Sealing the gap between an entry door and the floor threshold by installing a door sweep is a great way to save energy and reduce your utility bills, both summer and winter.

Door sweeps are available in several different types. Some door sweeps attach to the bottom of the door, while others are mounted on the inside of the door.

To install a Bottom Mounted Door Sweep:

  1. Cut Door Sweep to Length: Cut the door sweep to the width of the door.
  2. Install Door Sweep: Slide the door sweep onto the bottom of the door.
  3. Adjust Door Sweep: Close the door and insert a putty knife between the sweep and door. Tap on the putty knife to move the sweep down until the fins on the bottom contact the threshold.

The sweep seals against the door threshold to prevent air infiltration under the door.

Watch the video above to find out more.


Gaps under exterior doors allow drafts to enter the home, making the heating and cooling system less efficient. The solution is adding a door sweep.

This U-shaped piece of vinyl is simply cut to the same width as the door before it’s slipped on from one end. Tension holds it in place. When the door is closed over the threshold, you tap the door sweep down with a putty knife until it contacts the threshold.

The fins on the bottom of the sweep create a seal along the threshold which prevents the movement of air under the door, saving you money.

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