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Find the best lawn care service in your area and keep grass healthy. This review looks at Loyalty Lawn Care for its quality of service and value for money. | Photo Credit: Shutterstock © SingjaiStocker

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Keeping your lawn healthy, lush and free of weeds is no easy task. Proper lawn care takes more than just regularly mowing the grass. It’s crucial to fertilize turf with the right balance of nutrients, get rid of crabgrass and other weeds and prevent grubs from destroying your grass. To keep lawns looking pristine throughout the year, many homeowners hire professional lawn care experts to handle this part of property ownership. Lawn care technicians have the expertise to maintain your lawn and prevent and mitigate any issues affecting your lawn’s health. 

Choosing the best lawn care provider in your area can be challenging, though. You need to find a trusted lawn care company that has good recommendations and reviews from many satisfied customers. To help you with this task, our reviews team has evaluated top professional lawn care companies. In this comprehensive Loyalty Lawn Care review, we take a thorough look at the range of services this company provides, the value you’ll get for your money and the company’s customer satisfaction ratings. 

While Loyalty Lawn Care is solid, it’s only available in Missouri. If you live in another state, or if you’d rather stick with a national brand, we recommend selecting TruGreen for your lawn care needs. TruGreen has a wide range of care plans to suit your gardening requirements and budget.

You can get a free quote from TruGreen by calling 877-386-6512. Or you can fill out this online form to get more information. 

In This Article

Loyalty Lawn Care’s Offerings 

Loyalty Lawn Care offers comprehensive lawn care plans that include more than just looking after grass. As with any recommended lawn care provider, this company’s care plans involve lawn weed control, fertilization and crabgrass control. To ensure a healthy lawn with no brown patches, Loyalty Lawn Care also offers lawn aeration, seeding and grub worm treatment. Depending on your needs, you can also opt for outdoor pest control or tree and shrub services. 

Loyalty Lawn Care Service Plan

Let’s look at the finer details of Loyalty Lawn Care’s plan. 

  • Fertilization — A healthy lawn needs proper nourishment to help grass roots develop the strength to endure both hot summers and cold winters. Fertilization with balanced nutrients penetrates to the roots, helping lush, green grass grow. Proper lawn fertilization works on young plants to kick start and strengthen the grass growth cycle. Continued feeding then helps the turf develop and build a strong resistance to disease.
  • Weed control — Weeds choke out healthy grass and must be eradicated as soon as possible. The technicians from Loyalty Lawn Care have specialized training and know the appropriate weed control methods to use for your lawn. The best weed control services use a combination of preventative measures in tandem with weed elimination.
  • Crabgrass control — Crabgrass quickly takes over lawns if left unattended. Often, this stubborn and invasive weed is tough to get rid of once it takes root. Loyalty Lawn Care takes a proactive approach and applies early season, pre-emergent applications for crabgrass prevention and control. This type of service is the most effective method for dealing with crabgrass issues. 
  • Lawn grub prevention — Grubs eat away at the roots of your turf, leaving behind  thin or brown patches in your lawn. As with most lawn care issues, prevention is the key to controlling these hungry grubs. Preventative treatments in spring will get rid of grubs and stop them from munching their way through your lawn. 
  • Aeration and slit-seeding — To help revive struggling lawns, Loyalty Lawn Care also offers aeration and slit-seeding services. These turf care services help get new grass growing quickly to bring your garden back into a pristine condition you’ll be proud of. 
  • Nutsedge control — Another type of weed blighting neglected lawns is nutsedge. The professionals at Loyalty Lawn Care use preventative, control, and eradication methods to stop nutsedge from spoiling your beautiful green grass.

The lawn care service plan starts with a thorough inspection of your lawn. After that, experienced, trained technicians make six or seven visits throughout the growing season. They’ll thoroughly assess and treat your lawn as needed for customized care. 

Loyalty Lawn Care Outdoor Pest Control

There’s no point in having a beautiful lawn if you can’t enjoy it in the summer because of flying, crawling and creeping pests. Ants, spiders, mosquitoes, ticks and other insects are such a nuisance when trying to spend time outdoors. Loyalty Lawn Care technicians can carry out a thorough inspection of your yard to find problem areas in your lawn that may be contributing to pest infestations. They’ll also inspect the exterior of your home to identify potential issues where outdoor pests can enter the structure and spoil your time indoors.  

The benefits of outdoor pest control plans include: 

  • Treat the root cause of pests
  • Prevent pests such as ants, spiders and other insects from getting in your home
  • Pest control is harmless to lawns, flowers and shrubs 
  • The entire lawn is treated to prevent pest damage to turf

Tree and shrub services

As well as keeping your lawn in top condition, Loyalty Lawn Care also helps care for and maintain your shrubs and trees. Beautiful flowering shrubs, bushes, fruit trees and broadleaf trees will beautify your yard and make your property the envy of the neighborhood. For all garden plants to thrive, they need nourishment, mulching and pruning. 

