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May 11, 2023

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    Raising Men Lawn Care is on a mission to help disadvantaged homeowners care for their lawn. Our Raising Men Lawn Care review will help you learn more. | Photo Credit: Shutterstock © SingjaiStocker

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    If you’re an Alabama homeowner looking for some professional lawn care services, you may have come across Raising Men Lawn Care. The non-profit, founded by Huntsville resident Rodney Smith Jr., is committed to helping shape the future of America’s youth by helping young men and women learn about the value of charity and giving back. But how exactly is Raising Men Lawn Care lending a hand — and how can you request service from its network?

    The reviews team has evaluated Raising Men Lawn Care in this in-depth review, looking into factors such as plans, costs and more. 

    While Raising Men Lawn Care is an impressive charity that’s helping shape the future of America’s youth, its services aren’t available to everyone, and the charity shouldn’t necessarily be used like a paid lawn care service. 

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    Raising Men Lawn Care’s Offerings

    Raising Men Lawn Care isn’t a standard lawn care company. The charitable organization was founded in 2016 by Rodney Smith Jr., a born-and-raised Alabama resident. Smith Jr.’s mission is a simple one — to help young men and women learn about the value and joy that comes from working hard and giving back to members of their communities. 

    Raising Men Lawn Care’s services are provided by volunteers aged seven to 17. Contrary to the name, both boys and girls participate in the program. Raising Men Lawn Care currently provides the following services to disadvantaged or elderly homeowners: 

    • Raking leaves — Raking leaves can help keep your grass growing and your lawn greener. Raising Men Lawn Care provides raking services during the fall months. 
    • Lawn mowing — Mowing your lawn is a crucial piece of the overall puzzle of lawn care health. Raising Men’s most popular service is lawn mowing, which is provided by volunteers. 
    • Snow removal — Are you having trouble shoveling your walkway or exiting your home safely? Raising Men Lawn Care helps with snow removal in the winter months. 

    Raising Men Lawn Care provides services on an as-needed basis. To request service, you can fill out a request for contact form on its website

    As a nonprofit, Raising Men only offers services to disadvantaged homeowners or homeowners who are unable to handle the physical strain of lawn care. To qualify for service, you must be: 

    • A single parent
    • A senior citizen
    • A veteran
    • A homeowner living with a disability that limits your income or prevents you from managing your own lawn care

    You must also be able to take a photo of your lawn after you’ve received service. 

    Raising Men Lawn Care Locations

    Raising Men Lawn Care is available in the following Huntsville, Alabama counties: 

    • Madison County
    • Morgan County
    • Limestone County
    • Lawrence County
    • Jackson County (only as far as Scottsbro)

    Raising Men also has a chapter in Laredo, Texas serving Webb County residents.

    The Cost of Raising Men Lawn Care

    Founder Rodney Smith Jr. believes that giving back is invaluable. All of Raising Men Lawn Care’s services are completely complimentary. If you’d like to make a donation to the nonprofit to further its mission, you can provide support online with a credit card or mail a check to the following address: 

    Raising Men Lawn Care Service

    PO box 2182

    Madison, AL 35759

    Donations made to Raising Men go towards lawn care supplies and travel expenses for the children involved in the program. You can also assist the nonprofit by purchasing lawn care supplies directly through its Amazon wish list

    Raising Men Lawn Care Pros and Cons

    So, should you request service from Raising Men Lawn Care? 

    Lawn care with a mission — Raising Men Lawn Care’s mission isn’t to make a profit or squeeze every dollar out of your pocket. The company is instead focused on giving back to the local community and instilling the value of hard work and gratitude in the next generation of young men and women. 

    Free lawn care — You don’t need to pay for any of the services Raising Men provides. This makes the company an invaluable asset to single parents and those living on a fixed income. 
    Not available to everyone — Raising Men only provides its lawn care services to those who are likely to be struggling financially. You must be a senior citizen, disabled, a single parent or a veteran to qualify for service.

    Limited range of services — The only lawn care services Raising Men offers are lawn mowing, snow shoveling and leaf raking. 

    Limited service area — Raising Men is only available in select parts of Texas and Alabama.

    The Results 

    Raising Men Lawn Care is an amazing gift to the boys and girls of America, and the elderly and disadvantaged homeowners across the country.  

    Ultimately, Raising Men Lawn Care isn’t a traditional lawn care company — it’s a charity service that isn’t available to everyone. Even if you’re within Raising Men’s service area, you should use a paid lawn care service if you have the means to do so. If you are living on a limited income and you meet its standards for service, Raising Men Lawn Care might be right for you. 

    Top Pick: TruGreen

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