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May 11, 2023

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    As a homeowner, I understand how important it is for your lawn to have superior curb appeal. When weeds cover your property, it can take time to pull off the aesthetic look you’re going for. To help, I’ve reviewed the top seven professional lawn care services for weeds that help prevent and eliminate these obnoxious growths. 

    Depending on the size of your lawn and how many weeds you have, the price you’ll pay a provider for weed control will vary. Below, you’ll find my top seven preferred lawn care service providers, including DIY lawn services and services where a lawn care professional comes to you, plus average costs for each.

    Top 7 Lawn Care Services for Weeds

    Weed ManTruGreenSundayLawnbrightSavATreeLawn DoctorLawn Love
    SuperlativeBest for Weed ControlBest Customer ServiceBest DIY Lawn ServiceBest Organic Lawn TreatmentsBest for LandscapingBest Service GuaranteeBest for Lawn Cleanup
    Star Rating3.
    Monthly Cost$70–$208$30–$225$194–$270$100–$330$75–$300$50–$300$110–$208
    BBB RatingBA+A+Not Rated FB+B

    Weed Man: Best for Weed Control

    • State Availability: 36
    • Year Founded: 1970
    • BBB Rating: B

    Why I Chose It

    Weed Man is one of the best companies for weed control for various reasons. Weed Man will customize lawn care plans based on your location, property size, and yard. Specifically, your program will contain targeted fertilization services, weed control, pest control, and soil enhancement for your yard type. 

    While Weed Man knows how to effectively remove weeds from your yard, the company can only help with weed control in 36 U.S. states. Weed Man has a BBB rating of a B, which is expected since the company has over 53 years of experience. While you may think Weed Man is best for weed removal, you’d be surprised at how effective it also is at pest control.

    Pros & Cons


    • An extensive list of weed control programs
    • Organic and eco-friendly options available
    • Has over five decades of experience with weed removal


    • Not available in Alaska, Hawaii, Arizona, Maine, New Hampshire, Mississippi, North Dakota, New Mexico, South Dakota, Rhode Island, Vermont, Utah, Nevada, and Wyoming
    • Pricing is not available online

    Weed Man Plans, Services, and Pricing

    Weed Man offers affordable lawn care solutions to help prevent weeds. The prices vary significantly depending on the size of your lawn and its condition. 

    • Fertilization ($70–$208): The Fertilization service is simple, as the fertilizer helps produce strong roots within your lawn. The fertilization service can help your yard look healthier and better equip it to handle weeds.
    • Weed Control ($70–$208): The Weed Control service uses Weed Man’s best products to prevent weeds from overtaking your lawn. This treatment works best when combined with other services, such as fertilization and watering. 
    • Crabgrass Control ($70–$208): The Crabgrass Control service is designed to prevent and kill a specific type of weed — crabgrass. This treatment works best in sunny areas of your lawn, but it can be used in other areas depending on the severity.
    • Overseeding ($70–$208): The Overseeding service is excellent if your lawn is mature and thinning out. Overseeding helps the grass fill in any patches within the yard, making the property appear thicker and lusher.
    • Landscape Control ($70–$208): The Landscape Control service helps create an ideal curb appeal for your lawn. For the best results, the Weed cControl service should be used in addition to this to help keep your yard looking clean and free of weeds.
    • Lawn Disease Control ($70–$208): If your lawn appears brown and patchy, it’s likely due to lawn disease. Weed Man’s Lawn Disease Control service helps bring your yard back to life. First, a Weed Man team member will identify the type of lawn disease your lawn contains and find the necessary remedy to help you regain your property.
    • Mechanical Core Aeration ($70–$208): The Mechanical Core Aeration service can be performed in either the spring or fall, depending on where you live. This service helps your lawn with root development and reduces thatch, preventing disease, insects, and stress from too much heat or lack of water.
    • Organic Lawn Dressing ($70–$208): Weed Man’s Organic Lawn Dressing is the only service offered by the company that is completely organic. The organic lawn dressing offers your lawn nutrients free of chemicals, typically taking about two weeks to see improvements.

