Steel, polymer, and other types of wire are used daily around the world for a variety of purposes. Whether it’s fencing, wiring a gate or window shut, making repairs, binding construction materials, or creating a tension wire, there are numerous times when you’ll use wires and cables in your professional or personal life.

And while wire is an incredibly versatile material that can be bent, twisted, tied, and pulled taut, it also has its drawbacks. Joining two pieces of wire can be a difficult and time consuming process. Mending broken or cut wire can sometimes mean needing to replace entire sections of fencing or property. And because some wires have a tendency to sag over time, they often need to be readjusted year after year. 

Gripple wire joiners help solve many of the issues that are inherent with wire and its uses. Fast and easy to use, Gripple wire fasteners can make your wire-based projects go more smoothly, no matter what type of job or type of wire you’re working with.

What Are Gripple Wire Joiners?

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Wire fasteners from Gripple are designed to join two pieces of wire together, creating tension and hold with one easy move. The Gripple is a small fastener with ceramic rollers that allow for easy insertion of the wire. Once inserted, the wire is held fast; it can be pulled taut, but it can’t slip back out. Made of anti-corrosive materials, Gripple fasteners come in a range of sizes for use with several types of wire and cable. It’s adjustable and can be retensioned as the wire loosens over time. 

Make Fast Repairs

If you use wire fencing, you’re aware of how time consuming and costly repairs can be. If the wire is cut or becomes damaged, sometimes the only answer seems to be replacing the entire section.

With a Gripple wire fastener, it’s possible to splice in new wire quickly, making a much more cost effective repair. Simple insert the cut ends into a Gripple fastener, then join the two fasteners with a new piece of wire and adjust until taut. The cut is now closed, and without the need to replace large sections of fencing. 

For smaller cuts, use a single Gripple fastener between the two cut ends to hold everything in place and maintain the integrity of the wire. 

Make Fast Joins

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While wire can be bent and knotted, this can sometimes be a labor intensive process, especially when working with heavy or barbed wire. And in the case of polymer wires or heavy cables, knots are not an option that can be utilized when you want to hold two pieces together.

The Gripple fastener makes a quick join between two pieces of wire or cable. Instead of knotting two pieces or attempting to twist the wires together, you simply insert the end into either side of the fastener and adjust the tension to the desired amount. The fastener will do the rest.

Double Back Wires

Sometimes what you need to create the right amount of tension is to have the wire wrap an object, then join onto itself. The traditional method of joining the wire back to itself involves screws and holding the wire tightly in place while you clamp it down. This is time consuming and labor intensive and doesn’t always allow for the correct amount of tension adjustment later.

The Gripple wire joiner makes this process much faster. Insert the wire into the fastener and slide it down the wire to where it will be meeting the end as it doubles back on itself. Wrap the free end of the wire around and push it through the fastener. Now adjust the tension as desired, and the joiner will hold tight. There is no need to screw or clamp the wires together, which saves a lot of time and labor, as well as labor costs.

Turn Corners

If you’re putting up wire fencing, you may occasionally have a meeting place at a corner, where the fencing will make a 90-degree turn in one direction, while continuing straight at the same time. This creates a T corner in the fence.

Gripple wire joiners make it easy to connect the two sections of fencing as it makes that turn. They can hold the wire tight in two directions, and allow the new wire to branch off smoothly, making the turn in the fence. This makes putting up your fence and posts faster, and means you need less equipment and less manpower to complete the job.

Save Time, Save MoneyWire is so incredibly versatile that it can be put to countless purposes. With Gripple wire joiners, you can now work with wire at a fraction of the time and labor costs as previously. No special tools or experience is needed to use the fasteners, simply slide them on, adjust the tension and go.

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