Do It! Tips for Painting Your House

Painting the outside of your house can be intimidating, so here’s a tip: Do one side at a time.

If you paint one side each season, by the end of the year, your house will be freshly painted without the stress of getting it done all at once.

Power wash any mold, mildew, dirt or grime, leaving a nice clean surface on which to work. Then caulk and patch.

Check the seams next to doors and windows for old, mildewed or cracking caulk and add a fresh bead.

Inspect the siding for any holes or damage that needs to be repaired. Replace any rotten wood and patch any holes with putty.

Choose a good-quality exterior latex paint, grab a partner and get to work. It’s best to have one person cut in around doors and windows with a brush.

A second person can use a roller to cover larger areas. Use the brush to get under the lip of the siding so you don’t miss any spots.

Last, grab the trim paint and freshen up that paint around doors and windows to add that finished look.


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