    Weed Man Additional Products

    At an additional cost, Weed Man offers other services and products to help with your lawn maintenance or upkeep. The costs of these other services can vary in price depending on the region where you live and the size of your lawn. 

    • Perimeter Pest Services ($70–$166 per appointment): The Perimeter Pest Services include barrier protection, a perimeter spray, and a service guarantee from Weed Man. 
    • Mosquito Control Services ($70–$166 per appointment): Weed Man’s Mosquito Control Services aim to reduce the mosquito population within your lawn, helping to protect you, your family, and any pets from pests. Weed Man’s trained specialists apply barrier applications in areas such as shrubs, trees, and foliage.
    • Mole Control Services ($70–$166 per appointment): If you notice areas within your lawn where mulch is dug up, or there are holes in the middle of your lawn, it’s likely due to moles. The Mole Control Services offered by Weed Man discourage moles from invading your lawn. 
    • Flea & Tick Control ($70–$166 per appointment): Weed Man’s Flea & Tick Control service helps prevent and eliminate fleas and ticks within your lawn. A Weed Man technician will apply the product across your property line and around any pathways, patios, or sidewalks to prevent fleas and ticks from taking over.
    • Fire Ant Management ($70–$166 per appointment): Fire ants are unwanted and can also be dangerous if they bite. The Fire Ant Management service helps prevent these pests from invading your lawn and will take measures to keep them from going back to their colony. 
    • Armyworm Control ($70–$166 per appointment): Weed Man’s Armyworm Control service benefits areas East of the Rocky Mountains. This service will help prevent armyworms from taking over your lawn and prevent them from damaging your property with brown spots.
    • Chinch Bug Management ($70–$166 per appointment): If your lawn has various brown or yellow patches, it may be due to chinch bugs. A Weed Man specialist will take the necessary measures to prevent chinch bugs from damaging your property and returning.
    • White Grub Management ($70–$166 per appointment): White grubs can cause damage to the roots of your grass. Before it becomes a recurring issue, Weed Man can use specific control treatments to stop the white grubs from damaging your lawn.

    Available Discounts

    Weed Man offers discounts for prepayment, so you can save money on your lawn care by paying ahead of time. In addition, you can save money by referring a friend to Weed Man. If your friend signs up for a basic weed control program, you’ll be rewarded with lawn care credits and discounts. 

    While these discounts aren’t always available, Weed Man has local specials and discounts for the first application. Typically, the first application price is $29.95 for the initial visit with the discount.

    Environmental Impact

    Weed Man offers an organic lawn dressing service containing a mix of chemical-free topsoil, compost, and micronutrients designed to help your lawn get the nutrients it needs to grow. 

    Fill out this form to get a free quote from Weed Man.

    To learn more, read my Weed Man Review

    TruGreen: Best Customer Service

    • State Availability: 48
    • Year Founded: 1973
    • BBB Rating: A+

    Why I Chose It

    TruGreen is the best lawn care service for weeds and provides superior customer service. One thing that makes TruGreen one of the best lawn care services for weeds is that it’s available throughout most of the U.S., excluding Hawaii and Alaska. Depending on your lawn care needs, you can choose from various TruGreen lawn treatment plans or make your own à la carte. 

    The customer service at TruGreen is excellent, as you can call or email at any time. If it’s an immediate need, TruGreen will contact you as soon as possible and help resolve your issue. Ultimately, TruGreen’s customer service far exceeds that of other full-service lawn care companies.

    Pros & Cons


    • Excellent customer service by phone or email
    • Various lawn care plans for weed removal
    • You can use the app to choose a plan and schedule appointments
    • Over 50 years of experience


    • Lawn mowing is not a service option
    • Doesn’t offer certified organic products for lawn care services

    TruGreen Plans, Services, and Pricing

    TruGreen offers multiple services that effectively prevent weeds within your yard and help your yard to look bright and lush. These services include weed control, fertilization, and applications by a TruGreen technician.

