Self-adhesive food wrap, such as Glad Press’n Seal, is an easy and inexpensive way to protect surfaces, like bathroom countertops and toilets, when painting.

Simply tear off a sheet of plastic food wrap to the length needed, and apply it adhesive side down to the surface you want protected. When you’ve finished painting, peel the plastic wrap off.

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Joe Truini: When painting a room, you often spend more time masking off the areas you don’t want painted as you do applying the paint. Here’s a trick that can maybe save you some time.

First, cover broad surfaces with a drop cloth. And then for other surfaces—such as this backsplash—try using sealing wrap, which is basically just plastic food wrap that has an adhesive on one side.

Peel it off, pull off a big piece, tear it, and then you can just stick it right along the edge—in this case it’s the backsplash. And this adhesive holds pretty well, just stick it right down. I’ll add a couple more pieces there, but you see it just drapes over the faucet and onto the drop cloth, so that whole area is sealed.

It’s also great for surfaces such as the top of the toilet tank. Again, you just pull out a piece. This is pretty affordable, too. I mean with a couple of bucks you get, you know, a hundred square feet of it, enough to do a small bathroom easily. But anyway, you just stick it down.

Now, because this is plastic, you know the paint won’t soak through, so we don’t have to worry about staining any surfaces. And when you’re down, just peel it off, toss it out, and clean up is done.

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