What to Consider When Installing Pocket Doors in Your Home

When installing pocket doors in your home there are a few things you should take into account:

  • Be sure to plan ahead early in a renovation for this type of door.
  • Buy a good quality pocket door and pocket door hardware.
  • Allow room and support for the pocket door frame in the wall cavity.

More information is available at How to Install Pocket Doors.


  1. I live in a vintage condo building. There was a door leading to one end of the dining room, but when opened it blocked a section of the built in cabinetry. I took it off, but I still wanted a door. I thought about a pocket door, but the only wall it can go into has a light switch on both sides. How thin can a pocket door be? Can the existing interior plaster wall act as a frame as long as it is hollow?

  2. I am about to start remodeling my bathroom. I am wanting to place a pocket door in place of the standard door. My question is the location of the door will place the pocket part of the door behind where the shower stall will be. Can I still have my pocket door with the concert board from the shower stall on one side? Will it still be able to hold up to the wall after tiling?


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