    • TruMaintenance Lawn Care Plan ($30–$165): TruMaintenance is one of TruGreen’s most common lawn care plans. This plan includes fertilization services, pre-emergent and targeted weed control, and seven yearly service applications.
    • TruHealth Lawn Care Plan ($30–$165): The TruHealth Lawn Care Plan is the second most popular TruGreen Plan. This plan includes fertilization services, pre-emergent and targeted weed control, grub control, prevention treatments, and eight service applications per year.
    • TruNatural Lawn Care Plan ($50–$225): The TruNatural Lawn Care Plan is less typical, but it’s a good option if you want to reduce your environmental impact on your lawn. This plan uses organic methods to ensure your lawn is healthy, preventing weeds and fighting off pests. 

    TruGreen Additional Products

    In addition to TruGreen’s specific services, the company offers other services and products for an additional charge. They include:

    • Mosquito Defense ($99.95+): TruGreen offers a Mosquito Defense package. This lawn care company promises to tackle mosquito infestation in your yard within the first 24 hours. The TruGreen specialist will look for areas where mosquitoes typically hide, creating a barrier around your yard to keep them away.
    • Tick and Flea Control ($99.95+): The TruGreen Tick and Flea control package is suitable for those with dogs that spend a lot of time in the yard. This service helps control ticks, fleas, spiders, earwigs, and chiggers.
    • Fire Ant Control ($99.95+): The Fire Ant Control service is effective in preventing and getting rid of fire ants in your yard. Those pesky insects won’t know they’re being exterminated and will take the bait given by TruGreen and return to the colony. Once they have the bait, they’re unable to create new mounds. 
    • Home Pest Control ($99.95+): The Home Pest Control package specializes in protecting your property from spiders, ants, cockroaches, and rodents. A TruGreen specialist will thoroughly examine your lawn and apply the application to prevent these pests.

    Available Discounts

    TruGreen does offer a 10% military discount and a 5% prepay discount. In addition, you can receive a one-time discount of $25.00 off your bill if you choose the auto payment option for TruGreen’s services. 

    To obtain the military discount, you need to show a military ID card, dependent ID card, VA-issued ID card, or anything that can prove you’re actively in the military or are a veteran. 

    Environmental Impact

    TruGreen offers a specific plan for those who want to reduce their environmental impact: the TruNatural Lawn Care Plan. The TruNatural plan uses explicitly organic products to treat your lawn, such as 100% natural fertilizer to enhance your lawn over time while not damaging the environment. 

    Schedule an estimate with TruGreen.

    Read my TruGreen review to learn more about this top provider.

    Sunday: Best DIY Lawn Service

    • State Availability: 50
    • Year Founded: 2019
    • BBB Rating: A+

    Why I Chose It

    Founded in 2019 by two brothers in Colorado, Sunday Lawn Care is one of the best DIY lawn care services. Even though the company is still pretty new compared to others, it’s one of the best lawn care services for weeds.

    It’s easy to start lawn care services through Sunday. 

    To begin, you need to enter your address on Sunday’s website, answer some questions related to your lawn, and Sunday will determine which treatment plan is best for your property. Sunday offers multiple lawn care plans, such as Basic Care, Keep and Protect, Grow and Renew, and Lawn and Paws. 

    Pros & Cons


    • Available in all 50 U.S. states
    • Simple to use
    • Offers online scheduling
    • Instant online quotes


    • There is a maximum recommended coverage limit of 13,500 square feet
    • Only four years of experience

    Sunday Plans, Services, and Pricing 

    Since Sunday is a subscription-based lawn care plan, Sunday’s plans are tailored specifically to your lawn. The services can differ depending on your yard type, so you must complete a yard analysis on its website to create your custom lawn plan. 

