How to Paint a Fiberglass Shower Surround | Ep. 139

A fiberglass shower stall with glass panels and stainless steel frames.
Make sure you use the best products when painting your fiberglass shower walls. (AdobeStock ©Jason)

There are a lot of different products out there for painting a fiberglass shower stall. But which product is the best to use?

That would be a two-part epoxy — which includes the paint and the activator. Some of the products we recommend are epoxy resin paint and urethane fiberglass paint.

Surface preparation is especially important. A lot of sanding, cleaning and using acetone to clear off the surface before painting is crucial.

The surface will look beautiful if the prep is done correctly but you cannot expect the surface to be as durable as it was before with the original finish.

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Simple Solutions

Safer Sawhorse Sawing — When cutting a sheet of plywood that’s set on top of two sawhorses, the plywood tends to sag in the middle, making it difficult to make a safe, accurate cut.

To avoid this common problem, start by sawing two notches into the horizontal rails of each sawhorse. Make the notches about 1 ½ inch wide x 1 ½ inch deep. Then, take two 8- or 10-foot-long 2x4s and drop them into the notches.

There’s no need to screw the 2x4s in place; the notches will hold them steady and prevent them from sliding out of position.  

Now, when you lay the plywood on top of the sawhorses, the entire sheet is completely supported across its length and width. 

Watch: How to Prevent Plywood from Sagging on Sawhorses

Tape SaverRolls of tape can dry out over time, rendering them useless.

Here’s a simple, yet effective way to keep the tape’s adhesive fresh: First, store each individual roll in a zip-top plastic bag.

Then, store all the rolls of bagged tape in a plastic food storage container that has a snap-on lid. By sealing out air, the tape will stay fresh and supple for years.

Question of the Week

Q: I had carpenter ants eat through my T111 Shredding that connects to my porch. How can I ensure that this doesn’t happen again?

A: Carpenter ants typically try and chase moisture so hopefully by putting gravel down this will solve the issue. T111 is extremely porous and has grooves about 4 inches apart on it, so you definitely want to make sure the bottom of it is sealed. It has a tendency to rot at the bottom because it sucks up moisture very easily.

In regards to the ant problem, we recommend using a non-toxic product called Diatomaceous Earth that will get rid of them without the toxins!

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