To improve the overall appearance of your yard, Loyalty Lawn Care tree and shrub service plan includes the following:

  • Yard inspections to determine the condition and health of your outdoor plants
  • Personalized service plans to control insects, fertilize the soil and treat plant diseases 
  • Mulching and pruning to improve the health of plants and encourage vigorous growth
  • All-season yard care for trees and shrubs
  • Edging to tidy up your lawn and flower beds
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Loyalty Lawn Care Locations

Loyalty Lawn Care has been serving residents in the St. Charles and St. Louis, Mo. areas for over 20 years. Unfortunately, you can’t get Loyalty Lawn Care services if you don’t live in Missouri. So, it’s not available in the other 49 states of the U.S. 

The Cost of Loyalty Lawn Care 

Loyalty Lawn Care calculates the cost of the care plan based on the specific needs of every homeowner. No two lawns are exactly the same, and each yard requires customized treatments. It’s not possible to provide a general breakdown of costs. Some factors affecting the prices of lawn care and yards services include: 

  • Condition of lawn —  If your lawn has multiple brown patches, thin grass or weeds, then the initial cost of treatment will be higher than a lawn that doesn’t have these preexisting issues. Keep in mind that regularly maintaining a pristine lawn is cheaper than fixing a lawn that already has a lot of problems. Regular servicing is also more cost-effective because grass becomes stronger, which prevents many common lawn problems from taking hold. 
  • Type of care plan — Loyalty Lawn Care offers several plans depending on your gardening needs. A comprehensive tree, shrub and lawn care package will be more expensive than simple turf management. 
  • Soil quality and plant health — The health of the soil can differ between yards, so a detailed care plan needs to be worked out.
  • Climate — The zone where you live significantly affects the cost of lawn care and gardening services. For example, in areas that experience harsh winters, lawn winterization is necessary. If you live in the southern states, it can cost more to keep lawns lush and green throughout the summer.

Loyalty Lawn Care Pros and Cons

As with any company, Loyalty Lawn Care has its benefits and drawbacks. 

✓ Comprehensive lawn care plans✗ Only operates in Missouri
✓ Aeration, grub control and seeding✗ No organic or eco-friendly lawn services
✓ Simple online payment process 
✓ Outdoor pest control 
✓ Tree and shrub services 
✓ Offers special offers and discounts 
✓ Commercial gardening services 

Why Loyalty Lawn Care? 

Loyalty Lawn Care consistently receives excellent reviews from satisfied customers. 

The company is accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has snagged an impressive A+ rating. The profile currently features two customer ratings—on opposite ends of the spectrum. 

“Loyalty Lawn Care is a wonderful company. Customer service is always great and care if my lawn has been superb. I had a yard full of nutsedge last year and they completely cleared it up. I would highly recommend them for your lawn care needs!”

— Emily S., 2/3/2018, 5 stars, BBB

“Have used Loyalty on a fairly routine basis for over 10 years. Technician results and management responses have always been excellent until this past season. Called company and informed them of weed growth late last summer. Technician treated, results not good so had to come back and re-treat. Whatever he used on our hillside made quite a bit of the turf AND weeds turn brown. I was hoping for a turf green up to occur this spring but not happening, over half of the area is void of grass and recent rains are washing topsoil away. I spoke with a manager this afternoon and asked him to come view this area. After a long conversation I was informed that “I should have called immediately after it happened.” and offered nothing except to say he was sorry. So, I’m left with a lot of bare ground in a very difficult place to get new turf started. It would have been nice to know that the chemical used would kill ALL the growth so I could have had the option to decline. Today’s conversation left me with a distinct “too bad” attitude expressed by the service manager.”

— Former Customer,  4/13/2017, 1 star, BBB

The Results

After reviewing the many services Loyalty Lawn Care offers and reading several customer reviews, the reviews team has determined that it’s a solid choice for your lawn and garden needs. The company provides a wide range of gardening services that extend further than just lawn care. Landscaping, pest control and turf management can all help to keep your yard looking beautiful throughout the year.

But when comparing Loyalty Lawn Care services with several other nationwide companies, Loyalty Lawn Care isn’t the best overall. The company has a limited reach and only serves certain areas of Missouri. Some other top providers have a more extensive range of garden and lawn care services. 

Top Pick: TruGreen

After reviewing many different lawn care companies, TruGreen came out on top. This company has built a solid reputation for high standards, excellent landscaping services and professional technicians. The company offers one of the broadest ranges of lawn and landscaping services compared to similar companies.

You can call TruGreen for a free quote at 877-386-6512 or fill out this easy online form for more information.

One of the benefits of TruGreen is its nationwide appeal—it’s available in nearly every state in the U.S., all except for Hawaii and Alaska. There’s likely a TruGreen office near you that services your neighborhood. This company also offers flexible care plans to suit the needs of any yard. Their services include the following:  

  • Healthy Lawn Analysis and guaranteed results
  • Lawn nourishment using balanced fertilizers
  • Eight visits annually to inspect and treat your lawn
  • Lawn aeration 
  • Organic soil amendments
  • Grub prevention and control
  • Overseeding
  • Pre-emergent and targeted weed control
  • Tree and shrub services

TruGreen offers five flexible care plans depending on your needs and budget. These plans range from simple turf management to a full garden care plan that includes shrub and tree care.


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