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December 31, 2023

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    Whether you enjoy time outdoors or simply don’t have the budget to hire a lawn care company, Lawnbright and Sunday can make DIY lawn care much more manageable. Lawnbright and Sunday are leaders in DIY lawn care products.

    Each has simple systems in place that make this process seamless and safe for your family. If you have been searching for the best lawn care companies to help take your yard to the next level, either of these options could be a good fit.

    When I compare Lawnbright vs. Sunday, you might find that your lawn care needs are more complex than you thought. Lawnbright and Sunday partner with you to devise a lawn care program to give you a beautiful outdoor space.

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    Lawnbright vs. Sunday

    Lawnbright and Sunday are lawn care subscription services that will help ensure you have a green, pest-free lawn. As far as lawn mowing, trimming, and growing, you will still be on your own. However, Lawnbright and Sunday products will make your yard look like you have a professional lawn care provider.

    There are some major differences between these two brands, and they are worth noting before you choose which is best for you.

    Lawnbright Overview

    Founded in 2021, Lawnbright is a relatively new customized lawn products subscription service. The Lawnbright product line and overall system of taking care of customers is very similar, almost identical to Sunday.

    Lawnbright products are available in all states, and it currently has not been rated with the Better Business Bureau. With Lawnbright, you won’t have to worry about harsh chemicals and lawn treatment plans that put pets and children in danger. In fact, most of the ingredients used in these products will be things you have around your home already.

    There are several different product options to choose from with Lawnbright, but all subscriptions start with a soil test kit. The test kit will take a look at what nutrients your soil may be missing and how to remedy any deficiencies with the proper chemicals.

    All lawn care treatment products arrive in convenient nutrient pouches that simply attach to your hose for quick application. A few things that help Lawnbright stand out include the introduction of a weed pre-emergent that has natural ingredients, mosquito control, and a pest spot treatment product.

    Pros of Lawnbright

    Comprehensive Guidance: Lawnbright’s DIY lawn care subscription provides comprehensive guidance and resources, empowering you to take charge of your lawn’s health. With step-by-step instructions and expert tips, you’ll have the knowledge you need to achieve professional-level results.

    Effective Weed Prevention: Pre-emergent weed treatments offer a proactive solution to weed control. By applying these treatments before weed seeds germinate, you create a barrier that inhibits their growth.

    Cost-Effective: Subscribing to Lawnbright’s DIY lawn care solution is a cost-effective alternative to hiring professional services. By following their guidance, you’ll save money while still achieving a lush and beautiful lawn.

    Flexibility and Control: With Lawnbright’s DIY subscription plans, you have the flexibility to manage your lawn care on your schedule. You’re in control of the treatments, timing, and approach, allowing you to cater to your lawn’s unique requirements.

    Sunday Overview

    Sunday Lawn Care had a few years’ head start on Lawnbright. The company has been in the market since 2019 and is very experienced. If you want a lush lawn, Sunday will create a custom lawn care plan based on your lawn size and budget. Sunday uses satellite imagery to determine the size of your property and put together a package of natural products that will cover your entire yard.

    Even though Sunday Lawn Care is still a relatively new name in the DIY lawn service niche, it has a strong reputation and presence. Before Sunday, homeowners were trying to determine how to prevent crabgrass and dandelion on their own, and it wasn’t working out quite well.

    Sunday’s analysis of your soil conditions proves to be really effective, and the timing of it’s maintenance schedule helps prepare your turf for the growing season. Since this is a DIY product sold in a subscription box, it is going to be considerably lower in cost than hiring a local lawn care provider to handle your lawn care needs.

    Pros of Sunday

    Tailored Lawn Care: Sunday Lawn Care provides a personalized approach to lawn care. Through it’s comprehensive soil analysis, it creates a customized plan based on your lawn’s specific needs, providing targeted treatments that yield optimal results.

    Natural and Sustainable: Sunday’s emphasis on using natural, eco-friendly ingredients sets it apart. It’s commitment to sustainability means you can achieve a healthy, vibrant lawn without using harsh chemicals, benefiting both your lawn and the environment.

    Convenient Subscription Model: With Sunday, lawn care becomes convenient and hassle-free. It’s subscription model delivers pre-scheduled treatments right to your door, removing the need to track schedules or run to the store for products. This streamlines the process, making lawn care effortless.

    User-Friendly Site: Sunday’s user-friendly site complements it’s services, offering insights, tips, and updates about your lawn’s progress. The app keeps you informed and engaged, guaranteeing that you’re always in the loop and empowered to make the best decisions for your lawn’s health.

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    Want to read about how Sunday’s plans compare with another top lawn company? Read our Sunday vs Scotts review.