    • Basic Care ($194): The Basic Care plan from Sunday includes 14 granular fertilizer bags, one free soil test kit, and two free wildflower seeds. This plan costs the least out of the four Sunday customized plans.
    • Keep & Protect ($226.50): The Keep & Protect Plan includes 14 granular fertilizer bags. You also receive one free soil test kit, one selective weed control, and two free wildflower seeds.
    • Grow & Renew ($246.50): The Grow & Renew lawn care plan offers 14 granular fertilizer bags, one free soil test kit, one selective weed control, one patch repair, and two free wildflower seeds.
    • Lawn & Paws ($271.50): The Lawn & Paws plan is perfect if you have animals, like dogs. This plan includes 14 granular fertilizer bags, one free soil test kit, one selective weed control, one pet patch repair, one pet spot treatment, and two wildflower seeds. 

    Sunday Additional Products

    While Sunday only offers pest control as an additional product, multiple types of pest control products exist.

    • Pest Control Products ($22–$115): Sunday offers various pest control prevention products that you can add to your lawn care plan or purchase à la carte. Some pest control packages include one for ants, mosquitoes and ticks, ticks only, insect control, mosquitoes only, indoor bugs, ants only, and fire ants.

    Available Discounts

    Sunday offers a $50 store credit for every friend you refer to the company that purchases a first full-year custom lawn plan. Your referral will also receive $50 off, but the catch is that the minimum purchase must be at least $150. 

    In addition, you can get 50% off your first lawn box plus free wildflower seeds when you sign up for a Sunday lawn care plan. 

    Environmental Impact

    Two of Sunday’s products are considered environmentally conscious, as they’re listed for organic gardening. The two products are the Ant Adios and the Weed Warrior. 

    The rest of Sunday’s products are not certified organic. Still, they contain natural ingredients such as soy protein, molasses, iron, and seaweed to help your lawn look good without putting toxic chemicals into it.

    Get a complimentary quote from Sunday by filling out this form.

    To learn more about the company, read my Sunday lawn care review

    Lawnbright: Best Organic Lawn Treatments

    • State Availability: 50
    • Year Founded: 2021
    • BBB Rating: Not Rated

    Why I Chose It

    Lawnbright is the best company for organic lawn treatments because it offers exclusive organic lawn treatments through your DIY subscription. I particularly enjoy Lawnbright because it’s important to me to use organic lawn care options. I grow various plants in my yard and don’t want them to die from chemicals found in some fertilizers

    Lawnbright is easy to use, especially if you have experience fertilizing your lawn. While Lawnbright doesn’t offer online pricing information, you can receive a custom quote by answering questions about your yard and how many weeds there are.

    Pros & Cons


    • Lawn treatment is exclusively organic
    • Available in all 50 U.S. states
    • There are pet-friendly treatments available
    • DIY subscription is easy to follow


    • Limited amount of services
    • Only two years in business

    Lawnbright Plans, Services, and Pricing

    Lawnbright offers three plans to help treat your lawn for weeds and keep it healthy throughout the year. These prices are based on a medium-size yard. Depending on the size of your property, the cost can decrease or increase. 

    • Maintain ($215 per year for a medium-size lawn): The Maintain plan is the most basic plan from Lawnbright. With the Maintain plan, you receive six customized applications of liquid nutrients to help with weed control and basic lawn maintenance.
    • Prevent ($280 per year for a medium-size lawn): The Prevent plan is recommended for those with moderate weed issues within their property and effectively repairs bare spots. This plan includes everything in the Maintain plan, plus additional grass seeds to fill in any patches and a pre-emergent for weed control.
    • Prevent and Repair ($330 per year for a medium-size lawn): The Prevent and Repair Plan includes everything in the Prevent plan but contains extra grass seed.

    Lawnbright Additional Products

    Lawnbright offers various additional products that help aid in insect control and more.

    • Organic Mosquito and Tick Control ($33 one-time purchase): Lawnbright’s Organic Mosquito and Tick Control is a natural and safe solution for preventing mosquitos and ticks within the perimeter of your lawn. 
    • Pet Spot Repair ($28 one-time purchase): Pet Spot Repair is an organic formula that helps prevent dog urine spots on your lawn. 

    Available Discounts 

    Lawnbright offers one discount. If you sign up for Lawnbright’s email list, you’ll receive 10% off your plan.

