White trim with wood doors is all the craze right now in the home design discourse. This style pairs the elegance of white casing, with the rustic texture and emotion of exposed wood doors. White trim with wood doors is the perfect design idea for anyone looking to bring a balance of class and earthy tones into their home. Often houses with white trim and wood doors feature other exposed woods features. These features include hardwood floors, exterior wood paneling, and interior exposed wooden beams. 

There are several different styles of white trim with wood doors out on the market, but the ones listed below are a special few that recently caught our eye. The 12 design ideas we have listed below attracted us with their creativity, sharpness, and overall appeal.

White Trim with Wood Doors Design Ideas

1. Clopay Door Spring Specials

This particular home, complete with its white trim and wooden door design is located in Austin, Texas. The features of the home include a custom wooden garage door, wooden flower planters, and wooden shutters that help accent the wooden front door. The door is cased in white and so are the house’s window frames and garage door. The house’s wooden on white exterior is accented further by hues of turquoise present in the house’s exterior paint. 

2. Contemporary Bedroom

An interior bedroom design, this white trim on wooden door style brings the wood features into the home. The white trim and wooden doors are complemented by Douglas fir hardwood floors, a fireplace, and a pleasant amount of exterior lighting. Wooden window frames and beige painted walls complete this floor plan. 

3. Mukilteo Style

A medium wood door with white trim is present in this trendy floor plan. The floor plan also includes hardwood floors, light green colored walls, and wooden ceiling beams that accent the wooden door on white trim design. The wooden door is complete with black hardware, including door handle, door knob, and hinges. 

4. Wright

This trendy home exterior features a wrap-around porch that is constructed of stone floors and risers. The porch also features white columns that provide structural support and accent the front door’s white trim. The home’s front door is a dark wood single door that sits adjacent to two wooden panels of windows. The house’s exterior also includes white window frames and front planted flower beds. 

5. Matthies Builders

A beach-style entryway in the middle of Chicago, this home’s exterior takes the white trim on wooden doors and experiments. The home’s wooden door is crafted from a deep hardwood that matches wood paneling on the porch’s ceiling. This deep wood design pairs well with the porch’s stone floor. The white grout between the stones accents the white trim present around the front door. 

6. Modern Farmhouse 

This modern design takes the white trim idea and runs with it. The wooden farm-style sliding door has even been painted white. The bedroom also features white walls, a white ceiling, and white accent pieces. Mustard colored curtains and pillows as well as a grey accent rug give this floorplan a delicate splash of color. The bedroom also features a large window which draws in a plentiful amount of exterior light. 

7. Graceful Gambrel

Complete with a distinctly curved porch roof, this take on the white trim and wooden door scheme pairs elegance with creativity. The home’s medium wood front door is highlighted nicely by the home’s open stone walkway. The white trim around the front door is continued throughout the front of the home. The window trim and other accents are also white.  

8. Hamptons Cottage

This cute and cozy cottage features a white-on-white wooden door and trim scheme. A small white picket fence also surrounds the cottage. This fence clearly draws inspiration from the front door, whereas wooden siding completes the cottage and brings earthly tones and textures into the design. 

9. Villanova Heights

Hues of deep blue present in the house’s exterior siding pair nicely with the dark wood front door. White trim surrounds the door and continues upward as the entryway roof peaks. The white columns that sit on both sides of the door provide a balance between the white trim and stone walls of the entryway. 

10. Lake County Builders

This remodeled home in Minneapolis pairs a medium wood front door, wooden entryway windows, and white trim together.  The rest of this Lake County home resembles the bed of a river, for its grey siding coincides with a slate front walkway. White trim continues throughout the home’s front face. The white accent is present in the home’s window trim, columns, and porch. 

11. Woodland

This home, which is also located in Minneapolis, combines two styles previously mentioned in this list. The home features a completely wooden garage door and a wooden front door accented by white trim. These doors are highlighted by hues of deep blue present in the home’s siding. 

12. Sears Road

Complete with a medium wood door, a lighter-hued hardwood floor, and white trim, this home continues its style throughout the floorplan. The white trim on wood theme continues onto the staircase and surrounding balconies. 

A Variety of Style with White Trim with Wood Doors

The white on wooden door theme present throughout all twelve of these homes indicates that this trend is around to last. The trend allows homeowners to be stylish and creative while never overdoing it. Hopefully, at least a few of these homes inspired you.

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