How to Keep a Door Fully Open

Why won’t my interior door stay completely open? When I open it, it always moves to a half open position and will not stay fully open. -Larry

Hi Larry,

The reason your door won’t stay open is probably that the door frame, or the wall it’s attached to, was installed slightly out of plumb. While there’s no easy fix for the framing, there are a couple of ways to keep the door where you want it.

First, remove one of the hinge pins, bend it slightly with a hammer, then tap it all the way back into the hinge. This will increase the friction in the hinge joint and prevent the door from moving as easily.

If bending one pin doesn’t do the trick, try bend the other ones as well. Watch our video on Hinge Pin Door Repair to see how to go about it.

Another option is to install a special door stop with a magnetic or friction catch that attaches to the door. When you open the door all the way, the stop engages the catch to hold the door fully open.

Good luck with your project,



  1. You recently featured the DoorSaver II, replacement door hinge pins, on your show. Why is this product not available? Any news? Thanks.

    • Hi Hal,
      I spoke to a representative at Perfect Products who said that the Door Saver II is in production and should be available for purchase on their website by January 2011.

  2. My problem is that my door is 96″x36″ metal door. I tried to install a door close arm but it stuck with the roof and i did it as spec’s.

  3. My problem is with an interior door. It squeaked so I sprayed WD40 on it. Now it will not stay open. I’m not sure if your suggestion of removing and bending the hinge pins will work. Any other suggestions?

    Judith Jones

    • Judith,
      Bending the pin should work. Other options include installing a door stop that has a catch that attaches to the door to hold it open, or use a door stop.


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