    Environmental Impact

    Lawnbright takes preventative measures to ensure your lawn stays healthy and chemical-free. Lawnbright’s products are organic and don’t use harsh chemicals. All its organic products are tailored specifically for your property and are based on your climate and lawn data.

    Get a free quote from Lawnbright by filling out this form.

    SavATree: Best for Landscaping

    • State Availability: 29
    • Year Founded: 1978
    • BBB Rating: F

    Why I Chose It

    SavATree is one of the best lawn care services for weeds, but it’s also known for its landscaping services. The company will assess the condition of your lawn based on how you answer the questions on its website, and an arborist will recommend a customized plan to treat the weeds on your property. 

    My favorite feature about SavATree is that it offers over 30 plan options to help treat weeds and maintain luscious landscaping. I used SavATree for my lawn a couple of years ago, and I can confirm that my yard did not see any weeds throughout my treatment plan. 

    Pros & Cons


    • Excellent for lawn care and weed control
    • Has over 40 years of experience with weed control and landscaping
    • 100% organic lawn care
    • Good customer service


    • SavATree may try to upsell you with various add-ons
    • Only available in 29 states.

    SavATree Plans, Services, and Pricing

    SavATree offers various weed prevention and treatment services. Based on the size and condition of your lawn, a SavATree lawn care specialist will recommend which treatment plan is best suited for your yard.

    • Pre-emergent Weed Control ($75–$300): The Pre-emergent Weed Control service is designed to prevent young weed seedlings from sprouting up on your lawn. SavATree lawn care specialists use carefully designed treatments to prevent weeds from taking over.
    • Post-emergent Weed Control ($75–$300): The Post-emergent Weed Control service from SavATree uses targeted spot applications to care for weeds growing on your lawn. 
    • Organic Lawn Care Service ($75–$300): The Organic Lawn Care Service helps achieve a lush and green lawn using only organic ingredients. A SavATree expert will prescribe a tailored treatment for your lawn that must be used at specific times throughout the year.
    • Lawn Fertilization ($75–$300): The Lawn Fertilization service is essential to help your grass become thick, healthy, and green. Your SavATree arborist will recommend a specific treatment for your lawn’s fertilization.
    • Lawn Seeding ($75–$300): SavATree’s lawn seeding services use premium seed blends resistant to disease and insects.
    • Hybrid Lawn Care ($75–$300): The Hybrid Lawn Care Plan is one of the most popular services from SavATree. This service pairs organic fertilizer with synthetic weed control products to create a healthy lawn. 

    SavATree Additional Products

    Organic Tick Control ($75–$300): Organic Tick Control is highly effective in repelling ticks and helps kill ticks. In addition, it helps reduce the tick population that carries Lyme disease throughout moist and wooded areas on and around your property.

    Deer Protection ($75–$300): SavATree’s Deer Protection includes three treatments, such as the three circles of protection, winter protection treatments, and clear repellent treatments. All deer protection treatments help repel deer from eating your plants and maintain your lawn’s appearance. 

    Available Discounts

    You’ll receive a substantial discount if you pay for the program in full. If you refer SavATree’s services to a friend, you can receive between three “thank you” gifts offered by the company. The gifts include a $15 Starbucks gift card, $15 off your invoice, or a $15 donation to Save the Children. 

    Environmental Impact

    SavATree offers organic soil treatments, such as organic soil enhancers, organic insect management, organic treatments for fruit trees, and organic tick control. These services don’t contain any harmful ingredients in hopes of creating a better environmental impact.

    Get a free quote from SavATree now.

    Read my SavATree review to hear more about the company. 

    Lawn Doctor: Best Service Guarantee

    • State Availability: 40
    • Year Founded: 1967
    • BBB Rating: B+

    Lawn Doctor stands out to me as one of the best lawn care services for weeds because of its satisfaction guarantee. In addition, Lawn Doctor also has 11 types of service offerings for lawn care and weed removal. 

    I appreciate that I can use its app to choose a lawn care package and read through plan options, but I’m disappointed that the app doesn’t allow me to schedule appointments. While scheduling is inconvenient, this company has the best guaranteed service with over 56 years of experience. 

