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May 23, 2023

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    If you don’t have time to manage your lawn care, you may have considered hiring Weed Man. With national reach and a wide variety of packages, Weed Man is one of the first companies many homeowners think of when it comes to lawn care. But is Weed Man right for you? Here’s a review!

    Everyone wants their lawn to look green and healthy throughout the year. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time or expertise needed to do all of the pruning, mowing, weed-pulling and more that comes along with having healthy grass. That’s why lawn care companies are popular services.

    The reviews team knows that the companies you choose to allow onto your property should be professional, affordable and honest. The team has thoroughly reviewed some of the top lawn care service companies in terms of price, customer service, accreditations and more. Before you arrange lawn care services from Weed Man, check out this comprehensive Weed Man review.

    While Weed Man is a viable option, overall, the Today’s Homeowner reviews team recommends TruGreen for most lawn care needs. As a nationwide provider, TruGreen offers a wide variety of lawn care packages.

    Call 877-386-6512 or fill out the easy form for a free quote. 

    Weed Man’s Services 

    Weed Man offers a very wide variety of lawn care and maintenance services. The company’s current offerings include the following:

    • Lawn fertilization — Weed Man uses fertilizers to help your grass grow thicker and healthier.
    • Weed control services — Use pre-emergent techniques to stop weeds from growing into your lawn, as well as pesticides to kill weeds that are already present. Weed Man specializes in personalized weed control formulas custom-fitted to the types of weeds native to your area.
    • Surface insect control Insects can damage your plants and grass. Surface insect control helps prevent pest infestations in your yard.
    • Crabgrass control Crabgrass is a stubborn weed that can make your lawn look patchy or tough. Crabgrass control uses chemicals to kill crabgrass and prevent it from popping up in the future. 
    • Core aeration — Pokes thousands of tiny holes in your lawn to break up compacted soil. This makes it easier for your grass to grow and take in nutrients from the soil.
    • Lawn seeding — Strengthens and thickens your grass by filling in patchy areas.  
    • White grub control — White grubs are a type of pest that can cause brown patches in your lawn. Weed Man offers both pre-emergent grub prevention services as well as grub elimination for already-present infestations.
    • Moss control — Weed Man offers removal and prevention services for grasses prone to moss growth.
    • Ant control and removal — Weed Man offers both perimeter ant control and in-lawn ant removal services.
    • Flea and tick control — Weed Man’s flea and tick control services include pesticide sprays in areas where pests are most likely to hide, like grassy areas and tall plants.
    • Mosquito control — Weed Man also offers mosquito control services in the summer months. These services use chemicals to prevent mosquitoes from nesting on your lawn.
    • Mole control services — Moles can dig tunnels in your yard to hunt for food. These tunnels can harm your lawn and uproot your plants. Weed Man offers mole removal and deterrent services to send these critters away from your property.
    • Soil pH adjustments — Lawns and gardens require a precise soil pH to grow effectively. Weed Man offers soil pH testing and balancing services to help your plants grow healthier. They also offer soil revitalization services.
    Today’s Homeowner Tips

    You can purchase these services a la carte, adding only the options that you need for your lawn.

    You can also purchase their 2020 lawn care package, which includes all of the following.

    • Spring Fertilization
    • Broadleaf Weed & Crabgrass Control
    • Late Spring/Summer Fertilization
    • Summer Inspection
    • Summer Weed Control
    • Late Summer Fertilization
    • Late Summer/Fall Weed Control
    • Fall Fertilization

    Weed Man is a franchised lawn care company, which means that the specific services and packages you’ll have access to will vary depending on where you live. You may have access to only the services listed above, more services, or fewer options depending on what your local franchise owner has decided to provide. You should get a quote from Weed Man online to learn more about services available in your area. 

