Veranda Slide Lock Brackets Make Vinyl Fence Installation Easy

Veranda Slide Lock Fence Bracket
Vinyl fence panel attached using Veranda Slide Lock Fence Brackets.

Veranda Slide Lock fence brackets eliminate unsightly exposed fasteners and make installing vinyl fence sections up to 50% faster than traditional fence brackets.

To install Veranda Slide Lock fence brackets:

  1. Screw the dovetail brackets to the fence posts.
  2. Insert the matching brackets in the fence panels.
  3. Slide the section of fencing on the posts.

Veranda Slide Lock brackets are available at The Home Depot. Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information

Jodi Marks: Well, as you see, fences really are a great addition to your backyard for privacy and also to just dress them up. But vinyl fencing is another option too, right, Shea?

Shea Pettaway: That’s right. We have a system here by Veranda—the Slide Lock—very easy for the do-it-yourselfer. You install the dovetail inside the post, just three screws, then you just slide in into the fence panel…

Jodi Marks: Lock it in.

Shea Pettaway: …and slide it on.

Jodi Marks: Gosh, that’s fantastic. So what this in essence does, and I’m going to put this little cap here to finish the job, too. What this does is it makes vinyl fencing that much easier to install.

The homeowners love it. Contractors love it, because it moves the project along. And the best thing about it is it hides all the screws. So it gives it a seamless flawless look.


  1. Installing a veranda vinyl fence. Do I have to install a wooden post into the vinyl post first? or do I just place the vinyl post into ground without a wooden post?

  2. I had 80 feet of Veranda fence with the slide locks. the New England winter blew everything apart the slide locks were destroyed. When using the slide locks to fastening fence should you use glue to hold them in?

  3. The veranda fence is good to use in anywhere because of the good quality it has, unlike other fences that don’t have a lasting durability of their product. Thank you for the tips and techniques you shared with us, this is very helpful and useful.

  4. I have a Veranda Vinyl Fence with the slide brackets. (3) panels blew out in (1) of the 5 Nor’easters that we had! The slide brackets remained on the post and the panes for the most part were not damaged. Should I put self-tapping screws into the brackets to keep the panels locked in place or am I inviting additional damage if this happens again?

    • Hi, Joe,

      We see no problem in using the self-tapping screws; just make sure you don’t strip the threads when installing them.

      Good luck!

  5. The slide locks are a fine idea, but in reality you will need to reinforce them with a self tapping screw or your fence will be on the ground come spring, here in New England.

  6. Can the dovetail be sold separately? I want to use it as a diagonal support for my veranda pro gate that I intend to do. Home Depot does not have this.

    • Hi, Jeanette,

      We recommend contacting the manufacturer for product-specific questions.
      Here’s where you can do that: 1.877.279.4496

      Good luck!

  7. An 8′ section of my vinyl fence blew off-this caused the the long top panel to be short going into the post. There is an L-Shaped piece that I can insert to keep the top piece secure and the panels stable. My neighbor mentioned this. Do you know what this looks like and where I can get it?
    Thank you

  8. Can you custom order the panels to fit certain spaces? I want to install them between brick pillars along my back fence. The gaps between pillars are not all the same. The widths vary greatly and I need a precise fit. Can this be done? Thanks.


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