    Pros & Cons


    • Best guaranteed service
    • Organic options available
    • Pest control options available
    • B+ rating on the BBB


    • Cannot schedule online

    Lawn Doctor Plans, Services, and Pricing

    Lawn Doctor has three lawn care services that can help prevent weeds. These services include:

    • Lawn Care ($50–$300): Lawn Doctor’s lawn care services include lawn fertilization, seeding and aeration, and tree and shrub care. You’ll receive customized plans for these services based on the condition and size of your lawn.
    • Seeding and Aeration ($50–$300): Its seeding and aeration services help you to achieve the green lawn you have always dreamed of. A Lawn Doctor expert will aid you in finding the perfect seed mixture to ensure your lawn looks thick and lush.
    • Tree and Shrub Care ($50–$300): Its tree and shrub care maintenance services include an inspection and overall health evaluation of your plants, shrubs, and trees, disease treatments, fertilization, an application of micronutrients, and insect treatments.

    Lawn Doctor Additional Products

    Lawn Doctor offers an additional program besides traditional lawn care services.

    • Lawn Pest Control ($50–$300): The Lawn Pest Control treatment includes mosquito control, tick control, and special event sprays. You can choose from a package including one of them, two of them, or all three of the services.

    Environmental Impact

    Lawn Doctor offers an organic lawn care treatment to help your grass become green while deterring lawn pests from invading the soil. 

    You can supplement your lawn care service with an organic treatment. The organic treatment is designed to be as effective as Lawn Doctor’s typical lawn care treatment. 

    The organic lawn care treatment includes:

    • Soil enrichment
    • Power seeding
    • Lawn aeration
    • Mole control
    • pH balance
    • Organic fertilizer
    • Broadleaf and pre-emergent weed control
    • Custom organic lawn services

    Schedule service with Lawn Doctor by filling out this form.

    Learn more about the pros and cons of Lawn Doctor in my full review

    Lawn Love: Best for Lawn Cleanup 

    • State Availability: 39
    • Year Founded: 2014
    • BBB Rating:

    Why I Chose It

    Another of the best lawn care services for weeds is Lawn Love. I used Lawn Love last year to spruce up my yard for the spring and summer, and I wasn’t disappointed. Firstly, its pricing guide is transparent.  

    Many lawn care services require a subscription, and you must do the work yourself while following the company’s instructions. I like that Lawn Love offers mowing, aeration, fertilization, yard cleanup, weed control, and shrub and tree services. My favorite service is lawn cleanup, which helps with weed control, leaf removal, green waste, and yard debris removal.

    Pros & Cons


    • Offers extensive yard cleanup services
    • Transparent pricing
    • Instant quote, booking, and online payment


    • If you have a complaint, it must be filed within the first 24 hours

    Lawn Love Plans, Services, and Pricing

    Lawn Love has many services for weeds and lawn maintenance. 

    • Lawn Care and Maintenance ($110–$208): Lawn Love’s Lawn Care and Maintenance is designed to find lawn mowing pros near you. It also offers immediate and transparent pricing on all lawn mowing jobs.
    • Gardening ($110–$208): Lawn Love offers a gardening service that transforms your property into something elegant. The gardening service includes shrub and bush trimming, green waste disposal, weeding, mowing, and edging your lawn
    • Lawn Fertilization ($110–$208): Lawn Love’s lawn fertilization service includes regularly fertilizing your lawn season after season. It helps provide faster lawn growth, a vibrant color, and resistance to environmental conditions. 
    • Lawn Aeration ($110–$208): The Lawn Aeration service includes an ongoing treatment plan to match you with the best lawn aeration companies near you. 
    • Weed Control ($110–$208): The Weed Control service is designed to suit your needs. This service stops damaging and toxic weeds from overtaking your lawn.
    • Lawn Seeding ($110–$208): If your lawn appears patchy and has a lot of bare spots, the Lawn Seeding service can be helpful for you. Lawn Love matches soil and light conditions to help your climate thrive. 
    • Pre-emergent Weed Control ($110–$208): The Pre-emergent Weed Control service helps prevent weeds from emerging on your lawn. Lawn care providers at Lawn Love know how to help weeds disappear before they begin to sprout.
    • Yard Cleanup ($110–$208): Lawn Love’s yard cleanup service includes overgrown yard cleanup, yard waste removal, abandoned home cleanup, yard debris removal, leaf removal, hedge trimming, weed control, and green waste disposal. 
    • Gutter Cleaning ($110–$208): Lawn Love’s Gutter Cleaning service helps unclog your gutters and prevent any flooding from clogged gutters.
    • Leaf Removal ($110–$208): Lawn Love has a lot of experience with leaf removal. The company allows you to schedule a leaf removal service within one minute online, and your cleanup service will be completed within 48 hours.

