How to Install a Pneumatic Door Closer on Your Home

Installing a pneumatic door closer.
Installing a pneumatic door closer on a door.

If you have a problem with a door always being left open in your home, a pneumatic door closer might be just the answer. Residential door closers now come in a variety of styles and colors, making them more visually pleasing than their commercial counterparts.

Pneumatic door closers are easy to install. Here’s how to go about it.

How to Install a Pneumatic Door Closer:

  1. Choose a model and color that will blend in with the woodwork in your home.
  2. Position paper templates that comes with the closer to the door facing and door, as shown in the instructions, and hold them in place with tape.
  3. Drill pilot holes through the template into the door facing and door.
  4. Screw the door closer to the door facing.
  5. Screw the arm bracket to the door.
  6. Attach half of the closing arm to the door closer.
  7. Attach the other half of the closing arm to the door.
  8. Link the two halves of the closing arms together.
  9. Adjust the tension screw on the pneumatic cylinder to regulate the closing speed.
  10. Add the cover housing to give the residential door closer a finished look.

Watch this video to find out more.

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  1. I don’t know how old this post is so I’m not sure if this comment will even be read. The house i moved into has a screen door that is heavy and closes too quickly before the piston “catches” it. I tried adjusting the screw but all that does is determine how slow the door closes AFTER the piston catches it. I replaced it today with a heavy duty one but the results were the same. The door closes really fast and then stops just before slamming closed. Could the brackets be installed in the wrong spot? I want a door that closes slowly for the entire range of motion.

  2. We bought this Anderson storm door aprox 18 months ago. The pump would slam the door shut from 1/2 way open with no catch to stop it from slamming. It would catch a little only if door was full open but them slam shut. We called and got a replacement. This one does the same thing. I read I believe on you site that when you replace closure, some don’t work as well as others so replace with a good one. For the price we paid for this self store screen door I am wondering why we can’t get this to close correctly. We have already tried the screw adjustment to now avail. With 8 grandkids I’m afraid of injury.

  3. I too have a slamming screen door that makes me want to “Scream”!
    I have tried everything with no success.
    I am thunderstruck with the fact that no manufacturer of pneumatic door closers have never addressed the problem considering, that there must be millions of people in North America crying out for a product that thy can BUY to solve the banging screen/storm door problem.

  4. The closers Ive installed have all had 4 adjustments. Each controls a stage of the closer’s movement. One was overall speed. the others were start of the close, seconds half of the close and the backcheck.. I believe that was the final “catch” like another poster commented.

    take a lool on your units and see if any other adjustments are possible. as some said it xould juat be aomething lile a bad seal somewhere in tbe unit.

    good luck and watch your fingers!


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