Magic Mesh Product Review

Magic Mesh hands free screen door.
Magic Mesh hands free screen door.

Magic Mesh

Use: Hands free magnetic screen door.
Cost: $14.99 + $6.95 S&H = $21.94 total
Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

Magic Mesh is billed as a hands free screen door for your home which installs in seconds without tools. It consists of two flexible mesh screens which are attached to the door frame to hang vertically over a doorway.

Magnets on the center seam are supposed to hold the two halves of the screen closed, allowing you to simply walk through the screen and have it close after you.

The two halves of the Magic Mesh kit we received were mismatched, with one side longer than the other. The screen panels were also 4″ shorter than the dimensions given on the package, making it too short to fit the door opening.

Since the product we received was defective, we weren’t able to test it to see how well the screen panels actually worked. Watch this video to find out more.

Danny Lipford: The next product is called the Magic Mesh. And this is one that’s basically a hands-free screen door. Chelsea’s going to help me check this one out. And if it does what it says it’s going to do, it’d be perfect for a door like this. Have you seen this on TV?

Chelsea Lipford: Yeah, I have. I’m interested to see if it works. It looks kind of cool that you can walk through it without using your hands.

Danny Lipford: Yeah, great for pets. It’s supposed to be fairly easy to install. We’ll find that out.

Chelsea Lipford: All right, we need to find and mark the center of the top of the door frames. See how’s that. We have to lay it all out on the floor. “Check each magnet to ensure they attract to each other.” I like you, magnet.

Danny Lipford: Well, I hope they attract to each other.

Chelsea Lipford: “The top panel will have a larger gap between the magnets and the trim, versus the bottom panel.”

Danny Lipford: Okay. Well, now we got something out of whack here. Look.

Chelsea Lipford: Yeah.

Danny Lipford: Is that one the same distance?

Chelsea Lipford: Yeah, they’re pretty… Uh, well, there’s still a little difference. It’s not as much as down there.

Danny Lipford: Well, let me see, if I can adjust this. Maybe it’s just not…

Chelsea Lipford: No, there isn’t physically not enough matching fabric. So it doesn’t match. There’s like a whole two inches down there. It’s not even.

Danny Lipford: Well, they definitely attract, so that would mean that it’s the right place.

Chelsea Lipford: Yeah. I’m saying that’s fine, but they miscut it in the factory.

Danny Lipford: I tell you what it says… What is that, 83 inches?

Chelsea Lipford: 83 inches by 19 and a half. Two, it’s supposed to have two 83-inch mesh panels.

Danny Lipford: That’s 78 and three-eighths.

Chelsea Lipford: What? So that’s five inches off of what the box says.

Danny Lipford: But surely it wouldn’t stretch that much? So, this one here, that’s 79.

Chelsea Lipford: That’s sad. Is that 19, 19 and a half?

Danny Lipford: Okay, does it say 19, 19 and a half. Okay, that’s right.

Chelsea Lipford: Okay, so that’s right, at least.

Danny Lipford: Okay, so, it’s 70, that would be 79 and a half, and the lowest we could attach it is right there.

Chelsea Lipford: Yeah.

Danny Lipford: Well, that’s going to be consistent, yeah this isn’t going to work. Okay, it’s 79. We want it to be inch and a half, two inches off the…

Chelsea Lipford: Well, that won’t keep the bugs out, will it?

Danny Lipford: Nope. We’re not even going to be able to test this thing.

Chelsea Lipford: Can’t even hang it?

Danny Lipford: No, we won’t even be able to…

Chelsea Lipford: Bummer.

Danny Lipford: This is one we’re not even going to be able to test. Obviously, it came to us completely wrong by all of the directions. And so looks like we’re going to be returning this one.

This is a first for us. Since we couldn’t even hang the Magic Mesh to give it a test, we can’t really give it a rating, either.


  1. I think the fact that you couldn’t install the product is an indication that it’s a bad product.
    I bought one today, spent 20min reading different instructional links, another 20 min trying to hang it. It only took 3 more minutes to take it down and box it back up. Absolute junk.


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