    Lawnbright vs. Sunday Services and Plans 

    Although Lawnbright and Sunday have quite a few similarities regarding services and plans, some key differences are worth considering. The lawn care subscription service is a unique way to keep your lawn in great shape. However, every lawn is different, and the ability to choose these a la carte options for your turf will make this process worth it.

    Lawnbright Plans and Services

    All Lawnbright plans and services start with an in-depth soil analysis. The soil sample is sent to Lawnbright and analyzed to determine what pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers are necessary to help your lawn green up and look healthy. Lawnbright plans and services are split into several different categories, including:

    • Lawn care plans
    • Broadleaf weed control
    • Mosquito and tick
    • Pet spot control
    • Fertilization (or boost/survival packs)

    With the Lawnbright lawn care plan, the subscription is set up over the year, and you will receive packages at times throughout the year when you need to start applying the product.

    Depending on when you sign up, there will be a spring kit that has soil conditions and lawn fertilizer to prepare for the busy growing season. This first box also comes with the sprayer attachment for your hose — you will want to hang on to this for future shipments.

    The summer box has a boost for your turf created with Sea Green Kelp. The product encourages deep rooting and a bit of a nutrition bump for your tired summer lawn. There is then a third box that will come to you in the fall that will have some end-of-season fertilizers and help with the winter survival of your turf.

    Everything that Lawnbright uses is natural fertilizers. There is no box to check to help keep your dogs and kids safe — they don’t even deal with products that are considered unsafe or harmful. However, fertilization and soil health will not keep specific bugs, pests, and fungi away. This is why Lawnbright also has additional products that you can order to support turf health.

    • Organic Pre-emergent Weed Control ($67 for 3000sq ft): Weed Wipeout is an organic pre-emergent weed control that targets dandelions, curly dock, purslane, giant foxtail, quackgrass, clover, and more. Most pre-emergent weed control is not made with organic products, and this has been a big selling point for Lawnbright. Pre-emergent weed control must be placed on the turf before the weed appears. If you do not apply pre-emergent, you will be dealing with post-emergent weed control, which is much more challenging.
    • Organic Mosquito and Tick Control ($35): Yard Control can be purchased as a monthly subscription or individually. This is again a natural blend of products that are designed to keep away mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, and more. With organic mosquito and tick control, you will be able to create a barrier around your yard and then stay on top of it to ensure that it is not broken. If you are consistent about organic mosquito and tick control, it can do a great job of making backyard spaces more livable.
    • Pet Spot Repair ($28): Pet Spot Repair helps regulate pet urination spots on the lawn. The product works by targeting the soil to remove toxin levels from urine. Once toxic levels are neutralized, grass regeneration is encouraged. Some areas may still need some grass seed, but the process here is to help heal the lawn. If you have pets and this is a continual issue for you, having this spot repaired around the home is very helpful.
    • Broadleaf Weed Control ($60 per 2 pack): The Pulverize® Weed Killer for Lawns is targeted, post-emergent weed control for weeds such as dandelion, English daisy, creeping buttercup, moss, black medic, white clover, and more. When it comes to broadleaf weed control, your lawn will be in much better shape if you also treat it with a pre-emergent. There will likely still need to be some pulling of weeds to get the yard completely weed-free.

    With Lawnbright creating a customized plan for your lawn and giving you access to their Lawnbright app, you never really know what will come in each box. The boxes may differ from what your neighbor receives since the same lawn care treatment will not work for all homes.

    Product OfferingsLawnbright Lawn Care
    Pest Control InteriorX
    Pest Control Exterior
    Pre Emergent Weed Control
    Post Emergent Weed Control
    Grass SeedX
    Pet Spot Treatment
    Live Plants and TreesX
    Subscription Service
    Lawn and Garden ToolsX

    Sunday Plans and Services

    Sunday Lawn Care does everything Lawnbright does to help you with lawn maintenance and a healthy lawn. Similar to Lawnbright, there are customized plans for lawn care that will vary from one home to the next. Sunday has been on the market a little longer than Lawnbright, and it has developed a more comprehensive product lineup. Sunday splits its product offerings into categories, including:

    • Lawn care
    • Pest control
    • Live trees and plants
    • Garden

    The lawn care plan or Smart Lawn Plan allows for soil analysis and then a customized nutrient plan for your lawn. In addition to sending you the products that will be best suited for your turf, Sunday also provides instructions and explanations so you can educate yourself on the process.

    The soil testing kit is very easy to use, and your lawn care plan is customized to your local area and the specific needs of your turf. No need to measure the size of your lawn — Sunday can do that for you and send the proper amount of product.

