The modern farmhouse look is a hot style right now. And we get it—the classic country chic aesthetic is a nice departure from the stark, minimalist designs that have been so popular in recent years. But if you’re not ready to go full-on country, you can still incorporate some farmhouse flavor into your space with something as simple as a door.

Many people use barn doors to add an all-around rustic vibe to their homes, especially in farmhouse settings. But barn doors have many more uses than just being a rustic accessory that you can add for a “home sweet home” feeling to any room in your home.

And if you think barn doors are only for the country set, check out these modern farmhouse interior door ideas you can try.

1. Pure White Double Doors for a Clean Look

A clean white wall and doors highlight any light-colored wooden floors. Having white double doors for a farmhouse is the safest option not to go overboard. This design screams simplicity and offers a minimalistic vibe.

White farmhouse doors are a good foundation if you are unsure what interior furniture to put in the meantime or perhaps you want to redecorate the room in the future.

A friendly tip: to embrace the style of a farmhouse, consider having wooden cabinets and other industrial house features that follow the shade of the neutral palette. You can choose any white door in any style, pattern, and texture to highlight your style and personality.

2. Minimalist Interior in Neutral Tone

Nothing beats an interior design in a neutral tone that resembles traditional farmhouse style with a modern twist. To create the right balance between neutral tone walls and industrial furniture, consider having a simple gray door.

What else can make this better? White wall trims, of course! This design is suitable for homeowners who want to incorporate different furniture colors while sticking to the contemporary farmhouse style.

3. The Perfect Contrast for a Farmhouse Interior

The best way to balance single-theme interior furniture is to make the door the room’s focal point. The black door has a nice contrast with light-colored walls and vintage-style furniture to create a stunning look. This trend is perfect for small spaces with large windows and high ceilings.

If you want a modernist design and a classic Barnhouse style, you can get the best of both worlds by incorporating black doors for a bohemian-inspired interior. Whether your design aesthetic leans more towards minimalist or bohemian, there is one thing everyone can agree on: black doors complement every space. They instantly add drama and elegance without feeling too heavy.

The black door is an unexpected element that adds a touch of sophistication to an otherwise simple design. The black door keeps the overall aesthetic minimal and allows you to get creative with your furniture.

4. Country-Style Farmhouse Door

One minor change in your interior can make a big difference, just like having this elegant wooden door suitable for small and big rooms. Wooden doors are an obvious staple for a farmhouse, and it’s not hard to see why.

This door type is an excellent partition between different rooms with different themes. So you wouldn’t feel out of place in your own house when you enter different rooms.

Panel doors can blend in with all types of environments, especially with classic-medieval theme panels and stone walls. Not only does it make any room appear expansive, but it also makes the room look sophisticated.

A sliding wooden door embraces the farmhouse theme. It resembles the genuine feeling of living in the countryside. Sliding doors are great for small rooms with compact sets of furniture.

5. Modern Rustic Doors in Various Shapes

Having a farmhouse doesn’t mean you need to have the same door installed in every room. A rustic door with the perfect gradient of natural and dark wood can give you the best impression.

Having a rustic door for any light-colored wall can create a dramatic effect. Rustic doors blend well with any furniture in a warm earth tone. The design can create an urban-inspired living space that pops out traditional touches.

Having two distinct door shapes can create the perfect blend of duality in a single room. It’s the ideal approach to make your space unique and engaging. Note the different effects of having a rectangular rustic door and a curve one. The former makes the room appear wider—perfect for small areas. In comparison, the latter creates an illusion of making your room look bigger.

6. Double Swing Wooden Doors With Glass Panels

You can’t go wrong with wooden doors with glass panels. They’re the perfect way to bring a bit of rustic charm into your home without having to pay for an entire renovation.

If you’re looking to add a touch of rustic charm to your farmhouse, consider making your farmhouse doors out of glass and wood. These doors will make your space feel more prominent, while the solid wood adds character to the overall design. 

If your room looks a little cramped and needs a little breather, you need French doors. They’re great for making an indoor space look brighter, more open, and provide optimal views. You can use French doors as dividers between rooms or entrances to any open area. This will make your living space look more inviting and spacious.

Having double French doors in a living room makes the space more welcoming and has more natural light coming through without relying on artificial lighting. Additionally, they provided a perfect view of the front yard to enjoy the landscape without going outside.

7. Classic See-Through Door

A modern farmhouse interior is often a perfect blend of modern and traditional elements, such as industrial furniture pieces with a mid-century-inspired floor, tiles, and doors.

A see-through door with white borders will compliment your tiny room with a low ceiling. This door is suitable for any kitchen space for a countryside charm.

This ends our blog about the seven best modern farmhouse interior doors to elevate your living space. Remember that your door is a reflection of your style. Whether you’re looking for something bold, fun, or elegant, these modern farmhouse interior doors are the perfect starting point.

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