How to Make a Fence from Recycled Plastic PVC Pipe

If you’ve watched Today’s Homeowner over the years, you know that I’ve been a longtime advocate of green living and eco-friendly practices, especially recycling. I practice what I preach both at home and here in our office, where we sort out our paper, plastic bottles, and aluminum cans for weekly pickup.

I also encourage recycling construction waste as much as possible in my remodeling company, since it’s not only better for the environment but saves money on materials.

It may come as a surprise to learn that there’s something even better than recycling, but there is and it’s called reuse. Reusing existing materials eliminates the labor and energy needed to recycle them into new products.

You may not realize it, but you probably practice reuse already. Anytime you buy something from a garage sale or refinish a piece of furniture rather than throwing it out, you’re reusing it. Other more unusual reuse projects you might not have thought of include turning an old door into a desk and making a shoe caddy from 5-gallon plastic buckets.

With that in mind, check out this project below submitted by one of our viewers for a great way to reuse leftover scraps of PVC pipe by turning them into a fence!

Recycled PVC Pipe Fence

I like to keep things out of the landfill, so we took various sizes of PVC pipe that were being thrown out and cut them into different sizes to make this unique fence. The tallest piece is about 3 feet high and the smallest one foot. The fence took a little time and imagination, but very little money.

The pieces were joined together with rustproof screws on the inside of the pipe. Rebar and a small amount of concrete were used in the center and end pipes to hold them in place, with small drainage holes drilled through the pipe just above the level of the concrete.

The back of the fence is flat, and the front has a sculptured look by the different size pipes. It can be painted or left white. I’ve had many people ask who manufactured our homemade fence!

Mary Potts
Del Norte, Colorado
Recycled PVC pipe fence


  1. Beautiful and indestructibe! I might be using a taller version to keep the dog out of the flower beds! Thanks for the AWESOME idea!

  2. I would cut the bottom in a wedge so I can pound them into the ground. Also want to plant flowers inside of the largest pipe. I found a good source of pipe. from Irrigation places. They usually have a pile of bent, cracked and broken pipe out back. I get mine for less than a 1/4 of the normal price. If I’m going to cut it up anyways, I can work around defects.

  3. I would like to know the size diameter of pipe you photo I think I see 3 sizes..the largest then a step down size and then rest are the same….it could just be the angle of photo and I have vision challenges…wish you would do a video showing the steps…would it be possible to make it little taller or would it be too much against wind and not be a reasonable thing to make it taller…


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