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May 11, 2023

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    Luxury house with freshly mown grass lawn. Home exterior.
    Superior Lawn Care USA has been offering lawn maintenance services to the Pittsburgh area for nearly 40 years. See how it stacks up against the competition. | Photo Credit: Shutterstock © ppa

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    Keeping a lawn looking green and lush year-round is no easy task. You can mow and water it yourself, but when it comes to treatments like fertilizer, aeration or lime amendment, you may not know what your grass needs. Luckily, there are many lawn care providers who are happy to help you keep your yard looking its best.

    Located near Pittsburgh in New Stanton, Pennsylvania, Superior Lawn Care USA offers its lawn care services to the southwestern Pennsylvania area. It’s been around since 1981, and it remains locally owned by the Brown family. All of its technicians are licensed in the state, and it’s a member of numerous local business associations. In this Superior Lawn Care review, the reviews team has evaluated the company’s services, reputation, customer ratings and more to give you a verdict on the best professional lawn care company for you. 

    Ultimately, the biggest drawback about Superior Lawn Care is that it’s a local company and unavailable to homeowners outside of southwestern Pennsylvania. For lawn care services throughout the country, the reviews team recommends industry leader TruGreen, a reputable lawn care provider with locations in nearly every state.

    To get a free, local quote, call 877-386-6512 or fill out this easy form to get started.

    In This Article

    Superior Lawn Care’s Offerings 

    If you do live in Superior Lawn Care’s service area, here are the plans and packages it offers.

    Lawn Care Program

    This plan is what Superior Lawn Care calls the “bedrock” of its business, and it encompasses five stages of annual lawn care. Here are the stages and the treatments that technicians will apply at each one.

    1. Spring lawn care (March-April)
      1. Custom-blended fertilizer
      2. Pre-emergent crabgrass control
      3. Broadleaf weed control
    2. Early summer lawn care (May-June)
      1. Custom-blended fertilizer
      2. Broadleaf weed control
      3. Surface insect control
    3. Summer lawn care (July-August)
      1. Custom-blended fertilizer
      2. Broadleaf weed control
    4. Fall lawn care (September-October)
      1. Custom-blended fertilizer
      2. Broadleaf weed control
    5. Late fall lawn care (November-December)
      1. Custom-blended dormant winter fertilizer

    One advantage of being a local company is that Superior Lawn Care is familiar with the climate and can tailor its treatments to the cool season grasses and other plants that grow in Pennsylvania.

    Tree and Shrub Program

    Superior Lawn Care’s tree and shrub program follows a similar five-stage process, so it can be combined with the lawn care program easily. Here is what it entails.

    1. Spring — dormant oil pre-emergent insect control
    2. Early summer — insect/disease control
    3. Summer — insect/disease control
    4. Fall — insect/disease control
    5. Late fall — deep-root fertilization

    Bed Weed Control

    Landscaping beds need tending, as well, so Superior Lawn Care provides both pre-emergent and broadleaf weed control for mulch and ornamental stone beds. With this program, you’ll receive up to six visits a year, usually five to six weeks apart from early spring to early fall.

    Perimeter Pest Control

    To prevent yard insects from entering your home, Superior Lawn Care will spray the perimeter of your home with pesticide to kill ants, spiders, centipedes and more. If you choose this plan, you can request up to eight monthly visits a year from March to October.

    Landscape Services

    Unlike many lawn care providers who focus on maintenance instead of renovation, Superior Lawn Care also offers some smaller-scale landscaping. You can call to set up a free consultation and talk over your options with one of the company’s trained technicians. Here are the landscaping services the company offers:

    • Removal of existing plants, stumps and roots
    • Landscape bed preparation
    • Edging, mulching and lawn repair
    • Provision of written plant care instructions
    • Hardscape restoration, including:
      • Pressure washing
      • Application of cleaning agents
      • Paver restoration and leveling
      • Sealing of hardscape surfaces
      • Deck cleaning, sealing and refinishing

    Additional Services

    If you don’t need an annual plan and would prefer individual services, Superior Lawn Care also offers some one-time treatments on an a la carte basis. Here are these services and when they’re offered.

    • Additional crabgrass control (4-6 weeks after the first treatment)
    • Grub control (mid-June to early August)
    • Fall core aeration (September-October)
    • Lime amendment (spring or fall)
    • Fall overseeding (September-October)
    • Flea and tick control (year-round)

    Here’s a quick look at Superior Lawn Care’s plans, not including landscaping or additional services, which may require only one visit.

     FertilizerBroadleaf Weed ControlPre-emergent Weed ControlTree and Shrub CareInsect ControlNumber of Visits
    Lawn Care Program 5
    Tree and Shrub Program  5
    Bed Weed Control   5-6
    Perimeter Pest Control    5-8
    A man is spraying herbicide in farm that has many weeds
    Photo Credit: Shutterstock © Banprik

    Superior Lawn Care Locations

    Superior Lawn Care is based out of Pittsburgh and only available in southwestern Pennsylvania. The website doesn’t provide an exact service map, so you’ll need to submit your address to see if the company can provide you with services.

    The Cost of Superior Lawn Care

    Like most lawn care companies, Superior Lawn Care doesn’t list standard prices on its website. That’s because the cost of lawn care can vary greatly based on the size and condition of your lawn. Since the company only serves a single geographical location, the price might not vary much from one side of Pittsburgh to the other, but your yard’s size and the state it’s in when you begin treatment can determine how much time, effort and product need to go into it. 

    The only way to know how much lawn treatment will cost is to request a free estimate. However, Superior Lawn Care does offer some discounts for first-time customers and customers who prepay for a full year of services.

    Why Superior Lawn Care? 

    Superior Lawn Care USA is a Better Business Bureau accredited company with an A+ rating. Since it’s a smaller, local company, it’s not unusual that there aren’t any customer reviews on the BBB website or Trustpilot.

    Superior Lawn Care Pros and Cons

    Not surprisingly, the biggest problem with Superior Lawn Care USA is its limited service area. However, here are some other pros and cons.


    Offers both annual plans and individual treatmentsAlso offers landscaping servicesBBB accreditation and A+ rating
    Only available in southwestern PAFew customer reviews availableNo option for organic/green productsAeration isn’t part of the annual lawn care package

    The Results 

    Superior Lawn Care is a solid choice if you live in the Pittsburgh area, but otherwise, you’re going to need to find another lawn care provider. The reviews team suggests TruGreen, which also fills in some of Superior Lawn Care’s shortcomings.

    Top Recommended Provider: TruGreen

    TruGreen also offers both annual packages and a la carte services for versatile lawn care. It also includes aeration as part of many of its yearly plans. Plus, you can’t beat the convenience of a nationwide company, which has a robust online presence, thousands of employees, decades of expertise and top-notch equipment. Here’s a breakdown of TruGreen’s annual plans.

     Healthy Lawn AnalysisHealthy Lawn GuaranteeWeed ControlAerationFertilizerLimeTrees & ShrubsVisits per Year
    TruSignature1 visit8
    TruComplete1 visit 8
    TruHealth   8
    TruMaintenance1 visit  7
    TruNatural   8

    TruGreen is available in all states except for Hawaii and Alaska and boasts 50 years in the lawn care business. Good customer reviews are easy to find, and TruGreen’s prices are competitive.

    To receive a free estimate for your yard, call 877-386-6512 or fill out this simple form.

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