    A great benefit of the Sunday Smart Lawn Plan is that you will know your entire costs for the year at the time of sign up. If you are careful about budgeting, this is a process that can help ensure you are prepared for the entire year. In addition, all you need to apply the Sunday products is a hose.

    The Smart Lawn Plan sends an early season box to get your grass ready for the growing season and then several more packages as fertilization is necessary. There are, however, many additional products offered by Sunday to tackle any other issues that could be coming up.

    • Grass Seed ($29-$35): If you have areas of your turf that are a bit short on grass, you can purchase grass seed from Sunday as part of your shipment. This can be used for a brand new lawn or overseeding your current space. Determine if you need a shade grass seed or something like Bermuda or Fescue, and Sunday will have the product to match your specific turf needs.
    • Garden Growth: Sunday realizes that if you are a DIY lawn care person, chances are you get involved with gardening as well. Garden products from Sunday can range from rose treatments to all-purpose plant food and more. The products will vary in price depending on the type of plant you are working on growing and what type of product it needs. Additionally, Sunday has started selling live plants and trees for those that want live plant material delivered directly to their door.
    • Pest Control ($27): The Mosquito Deleto is the most popular pest control product from Sunday, and it helps ensure that your backyard is mosquito-free. The great thing about this product is that you can purchase it during the season when mosquitos are bad and keep that barrier up until the mosquitos leave for the season. In addition to the mosquito products, there are also other indoor and outdoor pest control options from Sunday. Fire ant protection and tick defense are also part of the Sunday lineup.
    • Weed Control ($20+): Weed control is either pre-emergent or post-emergent, and Sunday offers both options. Weed Warrier and Dandelion Doom come in a concentrate that is then pumped through your sprayer and onto your lawn. It‘s important to remember that with all-natural post-emergent weed control, the effectiveness is considerably better if a pre-emergent product was used, to begin with.
    • Pet Patch Repair: The Pet Patch product is a new release, and it is designed to compete with the Lawnbright pet patch product. If you have yellowing grass spots, the Pet Patch Repair will bring your lawn back to life and make it easier to have a green space again. There are other pet-friendly products like Pet Safe Ice Melt and Pet Resistant Grass Seed.

    Sunday aims to be a one-stop shop for all of your lawn and garden needs. It has greatly expanded their product line since they first started in the industry. If you want to purchase a lawn mower, gardening tool kit, or even a spreader to help keep your lawn looking great, Sunday has those at fair prices on their website.

    I was impressed with the tree and shrub service that Sunday offers. If you don’t know what plants will do well in your area, the team at Sunday can let you know. Sunday wants to be your landscaping partner, and they try to create a one-stop shop for everything your yard needs.

    To learn more about Sunday’s products, read our detailed Sunday Lawn Care Overview.

    Product OfferingsSunday Lawn Care
    Pest Control Interior
    Pest Control Exterior
    Pre Emergent Weed Control
    Post Emergent Weed Control
    Grass Seed
    Pet Spot Treatment
    Live Plants and Trees
    Subscription Service
    Lawn and Garden Tools
    Best DIY Lawn Service


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    $20 Off Smart Lawn Plan (SUNDAY20TOH)

    Lawnbright vs. Sunday Availability & Locations

    One of the great things about DIY lawn care subscription services is the fact that the availability is great. Unlike local lawn care experts that may not be available in your state or town, both Sunday and Lawnbright ship to the entire United States.

    Lawnbright vs. Sunday Customer Reviews

    DIY lawn care subscription services are a bit new to the market, and it makes many customers wonder if the products are worth the cost. Luckily there are plenty of reviews of both Lawnbright and Sunday to help you see what your neighbors think. 

    Lawnbright Customer Reviews

    “I have just finished my first experience with Lawnbright’s Spring Two-Step lawn enhancement spraying. (April 28-May 8/9 or so) Without any rain, the grass responded to the “food” by standing tall and green within a few days of the first spray and continued through the 2nd treatment. I did NOT treat the WEEDS before they erupted, so I am just now trying out Pulverize **** Concentrate provided by Lawnbright. I am very impressed with the Owner, Craig, and his interest in THIS client’s problem yard!!”


    “I ordered and applied the Fall application for our vacation home in Delaware during early September. I figured that I’d see how the results went before trying Lawnbright on our much larger lawn in Pennsylvania. The lawn in Delaware looked very green and healthy after the application, so I ordered and applied the “Green Machine” and “Black Magic”” While the results are not in yet, I expect that I will be satisfied and will subscribe for the complete program at both properties for next season. Communication and shipping have been excellent. The application was very easy. Price is slightly higher than a local service that provided us with a quote.”

