Crooked Gates Need This Self-Adjusting Lock

A barrel bolt is a great solution for locking all kinds of openings from gates and shed doors to windows.

This simple piece of hardware is strong and effective — until the two surfaces it joins are no longer in perfect alignment.

AjustLock gate lock
It’s a fact of life: gates eventually sag, and the lock becomes difficult to latch. The solution is Ajustco’s self-adjusting lock — watch the video to learn more!

And when’s the last time that you saw a gate that didn’t sag at least a little?

Now, nine times out of 10, you’ll just move the receiving side up or down to make the gate lock latch again.

But the sagging is the least of your worries.

Soon, the bolt won’t fit in the barrel and you’ll have to re-install one half of the latch to make the gate lock operate.

That’s why Ajustco introduced this 4-inch adjustable barrel lock. Its latch self-adjusts vertically, so even if one of the sides falls out of alignment, the bolt will still engage and secure the opening.

It’s stainless-steel strong and, best of all? You install it once and it adjusts on its own.

So, if the gate or the shed door ever starts to sag, this lock will catch it every time!

Watch the video to learn all about this Best New Product!

Find the AjustLock 4 in. Stainless Steel Barrel Bolt at The Home Depot

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  1. I really enjoy this feature of your program/website. My home is almost 30 years old, things beginning to fail here and there and a part “just like the old one” is often difficult to come by! Many gadget improvements over the years, easy to review by watching your segment!


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