    Weed Man Availability 

    Weed Man’s services are available in most states — though your access may vary depending on how many franchises are in your home state. Weed Man has over 150 independent operations across America and services over 400,000 customers nationwide. Weed Man currently offers service in many states across America, except

    • Alaska
    • Arizona
    • Hawaii
    • Maine
    • Mississippi
    • North Dakota
    • New Hampshire
    • New Mexico
    • Nevada
    • Rhode Island
    • South Dakota
    • Vermont
    • Wyoming

    Your access to Weed Man’s services may vary depending on your ZIP code. For example, there are currently 12 Weed Man franchises serving the state of Ohio. This means that most parts of the state are covered. However, there’s only one Weed Man franchise in Montana — meaning that you may have trouble getting service if you live outside of the franchise’s service area. 

    Weed Man Cost

    Weed Man’s website doesn’t list specific one-size-fits-all prices for each of its services. This is because the price you’ll pay for lawn care will drastically vary depending on where you live, the services you need and the size of your property. In this Weed Man lawn care review, the reviews team received the following quotes for a property located in Pennsylvania. 

    2020 lawn care package$728 annually 
    2020 fall aeration appointment$208 per appointment 
    Flea and tick control appointment$166 per appointment
    Grub control appointment$166 per appointment
    Spring lime application$104 per appointment

    Why Weed Man?

    Weed Man currently holds an A rating with the Better Business Bureau — though the company isn’t currently BBB accredited. The company holds 3.5 stars out of 5 from customers. Most of the reviews are positive, but some found fault with Weed Man in terms of professionalism. Take a look at a few reviews from previous Weed Man customers. All BBB ratings are as of March 2020. 

    ““We have seen a great improvement in our lawn. Must get all treatments to be effective, in my opinion. I am going on 4 years of their service. When I have a question or concern, they respond in a timely manner.””

    Al S., 5 stars, BBB, 3/3/2017

    ““Weed Man Lawn Care continues to call me five times after I have told them I'm not interested in their services time and time again. They are the lowest of the low and have as much business cutting lawns as I have to do brain surgery. I block all the numbers they call me from then they call me from a different number.””

    Zach A.,  1 star, BBB, 7/20/2017

    What do customers love the most about Weed Man? Many reviews feature these common characteristics:

    • Friendly technicians — Many reviewers highlighted the courteousness and friendliness of Weed Man’s technicians, customer service professionals and other representatives.  
    • Quick service — Multiple reviewers complimented Weed Man’s speed in servicing their lawn and responding to complaints.

    Negative reviews featured the following: 

    • Pushy salespeople — Some reviewers commented that they were continually harassed by Weed Man salespeople even after they had declined service. 
    • Scheduling conflicts — Some reviews noted that Weed Man technicians failed to show up for appointments. 

    The Results

    So, is Weed Man the right lawn care company for your property? Here is a summary of the pros and cons of their service.  

    Pros & Cons


    • Wide variety of services offered
    • Available nationwide
    • Largely positive reviews
    • “A” level rating with the Better Business Bureau
    • Affordable pricing


    • Not accredited with the Better Business Bureau
    • Services offered vary widely depending on franchise offerings
    • Not available in every state
    • Limited package offerings

    Overall, the reviews team rates Weed Man 3.5 out of 5.0 stars. Its wide range of offered services and thorough knowledge of weed and grass types is particularly impressive. Their pricing is affordable and most of their reviews are positive.

    Today’s Homeowner Tips

    The services offered vary depending on where you live. This can make it more frustrating to choose a plan. The number of package plans is also limited.

    Get a quote from TruGreen by calling 877-386-6512 or filling out a simple form

    The reviews team’s number one recommendation for lawn care is TruGreen, with a rating of 4 out of 5 stars. TruGreen is a nationwide company offering service in 48 out of 50 states, all except Hawaii and Alaska. TruGreen is accredited by the BBB and holds an A+ rating.

    While there may be smaller local operations near you, few have the stellar reputation and reach of TruGreen. The company offers easy-to-understand lawn care packages that quickly service your lawn or fix common issues.

    TruGreen offers five distinct plans in total, including a natural option. You can also add tree trimming and pest control services as needed.

    If you’re a busy homeowner looking for an easier way to manage your lawn, consider TruGreen. Ultimately, the right lawn care company for you will depend on your needs, property location and budget.

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