Removing Wallpaper & Painting Brick

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What’s the trick to painting brick? There are a few products out there that will really give your home a new updated look, and they’re not difficult to use.

And, wake up from your wallpaper nightmare, listen to learn the special formula that will have you ripping up wallpaper in no time.

Plus, a member of Today’s Homeowner community surprised us with a song about the show.

Listener Questions

Cost-Effective Shower Walls
Lee from Virginia – “We are removing the garden tub from our master bathroom and installing a walk-in shower. I’ve gotten the pan and shower walls, but can’t decide on a cost-effective way to cover the back walls of the shower. Suggestions?”

Bathroom Exhaust Vent
John from New York – “I have a second-floor dormer on a cape cod where the dormer roof is fairly flat and has a rubber roof on it. I want to vent my exhaust fan thru the roof but not sure what type of vent to use considering we get a fair amount of snow. Any ideas?”

Eliminating Standing Water on Concrete
Vincent from Alabama – “My carport accumulates standing water when it rains. Is there a product I could apply to raise the level of the carport and cause the incoming water to drain away?”

Wallpaper Removal Formula
Kim from North Carolina – “We just purchased an older home. Several rooms have wallpaper. When we started to remove it the drywall paper came with it. Now we are afraid to try and remove any more. What is the fix for these walls? ”

The Trick to Painting Brick
Laura from Colorado – “I have lots of competing colors on my exterior and want to neutralize at least one color by painting or whitewashing the orange brick on my house. What kind of paint is best?”

Checking in with Chelsea

Chelsea talks about her new episode all about creating an accent wall with beadboard planks. Plus, Joe gives us a history lesson on the origins of wainscoting.

Simple Solutions

Nail Pulling Tip
Here’s how to yank out a nail after the nail head has snapped off.

Fast Faucet Polisher
Use a fabric-softener dryer sheet to polish brass, chrome and nickel faucets to a sparkling-new condition.

Best New Products

PowerMaster Plus Clipped-Head Framing Nailer
When it comes time to reach for the nail gun, you’re going to want a tool that works just as hard as you do. The Paslode Power-Master Plus Clipped-Head Framing Nailer is that tool, with proven performance and durable construction.

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  1. I need your help for my St Louis Mo son who bought my mom & dad’s house built in 1951. He and his significant housemate Jackie have invested all their money on renovations & still have a lot to do. Trying to do work by themselves with you TV & online help. Please help Rob finish… He has one young dog named Milo who has epilepsy whose medicine is very costly. Thank you

    • Hi, Marleen!
      We usually tape episodes within 100 miles of Mobile, Alabama, but good news!
      The ‘Win Danny and His Crew for a Day’ Contest is back and open nationwide. 🙂
      You can enter a project idea here:
      But better hurry — the contest ends March 10, 2019. Good luck!


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