    Lawn Love Additional Products

    In addition to Lawn Love’s lawn care services, the company offers a snow removal service.

    • Snow Removal ($100–$300): The snow removal service is beneficial for those who have difficulty shoveling snow on their own. If you are elderly or find the snow too heavy to shovel alone, Lawn Love’s snow removal service can be helpful. 

    Environmental Impact

    Lawn Love offers organic weed control if you want a greener way to treat your lawn. While not all of Lawn Love’s products are organic, a weed control organic option benefits your lawn. 

    Organic Weed Control ($110–$208): The Organic Weed Control option is safe for your family and pets. You might consider using this organic option if you’re looking for a safe weed control option for a yard

    To get a free quote from Lawn Love, fill out this form.

    How Much Do the Best Lawn Care Services for Weeds Cost?

    The best lawn care services for weeds can range in price depending on the size of your lawn, where you live, and how many weeds you have. The price range is extensive, as you can expect to pay anywhere from $30–$330 per month, depending on what services you choose for your lawn

    The price can also range significantly due to your fertilizer needs and how difficult it is to rid the lawn of weeds. Some weeds that may cost more than others to remove consist of field bindweed, burdock, ground ivy, johnsongrass, nutsedge, mugwort, and poison ivy. 

    What Factors Should You Consider When Hiring a Lawn Care Service for Weeds?

    Some factors and circumstances can affect which provider you choose when deciding which lawn care service is best for you. Some factors that you should take into consideration before choosing a lawn care service company include: 

    • Experience and expertise 
    • Services offered and customization options
    • Quality of equipment and products used
    • Licensing and insurance
    • Customer testimonials and ratings
    • Examples or case studies of completed jobs

    It’s essential to look into these factors before hiring a company to ensure you’re getting everything you expect and that the company is legitimate.

    Types of Treatments

    While there are various treatments for weeds available from most companies, these are some of the most popular weed treatments:

    • Lawn aeration: Removes loose soil and other material buildups on grass that can choke it off. Aeration breaks up these layers, allowing your grass to breathe better and absorb water and nutrients.
    • Pre-emergent weed control: A pre-emergent weed control service is designed to prevent young weed seedlings from sprouting up in your lawn. Lawn care specialists use carefully designed treatments to prevent weeds from taking over your lawn.
    • Fertilization: A fertilization service helps produce strong roots within your lawn. It can help your lawn look healthier and better equip it to handle weeds.
    • Post-emergent weed control: A post-emergent weed control service uses targeted spot applications to take care of weeds already growing on your lawn. 

    Types of Products

    Since many types of products are available to help treat lawns for weeds, knowing the most popular effective ones for treating weeds is essential. 

    • Organic: Organic weed control products typically use a variation of natural ingredients, such as acetic acid, citric acid, citrus oil, clove oil, cinnamon oil, lemon grass oil, or eugenol. 
    • Chemical: Standard ingredients for weed control include a combination of pendimethalin and triethylamine

    How Can You Choose Which Lawn Care Service for Weeds is Right for You? 

    Most efficient lawn care services consist of services such as feeding, reseeding, aerating, basic pest control, mowing, weed control, and basic lawn maintenance

    Today’s Homeowner Tips

    Remember that most lawn care companies will charge you based on the total number of services provided. I recommend finding a company that can offer everything you want in one place so you don’t have to hire multiple companies. This will also help keep costs down.

