A privacy fence can offer disturbance-free comfort.

Whether you have a small yard or too-close neighbors, you may be thinking about installing a privacy fence.

A homeowner may use a privacy fence to provide disturbance-free comfort for a backyard pool, Jacuzzi or patio.

Add a secluded, out-of-the-way feel to your outdoor space with the below privacy fence ideas.

Privacy Fence Styles


Privacy fences can have numerous design elements. Just choose the ones that fit your style!

Privacy fences consist of boards or panels that are tightly placed, with no gaps. This shields your yard from the view of neighbors and passersby.

Privacy fences are available in a wide range of styles. You can also pick a custom-made design from a fence retailer.

Decorative add-ons include decorative posts and caps, lattice tops, and matching gates.

Here are a few Privacy Fence Ideas and Designs:

Convex – A convex privacy fence consists of panels with slightly rounded tops. From a distance, this gives the fence an eye-pleasing scalloped look.

Dog-Eared – A dog-eared design is similar to a convex fence, but instead of rounded tops, the panels have a downward ‘scoop’ appearance. This design gives a soft wave effect when viewed from a distance.

Lattice-Top – A lattice panel fence has vertical boards at the bottom with a decorative lattice section at the top. The attractive lattice gives it an open feel.

Lock Board – A lock board design is ideal for a yard with hills and contours. The uniform look blends in well with natural surroundings.

Stockade – The stockade look consists of vertical panels with pointed tops. The spiked top edge adds security and discourages any potential climbers.

Additional privacy fence ideas:

•Vertical boards placed in a staggered panel design. Anchor the boards with concrete posts painted to match the home’s colors.

•Rounded wood boards with a rounded-top design. Anchor the boards with decorative iron posts.

•Curve-top lattice on vertical boards, anchored between sturdy brick columns.

•A horizontal composite fence anchored in a metal frame and posts.

Learn more about privacy fence styles here.

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