How to Stain a Wooden Fence in Your Yard

Stain is a better choice than paint for a wood fence, since it penetrates into the wood, doesn’t peel, and lasts longer. Paint basically coats the wood and requires regular maintenance.

When applying stain to a fence:

  • Use a roller to apply the stain to the wood, covering as much of the fence as possible.
  • Go behind the roller with a brush to cover spots the roller missed and force the stain deep into the pores of the wood.
  • Use drop cloths under the fence to keep the stain off the lawn.
  • If you live in an open area, you can use a sprayer to apply the stain quickly, but watch out for overspray drifting onto nearby objects and cars.

Watch this video to find out more.

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  1. I have a pressure treated wood fence that has “weathered” naked for about 5 years. We are finally going to waterseal/stain it this summer. Do I have to do any acidizing process before the stain?


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