While it would be really nice if all materials we build with are fireproof, there still remains the fact that we can’t have an entirely fireproof house or commercial building.

However, there are still some materials that builders and contractors can work with that are fire-resistant– from access doors and panels to insulation, and even woods– there are many building materials that can be used to prevent a fire from spreading, if not slowing down the spread of the fire. 

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For both commercial and residential, it is always essential to promote safety for a building. It doesn’t matter whether the build is for housing people or for investments, you want to make sure that every precaution for ensuring that your belongings are protected and taken care of. One way to protect your investments and belongings is through the installation and use of fire-rated ceiling or attic access panels.

This type of panel can help in mitigating possible damages that can be caused by fire and extreme heat. Unfortunately, deciding on whether to install a fire-rated attic access door is a critical choice and many people are still unaware of the numerous benefits that installing a fire-resistant attic access door can bring to any building.

If you’re unsure whether you need a fire-rated attic access door in your home or office, this article will show you what you need. 

Reasons Why You Need A Fire-Rated Attic Access Door

1) Building codes require fire-rated attic access doors.

Now that more home and building owners and jurisdictions become more aware about improving building safety, present building codes and regulations continue to evolve.

More and more building codes are now requiring the use of fire-rated attic access doors to improve the safety of the occupants. If you’re constructing a new build, you have to check your local building requirements to see if you need a fire-rated ceiling or attic access panels. 

2) An attic access door helps in improving the building’s energy efficiency.

Not many people probably know this but fire-rated attic access doors can actually improve the energy efficiency of any building. Modern attic doors are designed to be adequately insulated, both in product materials and design. 

3) Attic doors are useful to any building.

Of course, this is one of the most classic reasons to install an attic access door at all– allowing easy access to your attic makes it usable for storage and other purposes.

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Additionally, ease of access also makes maintenance and repairs on your building far less complicated. In fact, these doors can even help you save money by letting you discover quickly any problems with mold, mildew, or the interior of roof.

4) Fire-rated attic access doors are durable.

Today, modern fire-rated attic access panels are designed according to strict quality and safety standards. Moreover, they are built to be durable that will last for many years after installation.

5) How can fire-resistant features improve my home’s safety?

Fire-resistant attic doors can improve the safety of your home or office since they are designed to help protect your home from fire and prevent it from spreading fast. They are also produced using fireproof materials that are designed to help them withstand intense heat for some time duration. 

6) Attic access doors reduce moisture, noise, dust, and other air pollutants.

Fire-rated attic access doors are designed with high-quality insulating materials. They also help in preventing common household problems such as moisture, noise, dust, and other air pollutants from arising or becoming worse. 

7) Fire-rated attic access doors are more effective than ordinary attic access doors. 

While an attic access door that’s fire-rated can be far more costly, they are more effective than ordinary attic access doors. Moreover, they can be installed on the same day they are delivered to your construction site and will be ready to use in a matter of hours.

8) You won’t have to worry about aesthetics.

While there are still some homeowners or building owners who still use stepladders or other objects just reach their attic entryways and they can be unsightly. Moreover, they can take up extra space if they need to be stored nearby.

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With fire-rated attic doors, you won’t have to worry about them being unsightly or bulky because they are sealed into the ceilings so that they are wholly concealed once closed. You can even paint their lids to match any ceiling.

9) Attic access doors are easy to install and convenient to use.

Attic access doors don’t take much of your time for installation because they are pre-assembled. The latest designs of these doors are for easy installation and easy use. All you have to do is to install the door as soon as it arrives. With fire-rated attic access doors, you can have the easiest way to make storage space in your attic convenient and accessible. 

10) You can also customize fire-rated attic doors.

You can even have your fire-rated attic access doors easily customized for your ceiling’s height, color, and design. There are also optional and included accessories that can be installed to change product appearance and functionality at will. 

Fire-rated access panels are an essential part of the safety of your business or home. While no one hopes that something happens to our properties, it is the reality that we need to be prepared for anything and we can start by being proactive in fire safety.

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