Chain Link Fence Tip

Carl Jauernig of Wausau, Wisconsin, sent us this solution for keeping the grass from growing under a chain link fence.

It is always a chore to keep grass neatly trimmed under a chain link fence, and the fence literally eats up the line on a string trimmer. To solve this problem, notch 2”x 8” treated lumber around the fence posts so it’s centered under the chain link. This simple fix has lasted 21 years and more than paid for itself in work saved. As a bonus, the neighbor’s dog has found that it’s not compatible with his desire to dig out of confinement.


  1. I have been looking for this very thing for way too may years. Every time I weed wack the fence, I continue to try and find a good way to make it look good. It take such a long time to make a good looking mowing job for our chain link fence. Thanks for the tips!

  2. Re: “Chain Link Fence Tip”.
    I am very visual and can’t seem to understand the concept shared using a 2″ x8″ treated lumber around fence posts. Could it be possible to attach a drawing or more pictures. Thanks in advance.

    • Roy,
      In the submitted tip, the 2×8 was laid flat on the ground, slid halfway under the chain link fence, notching it around the fence posts. This allows the grass to be trimmed along the edge of the board with a string trimmer, rather than having the line from the trimmer hit the metal fence.

  3. We have installed a chain link fence and the 6 ft gate is on a slope. What can I do to close that gap on the low side so my little dogs don’t get out but we can still drive the 4wheeler and lawn mower out?

  4. I would like to see a visual about putting a 2″ x8″ board under the fence and around fence post for trimming under the fence. Thank you! Just got the fence yesterday to keep my 2 pups at home. Do you slide the board down or do you like the whole fence with these boards?

    • Hi, Carol! Carl Jauernig of Wausau, Wisconsin, sent in this tip. So Carl, if you’re out there, we’d love to see a visual, too! 🙂


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