4 Ways to Bring the Outdoors Inside Your Home

Natural bedroom

Nothing beats the feel of a fresh breeze, the sight of flowers and trees and being surrounded by nature.

But harmful UV rays and the threat of mosquitoes make it hard to be outside, especially in the summertime.

Fortunately, there’s a solution: bring the outdoors inside your home — here are 4 ways to do just that.

Phantom Screens

1. Enjoy the View — and the Breeze

Who says you have to go outside to enjoy the Great Outdoors? Retractable Phantom Screens roll out from doorways when you need them and disappear when you don’t.

Best of all, the screens’ mesh lets a fresh breeze in, and keeps bugs outside, where they belong. Cross ventilation — opening your door, activating the screen and opening a window — is a great way to get some fresh air, remove pollution and save energy on air conditioning.

So, go ahead. Grab a book, curl up in a chair, and enjoy the view and the breeze!

Natural Light

2. Let There Be (Natural) Light

Natural light doesn’t just reduce the energy used by artificial lighting; it also can positively affect your mood.

If you want natural light to brighten your home during daylight hours, install mirrors to reflect sunlight on other parts of the room. And, in rooms with little or no natural light, consider installing tubular skylights.

Finally, for an airy, summery environment, use light fabrics and sheers instead of dark, heavy window treatments.

Don’t worry about the sun — apply window film that blocks up to 99% of UV rays and reduces solar heat gain.

Houseplants enhance your décor, clean the air, and bring the outdoors inside. (DepositPhotos)

3. Grow House Plants

Growing house plants is a great way to start gardening while enhancing the beauty of your home.

Plants breathe by taking in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen, which is why forests are so important in maintaining the delicate balance of Earth’s atmosphere.

But did you know that certain tropical houseplants can also remove and process harmful chemicals from air inside your home?

Read, “Best Houseplants to Improve Indoor Air Quality” for more information.

Wood floors

4. Install Hardwood Flooring

Sweeping views, natural light and house plants bring the best of the outdoors inside, but there’s one thing missing: flooring!

Some flooring options, like tile, look nice in a design, but feel cold in your home. For a natural solution, install bamboo or cork flooring, which has marks and wood grain that add rich detail and interest to any interior.

As a bonus, sustainable flooring doesn’t deplete natural resources when harvested. Both bamboo and cork regenerate themselves and can be maintained indefinitely.

Read “Sustainable Flooring: Bamboo and Cork” to learn more.


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