Whether you are planning to build a house or for renovation, choosing the right color for your house’s exterior is as important as the interior. That is why, in this article, I enumerated 17 of the best exterior house color this 2023 for you to choose from.

Let’s start.

1. Cider Spice

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Want to shy away from typical neutral colors such as beige and brown? Cider Spice would be a great alternative. From Behr’s house exterior paint palette collection, cider spice’s caramel brown shade gives off just enough deep yet smooth and approachable tone. Its earthy color is also perfect for houses located in areas where natural hues are valued, such as those near woods or simply a community surrounded by trees. 

Moreover, it complements well with other colors. In the picture, for example, it was combined with a brownish, cream-ish type of shade. It can handle pastel colors as well, such as mustard yellow. Or, if you prefer something vivid, teal and deep purple work well with cider spice as accents too!

2. Naval

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Recognized as Sherwin William’s paint color of the year (2021), naval’s muted blue is a great option if you prefer a vivid but not too overwhelming type of colors. Its neutral shade combines just right with other muted, pale hues like olive green. You can also pair it with light, playful shades such as yellow or gold. 

3. White Heron

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For a minimalistic yet elegant color paint, Benjamin Moore’s white heron palette is a good choice. It gives off not only a sophisticated and sleek vibe but also evokes tranquillity. Aside from that, white is inherently versatile, which means you can pair it with any color you like and instantly enhance it. 

Most importantly, you can never go wrong with the color white!

4. Olive

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If you are fond of the color green yet you want something new, olive’s muted green would a great house exterior alternative. Its earthly tone gives off a serene and peaceful atmosphere in an elegant way. Its pale hue does not overwhelm and hurt the eyes even after staring at it for too long.

 And because of that, it is also great if you do not want your house to stand out that much. Not like the typical shade of green homeowners used.

5. Chinese Porcelain

source: pexels.com

For a different shade of blue, PPG’s Chinese Porcelain is a must-try. It is a nature-inspired color that leans toward deep blue with a not-so-violet undertone. A perfect house exterior palette if you want your house to stand out in a way that is not too flashy. It is not a typical house exterior paint too. 

Moreover, Chinese Porcelain’s purple-blue color blends well with both dark and vivid, as well light, and playful tones. For instance, the house in the picture shown above used a red, brownish shade as an accent.

6. Autumn Red

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Also known as the brick red, Autumn Red is a classic house exterior color paint. And while it is popular among conventional house structures, such a type of red is commonly seen in barns as well. Its rich, and deep tone evokes nostalgia particularly if you grew up in the countryside. It is easy in the eyes too despite its extremely vibrant shade. 

7. Misty

source: pixabay.com

Another palette from Sherwin William’s collection, misty’s bluish, light-shaded gray is another perfect neutral color to paint your house exterior. Its color brings just about the right amount of brightness without overwhelming the eyes.  

Misty is great for folks who like pale, muted tones for sleek, and minimalist vibes. Not to mention such color schemes are becoming more popular among homeowners today. You can pair it with other muted colors as well, such as pale yellow and off-white.

8. Creamy Mushroom

source: pexels.com

Adding to Behr’s earthly palette collection, creamy mushroom gives off a smooth, sandy tone. It is a unique type of color brown that evokes modernity and simplicity. Apart from that, its beige-tan complements well with bright shades. Although muted hues like teal and pale green go well with creamy mushroom as well. 

Creamy Mushroom is an excellent house exterior for houses located in areas where natural hues are valued. 

9. Nugget

source: unsplash.com

Nugget is house exterior color paint developed by Sherwin Williams. Its mustard-like color which is in between yellow, and gold is an excellent option if you want something warm in the eyes. Such shade is perfect for houses—and cabins, to be specific—that are near woods. 

Moreover, Nugget complements well light and neutral tones.

10. Cheery Yellow

source: unsplash.com

If you prefer a solid, bright, and inviting color, paint your house exterior with cheery yellow. It blends perfectly with colors that have gray or white tones which inherently enhances the color of yellow. Moreover, cheery yellow’s shade complements well with greenery surroundings. 

11. Red Orange

source: unsplash.com

For folks who loves autumn—particularly the color of fallen leaves—red orange is a nice color to paint for your house’s exterior. Its bright shade will surely make your house stand out, particularly functional if it is located near the woods. 

12. Cavern Clay

source: unsplash.com

A Sherwin William’s 2019 color of choice, cavern clay’s warm, the terracotta color gives off an earthy and bohemian vibe. Its earthenware-like hue blends nicely with other rich and vivid colors such as gray and brown. Using the colors light green and deep blue as accent looks amazing with cavern clay too.

13. Iron Ore

source: unsplash.com

For 2022, why not stretch your color preferences and check out Iron Ore’s simple yet inviting black tone. Another palette from Sherwin Williams’ house exterior paint collection, it has a rich yet smooth charcoal shade that is warm in the eyes. No need to consult a designer on which color to use as an accent since black inherently lacks an undertone. And for that very reason, it is easy and blends nicely to a wide range of paint colors.  

14. Powder Blue

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For houses near lakes—or you simply want a house exterior that is inspired by earthly elements such as the sky—powder blue is a great choice. With its cool undertone, powder blue pairs nicely with rich and vivid colors like gray slate. 

15. Tuscan Pink

source: unsplash.com

For hyperfeminine folks, a house exterior in Tuscan pink shows exactly the kind of personality you want to share. It is a classic tone for Florida’s stucco houses, as well as those in California and the Southwest. 

 Tuscan pink’s cool but muted hue is perfect for tropical countries and locations where it is mostly warm and sunny. It is often paired with orange terracotta or light shades (as shown in the photo). It is great as well if you are planning for a house with a Mediterranean villa look.

16. Classic White

source: unsplash.com

Another classic in the realm of house exterior paint, white is a great color if you want your house to look simple and sleek yet elegant. And just like Iron Ore, its lack of undertone makes it easy to pair with a wide range of color options. In the picture shown above, for example, autumn red was used as an accent which made the color white pop even more.

17. Acacia Haze

source: unsplash.com

Acacia Haze, another palette from Sherwin Williams’ collection, is a unique light green with gray undertone. It is named after a shrub and gives off earthy vibes. Its tone is often described or associated with the color of cactus and succulents. And blends perfectly neutral tones such as coffee brown and taupe.

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