry, sand, and paint. (Watch Video)


  1. I really liked seeing you show, it was a surprise. I turned to CBS for the morning news and you were on, it was a great show. I saved your website and will be back. Thanks

  2. I watched your Pinterest episode this morning and I’m looking for the “recipe” for chalk paint. Great show, by the way! This is something I’ve wanted to try for a while. Did I miss somethiing? I looked on the pinterest page and can’t find any links or specifics. Thanks!

    Debbi Davis

    • Hi Debbi,
      Click on the link to our DIY Pinterest Projects board in the article above, and you’ll see a pin for the Chalk Paint Recipe that Chelsea used to make the paint. Click on the link under it to read the article. Thank you for your interest!

  3. Got up early today and caught the show. Now there is a reason to get up early on a Sat. Checked out the website and will be using lots of your ideas.. Thanks for sharing it all on your show..
    Glenna Haley

  4. Amazing,stumbled on your show this morning and have to say I loved it! I have tons of Pinterest Pins and could not get my husband motivated to do any of them. He saw your show and now all my projects seem really cool to him. HaHa! Whatever it takes get these projects done. Anyway, thanks and keep it up. I will be a dedicated viewer now and I feel sure he will too.

  5. I too happen to tune into your show this morning…this was my first time. I was very impressed with all the ideas your daughter had for you. I have watched other DIY showes and don’t seem as user friendly as your’s. Chelsea should be on more often. I really liked her personality. You can tell you two get along very well. Can’t wait to get my first news letter…thanks again for a show well done.

  6. I work in the paint department in a Home Depot Store 2772 and I made some samples of the chalk paint and the crackle paint — Now when customers come into the store I can show them samples..of what they are looking for !!! I just put enough plaster of Paris in the cup of paint to make it look right — it turned out great– it turned a semi gloss paint into a sand-able paint.. really fun!!

    Keep em coming ! Love the show !~

    • Hi Katrina,
      Thanks for the feedback on chalk and crackle paint.
      Glad to hear you’re spreading the word about it at The Home Depot, and that you enjoy the show!

  7. Hello there Danny and Alan, sounds like Vegas all work and play. I spoke with you guys a couple of months back about my existing home we previously purchased. Again home was built in 2006 by the way. I asked ifit was a good idea to install spray foam in attic. Of course attic already has the blown in insulation. Since you guys said all that would have to be removed, would it be better choice to try placing the roxul batt insulation on top of existing blown in, and just add a ridge vent when decide to get a new roof. Going to have a representative from the central co op in the next week come to the house and perform a energy audit.


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