1. Multi-tone Brown with Purple Taupe and Storm Grey

source: unsplash.com

The multi-tone brown exterior brick house creates a complex yet classic look. The brick’s pastel brown with darker brown streaks complements and emphasizes the purple taupe roof. In addition, using a darker color like English walnut helps the door blend well with the brick house’s exterior color scheme while also highlighting it.

Another shade in the color scheme can be seen in the garage doors. The storm grey color contrasts with the brown siding while drawing the eye to the detailing of two garage doors.

2. Reddish-Orange and Black

source: unsplash.com

The prominent reddish-orange brick house provides a warm and picturesque appearance. The darker shade of the black trim contrasts nicely with the house color and emphasizes the architectural lines. It also takes on a more modern and contemporary look with dark trim.

A soft shade of white also makes the window frames stand out against the red brick and creates an excellent definition of the brick house’s architectural details.

In addition, the surrounding lush green landscape provides a high-contrast color scheme and boosts the curb appeal of the brick house.

3. Classic Red and Black Combination

source: unsplash.com

Multi-colored red bricks with underlying tones, including orange, tan, and brown, goes well with black roofing as it provides character and contrast against the red brick. Darker shades of red for the window trim also help highlight the exterior design elements.

Pairing the black roof sets the undertone for the exterior and makes the red brick stand out. The color red and black combination also creates a classic blend that exudes sophistication and timeless style.

4. Ash Gray with Sage Green Undertones

source: unsplash.com

The muted shade of ash grey with sage green undertones on the exterior siding sets the mood of the brick house for a neutral but prominent look. Matching darker brown for the roof and door gives a welcoming combination while adding contrast to the grey siding of the house.

The reddish-orange trim also allows a pop of color that gives more texture and elevates the brick house’s full front view. In addition, the neutral color scheme brings an earthy tone that goes well with the landscaping and body of water.

5. Muted Gray and Off-White

source: pixabay.com

The two-tone exterior siding of the brick house comprises two different shades of gray that provide a sense of cohesiveness and an alternative classic look.

The darker grey roof is well-suited with the brick house’s neutral color scheme, and the off-white trim blends well with the overall look, along with the stone accents. The greenery surrounding the house also creates a refreshing and calming vibe and makes the brick house stand out.

6. French Beige and Timber Green

source: unsplash.com

French beige bricks with underlying tones of orange and brown create a warm welcoming feel. A matching darker trim shade like timber green gives contrast and highlights the white windows and door. 

All the tones of the brick house, when paired with the shades of dark green trim, make the architectural elements eye-catching. The flower boxes nearby also create a nice gradient and a more earthy look that enhances the brick house’s curb appeal.

7. Greige and Dark Grey Blue

source: unsplash.com

The chalky, muted greige tone on the brick exterior and a lighter brown shade for fences create an overall cohesive color scheme and look. Using a dark grey blue for the trim highlights the white window frame, while a darker brown tone around the door amplifies the height of the opening by drawing the eye upward.

The color combination of greige and dark grey blue also creates a quaint effect that’s perfect for farmhouse and Victorian-style brick houses. 

8. Fundamental White and Faded Jade

source: unsplash.com

A white-painted siding for a brick house accentuates the outlines of the dark brown shingle roof. The contrast between the two neutral hues creates a bright, clean, yet rustic look to traditional architecture.

The white paint also brings out the intricate qualities of the faded jade window trim while syncing nicely with the flowering plants and vivid green landscaping.

9. Pale Slate Wall and Flush Mahogany 

source: pixabay.com

Brick houses with a combination of neutrals like deep gray or pale slate will benefit from a tinge of bold trim color, such as red or flush mahogany. 

Using medium shades of red on the window frame and shutters can highlight points of ornamentation and create a dramatic effect while keeping the grey from looking too bland. A muted grey tone will also help the trim stand out while complementing the bricks.

10. Peach Yellow, Ebony Clay, and Gable Green

source: unsplash.com

Two-tone walls are a great way to give dimension and contrast to a brick house. For example, a striking peach yellow color—a mixture of yellow, white, and orange shades on the upper portion of the brick wall can add height, while a touch of a darker color like ebony clay or grey-black on the bottom part will create a grounding effect. 

Choosing gable green as your accent color to highlight the window frame and door will also make the trim “pop” and help draw attention to these architectural features of the house.

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