    Art M

    “Just signed up with Lawnbright. So easy and so worthwhile I enjoy the customer service and the product”


    Sunday Customer Reviews

    “I have lots of kids, two dogs, and a bunch of wildlife and demand my lawn be healthy and not full of harmful chemicals. This was my first full year with Sunday, and I am a huge fan. My two female dogs are committed to their demise and by June, there were no spots in the yard for the rest of the year. There are weeds, but they are getting better. I also love that I can be lazy, and the product shows up when it is time, and I just apply it. I will be continuing my subscription next year. Thanks so much!”


    “We are so impressed by how great our yard looks after using Sunday for a year and a half. My husband and I have done so much to turn it around. Thanks to Sunday lawn care for everything.”


    “We researched so many options to help our lawn, including using a national company to handle it for us. We were excited to find Sunday and decided to give it a shot… so glad we did! The first box arrived quickly, and the pouches are SO easy to apply! This is our first year in this house, so we don’t know when the yard was fertilized last time; read more about the review stating So happy with Sunday! It must have been a while ago because the application showed signs of working immediately. The grass was so happy to have nutrients! We just applied the second pouch a week ago and are looking forward to continuing with Sunday,”


    Final Thoughts

    Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of both the Lawnbright and the Sunday products. Each of these options can be a good choice for your property, but I tend to find Sunday to be the more comprehensive solution. With Sunday Lawn Care, you do not need any other services or subscriptions. Sunday has worked hard to become a one-stop shop for all of your garden needs.

    It’s always worth getting more than one quote for any subscription, and TruGreen is a full-service provider that should also be thrown into the comparison when making decisions about your lawn.

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    FAQs About Lawnbright & Sunday

    What company is the best for lawn care?

    The best company for lawn care is TruGreen. If you need a DIY lawn care service, Lawnbright or Sunday can also be a good option. TruGreen can handle everything from basic mowing to aeration to fertilization. If you are ready to leave the lawn care to the experts, TruGreen is the way to go.

    Is TruGreen worth the money?

    TruGreen is worth the money if you are struggling to maintain your lawn on your own. Very often, there are issues with soil, sunlight, or watering that many homeowners are unaware of. Trugreen can respond to these issues to make it much easier to keep your yard in great shape.

    Is Sunday or Lawnbright more expensive?

    Sunday and Lawnbright have very similar pricing. The Lawnbright and Sunday products are organic, and because of that, they are priced a bit higher than local lawn care services can be. However, this is a critical consideration when you have pets or children.

    Do DIY lawn care services work?

    DIY lawn care services work as long as you keep up your end of the deal. There are typically specific instructions to let you know the proper timing and application of the product. In addition, make sure you are applying enough of the product per square foot to have it work effectively. Pay close attention to watering guidelines and the type of turf you have if you want to be sure that the DIY lawn care services will work properly.

    How long does it take for Sunday to work?

    When I’ve used Sunday it generally takes until the next season to notice positive changes in your lawn. This is to be expected since many of the ingredients they use are not chemical-based.

    What are the ingredients in Sunday?

    Essential nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium are often included to support healthy plant growth as well as other natural ingredients like seaweed and bone meal.

    Methodology: How We Rank Lawn Care Companies

    At Today’s Homeowner, we strive to bring you the most accurate information for your home improvement projects. Our lawn company ratings emphasize what matters most to you — a wide range of useful products with reliable service and impressive results.

    Our ratings are based on publicly available information about each company, secret shopping via phone and internet, customer-review analysis, and discussions with lawn and landscaping specialists.

    Each company can earn up to 100 points divided across five categories. We assess those point scores, then convert them to a five-star scale to determine rankings. We researched popular lawn care companies across the country to develop the following category breakdown:

    • Plan Options (36 points): Lawn care companies earn the most points in this category if they offer a wide range of plans to fit various homeowner needs. Companies providing services like fertilization, aeration, seeding, and tree/shrub care will earn more points than providers with base-level plans.
    • Additional Offerings (11 points): We score this category by evaluating additional offerings that enhance a company’s overall service selection. Companies that provide pest control services, organic lawn care products, and a la carte options score the highest in this category.
    • Customer Service (25 points): We considered how far each company goes to ensure customers have convenient, intuitive access to products and services with contact forms, online chat features, and additional learning resources.
    • State Availability (8 points): We factored each company’s state availability into its overall score. Companies with more locations and wider service areas score higher than those with limited availability.
    • Trustworthiness (20 points): We score each company’s trustworthiness based on its Better Business Bureau accreditation and score, number of years in business, and Google Star ratings.

    We monitor company data on an ongoing basis to keep rankings and information up to date.

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