Paint not only makes your walls look fresh and clean but also increases their life span because paint acts as a protective layer for the walls keeping them away from water, moisture, and sunlight.

In comparing Sherwin and Behr, Sherwin Williams surpasses Behr products in terms of coverage, color consistency, in-store support, and long-term value, whereas Behr paints are cheaper and thicker.


Both have a reputation for providing outstanding coverage and durability, and both have various interior and exterior paints and stains. What makes the two different, then? What color paint should you use for your upcoming project?

This article will give an overview of both paint brands. We will also compare them on several factors such as cost, consistency, adhesion, etc.

Behr Overview

Behr, established in 1947, is a younger company than Sherwin-Williams but has a long history as one of the biggest paint producers worldwide. Behr has over a dozen paint products for almost any project.

Behr’s Premium Ultra paint is their most well-known product. Additionally, it provides substantial coverage, largely due to the paint being among the thickest on the market.

Behr doesn’t offer as many color selections as some rivals is one of its downsides. Additionally, it doesn’t perform as well in terms of durability or ease of cleaning, and its consistency is thick to the point where drips may be a problem if you aren’t using a sprayer.

Sherwin Williams Overview

The Sherwin-Williams brand has undoubtedly thrived since it was founded in 1866. The brand is generally considered a premium paint; hence its quality is very high.

The Sherwin-Williams Emerald line is often the most well-liked selection for individuals considering the brand. But the business also offers a wide range of paint lines, each with unique benefits. Additionally, this paint producer makes significant investments in research and development (R&D), enabling it to develop innovative, interesting features consistently.

Paint Quality & Durability


Sherwin-Williams significantly outperform Behr in terms of durability. Sherwin-Williams holds up well against wear and strain overall. Plus, it is scratch, chip, and scuff resistant. Because of this, it can be a great option for high-traffic areas, households with kids or pets, or any other setting where toughness is required.

Durability is a little bit of a problem for Behr paint. Behr isn’t extremely scrubbable, is less resistant to wear and tear, and may break when exposed to high heat. As a result, it might not function effectively in areas with a lot of traffic.


As long as you pick the proper supplies and take care of any necessary preparation, you shouldn’t generally experience adhesion problems with Sherwin-Williams or Behr paint. Either of the brands can adhere well to general projects. Also, both paint producers offer special products for difficult surfaces, such as bonding primers.

With the wrong tools or poor planning, adhesion issues can arise with any brand. Make sure to complete any additional procedures and pick a paint line that’s made to stick to the surface you’re painting if you want to prevent them.


When it comes to VOC, Sherwin-Williams and Behr are similar. Both companies produce zero VOC paints and various low VOC options. As a result, if it is a priority, either product will suffice.

When comparing all paint lines, Behr has a higher VOC than Sherwin-Williams, and If you choose to go that route, you may need to do a little more research to ensure you obtain the correct Behr product. However, some Sherwin-Williams paints contain higher VOC levels, so keep that in mind.


Sherwin-Williams and Behr are both thick paints in terms of consistency. However, Behr is far thicker, making it unsuitable for brush application. While a single coat will provide excellent coverage, you may need to use a sprayer to eliminate drips and maintain a uniform finish.

Sherwin-Williams paint is a little easier to work with. While it is thick enough to reduce the number of coats required, it is less prone to leaking. Furthermore, some Sherwin-Williams paint lines are self-leveling, removing unevenness as the paint sets.

Coverage/coats Required

Sherwin-Williams outperforms Behr in terms of coverage. Since both are thicker paints, a gallon does not cover as many square feet as some thinner brands. However, a can of Behr may only cover 250 square feet, but most Sherwin-Williams products would cover at least 300.

Both companies usually offer maximum coverage levels of 400 square feet per can. That means your application method is important. You can achieve closer to the maximum coverage levels with any brand if you use a sprayer. However, whether you use a brush or a roller, Behr is more likely than Sherwin-Williams to have a substantial reduction in total square footage.

Also, Sherwin-Williams and Behr are thicker paints with powerful pigments, so you can generally get solid coverage with either brand in one or two coats. A single coat of fresh paint may be enough for the job, even when covering a darker paint with a lighter one.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t normally plan for two coats. The only possible exception is repainting a wall in the same hue to give it a fresh look. When that happens, a single coat might work almost always.

Years it Lasts

The interior paints from Sherwin Williams should last as long as their exterior equivalents, in theory. The majority of people, however, are ready for a new color after three to four years. However, if the surface has been adequately prepared, Sherwin Williams interior paints can survive for seven to ten years.

For Behr, unopened cans have a two-year shelf life, but opened containers can last even longer if kept off the ground and at room temperature.

Paint Drying Time

Sherwin-Williams and Behr paint require more dry time because they are thicker paints. For Behr, it could take up to 4 hours before you feel dry to the touch and up to 8 hours before it’s ready for a fresh coat.

The wait times for Sherwin-Williams are more like 1 and 2 to 4 hours. Although full drying times for both paints are similar, they often range from 24 to 48 hours, depending on the environment, the number of coatings, and other related factors.

Paint Color Options

One aspect where Sherwin-Williams and Behr are similar is the number of colors. Sherwin-Williams has over 1,700 colors, whereas Behr has more than 1,400. While this might appear to be a significant difference, it isn’t in the world of paint.

However, Sherwin-Williams excels at color matching by a wide margin. The company has an advantage over Behr in this area thanks to its market-leading software development.

Price Comparison

Sherwin-Williams paint is generally costlier than Behr paint. In some cases, the price difference could be $10 to $20 per gallon can, which can quickly add up if you’re taking on a large project, like repainting the entire house.

However, Behr isn’t necessarily cheap per gallon. Instead, its price tags often vary from moderate to high; they don’t generally reach as high as Sherwin-Williams.

Which Paint Is Best for Your House?

Overall, both Behr and Sherwin-Williams have upsides and downsides. In the Sherwin-Williams vs. Behr paint comparison, Sherwin-Williams generally performs better, especially in toughness, washability, and application simplicity. Sherwin-Williams is typically a better option if you’re okay with the higher price.

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