Homemade Swimming Pool Line Antifreeze

“Pool winterizing antifreeze has gotten pricey. Is there a way I can make my own antifreeze for my pool lines? My contractor and I put the main lines below the frost line as a preventative measure.” -Kurt

At anywhere from $15 to $30 per gallon, pool antifreeze can certainly get pricey, especially if you have long supply lines.

Pool antifreeze is generally a propylene glycol solution, sometimes mixed with alcohol or other additives and sometimes just diluted with water. Propylene glycol can be purchased in bulk – one source I found was The Chemistry Store. If you decide to make your own solution, I would recommend getting some sound advice from a chemist or pool specialist regarding the correct proportions and type of water (distilled, etc.) that should be used, and also in proper storage and disposal of propylene glycol.

Pool line antifreeze will eventually end up in your pool water. Don’t try to cut corners by substituting auto antifreeze or any product with ethylene glycol – even at low concentrations, the ethylene glycol reacts with pool chlorine to form toxic chlorinated hydrocarbons in the water.



  1. I have an inground pool and did all as i should as far as closing my pool for winter and just using pool antifreeze but one of the lines plugs came out and drained all the antifreeze directly into my pool. What should I do ? Should I drain my pool and refill for summer?


  2. Swimming pool antifreeze is supposed to be nontoxic, and many people just circulate it into the pool water in the spring anyway.

  3. For years, living in Colorado, I have used RV antifreeze (non-toxic, the pink stuff)and just run it thru the jet into the skimmer (after of course, closing all valves & draining the pump). I have never had any problems. This costs me 1 to 1 1/2 gallons at approx. $3 per gallon…Cheap, easy and very effective!

  4. Help! My husband winterized our hot tub and used auto antifreeze! Does this mean we shouldn’t/can’t use our hot tub anymore?


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