How to Test for Lead Paint in Your Home

Using a test kit to test old paint for lead.
Using a test kit to test old paint for lead.

The paint in houses built before 1978 may contain lead. While this may not pose a significant hazard if the original paint is intact and has been painted over, it can become a health concern if the paint is peeling or being removed for renovation. You can find out if the paint in your home contains lead with a lead paint test kit.


  1. If you have any question of whether there is lead in your house, you should get it tested. There are testing companies that can find particulates in the air, as well as on painted surfaces in your home. Any old home would be wise to test for lead even if it has been painted over.

  2. I have lived in my apartment for several years and now all of a sudden they want to test for lead. They are testing first my bedroom. On the same floor as my bedroom is my bathroom. I was told that I cannot sleep in my For the minimum of two weeks! just where am I supposed to shower, go to the bathroom and sleep? I was wondering if I’m supposed to use the lawn outside in front of everybody? And maybe use a hose to shower? Then there is the problem of accessing my clothes. Am I supposed to wear the same clothes everyday for the next 2 weeks? why am I not even allowed to use my bathroom? This whole thing is ridiculous and I think the apartment complex should have put me in a motel!


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