    The costs for these services may include but are not limited to the type of service, reputation, scheduling needs, training and experience, and guarantees. When deciding which lawn care service for weeds is best for you, there are some guidelines to take into consideration. 

    • Determine your specific lawn care needs
    • Research and compare different companies
    • Ask for references and check real customer reviews
    • Request a consultation or estimate

    To get a lawn care estimate or consultation from a company, you must call the company or go to its website. The website usually has a specific place to request a quote or schedule a consultation. 

    Once you choose an option, you must fill out the form with the information needed for the company to assess the condition and size of your lawn. A representative from the company should reach out to you within an allotted amount of time. 

    You should usually hear back from a company within 30 minutes, but it can take up to 24 hours, depending on the company. If you choose to get your estimate or schedule a consultation through an app on your phone, you should get an immediate response to schedule as soon as possible. 

    So, Which Lawn Care Service for Weeds Is the Best?

    While all of these lawn care services are the best for weed removal, it’s up to you to choose which is best for your unique situation. For example, you might prefer a lawn care service that comes to you and does everything for you, such as TruGreen. However, you cannot get that with some DIY services like Sunday or Lawnbright. 

    If you found this article helpful in hiring a weed prevention and removal service, consider sharing it so others know how a reputable weed prevention company like Weed Man can make a huge difference. 

    FAQs About the Best Lawn Care Services for Weeds

    How do you take care of a lawn that is mostly weeds?

    It’s helpful to use a lawn care service to get rid of the weeds and prevent them from growing back. One of the best lawn care services for weeds — Weed Man — can help you achieve a weed-free lawn.It’s helpful to use a lawn care service to get rid of the weeds and prevent them from growing back. One of the best lawn care services for weeds — Weed Man — can help you achieve a weed-free lawn.

    What does TruGreen use for weeds?

    TruGreen uses a selective systemic broadleaf weed killer to not only get rid of weeds but entirely kill their roots. It likely needs to be applied a few times per year, depending on the severity of the weeds. TruGreen also has an organic lawn care plan called TruGreen Natural.

    Are subscription-based lawn care plans worth it?

    Subscription-based lawn care plans typically work better than if you were to fertilize your lawn on your own. While a DIY lawn care plan from a company like Sunday is easy to follow, some homeowners prefer for a lawn care professional to physically come to their lawn and apply the product.

    Additional Lawn Care Resources

    Methodology: How We Evaluated the Best Lawn Care Services for Weeds Against Our Review Criteria

    At Today’s Homeowner, we strive to bring you the most accurate information for your home improvement projects. Our lawn company ratings emphasize what matters most to you — a wide range of useful products with reliable service and impressive results.

    Our ratings are based on publicly available information about each company, secret shopping via phone and internet, customer-review analysis, and discussions with lawn and landscaping specialists.

    Each company can earn up to 100 points divided across five categories. We assess those point scores, then convert them to a five-star scale to determine rankings. We researched popular lawn care companies across the country to develop the following category breakdown:

    • Plan Options (36 points): Lawn care companies earn the most points in this category if they offer a wide range of plans to fit various homeowner needs. Companies providing services like fertilization, aeration, seeding, and tree/shrub care will earn more points than providers with base-level plans.
    • Additional Offerings (11 points): We score this category by evaluating additional offerings that enhance a company’s overall service selection. Companies that provide pest control services, organic lawn care products, and a la carte options score the highest in this category.
    • Customer Service (25 points): We considered how far each company goes to ensure customers have convenient, intuitive access to products and services with contact forms, online chat features, and additional learning resources.
    • State Availability (8 points): We factored each company’s state availability into its overall score. Companies with more locations and wider service areas score higher than those with limited availability.
    • Trustworthiness (20 points): We score each company’s trustworthiness based on its Better Business Bureau accreditation and score, number of years in business, and Google Star ratings.

    We monitor company data on an ongoing basis to keep rankings and information up to date.

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