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May 15, 2023

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    Brava Roof Tile is the top manufacturer of synthetic roofing tiles in the United States. They offer aesthetically appealing alternatives to traditional cedar shakes, natural slate, and clay tile roofing. 

    Founded in 2008, their product line boasts an array of benefits. They surpass what it means to be a synthetic tile company in culture, customer satisfaction, and quality. 

    Let’s take a look at all the things that make Brava Roof Tile a notch above the rest of concrete roof tiles in the market. We’ll explore their products and highlights and really uncover what it means to be the leading synthetic roofing tile manufacturer in the U.S. 

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    Asphalt Roof Installation
    In general, you can expect to pay between $6,600 and $19,500 and is the most popular roofing choice for most homeowners.
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    Tin Roof Installation
    In general, you can expect to pay between $14,000 and $25,000 but last more than twice as long as asphalt shingles on average.
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    Slate Roof Installation
    In general, you can expect to pay between $20,000 and $30,000 but can last over 100 years due to it’s superior durability.
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    Understanding Brava’s Products 

    Brava Roof Tile specializes in synthetic, composite roofing materials. What is composite roofing? Composite roofing materials are created by mixing a variety of roofing materials together to make the most effective roofing tile possible. 

    Composite class 4 shingles, tiles, and materials boast an array of benefits, but Brava has genuinely redefined what’s possible for composite roofing. 

    All of their tiles are: 

    • Crafted to mirror their raw material counterparts
    • Eco-friendly (In fact, the company boasts fully sustainable tiles). 
    • Lightweight
    • Durable 

    Moreover, Brava Roof Tile uses a patented process to colorize their tiles unlike most types of roofing tile. Because of this, they can make their tiles in any color you want. Their tiles are so durable that they offer a fifty-year warranty on all their tiles. This long of a warranty is virtually unheard of in the composite roofing world. 

    Additionally, all of Brava’s products are Class 4 impact rated. This rating is the highest rating in the industry. Beyond that, their tiles are fully recyclable and have twice the thickness of other composites on the market. The tile thickness helps their tiles appear much more like authentic tiles than composite tiles. 

    So, what kind of synthetic tiles does Brava offer? 

    Synthetic Tile Offerings 

    Brava Roof Tile has carefully homed in to perfect their process on three different tile types. They offer composite cedar shake shingles, barrel tile, and synthetic slate tile. Each of the three boast unique benefits. 

    Brava Roof Tile Cedar Synthetic Cedar Shakes: 

    • Come in three different widths
    • Varied thickness and have a split textured appearance that mimics natural wood
    • Options for Class A and Class C fire rating 

    Brava Barrel Tile (composite Spanish tile roof

    • Can resist winds of 110 mph
    • Can be screwed down or gun nailed 
    • Miami-Dade County Approved and Third Party Tested 

    Brava Composite Slate Tile

    • Quarried slate tile texture – without the weight 
    • The only synthetic slate tile on the market that offers multiple colors
    • Simple to nail and cut

    These above benefits are only a few for each of the products, but it’s clear to see why Brava Roof Tile’s synthetic shingles are redefining the industry standard. 

    Brava Roof Tile – A New Industry Standard 

    Aside from all the incredible things we’ve already discussed, Brava Roof Tiles has even more to justify their claim to fame. Across the web, customers rave about Brava’s quality and their incredible customer service. 

    All of their roofing products undergo extensive testing to ensure quality and safety. Their tiles are suitable for every climate. This bonus isn’t standard for the industry. Many composite shingles and tiles in the industry aren’t compatible with all climates. 

    Moreover, many homeowners have discovered that they save money by going with Brava Roof Tile products. Their prices are similar to others in their industry, but homeowners save tremendously in labor costs because Brava’s tiles are so much simpler to install. 

    Additionally, the extended warranty and quality of the products ensures that it’s an investment that will last, thus saving the homeowner money in repairs down the road. 

    Ultimately, Brava Roof Tile is changing what it means to be a synthetic tile manufacturer. With fifty year warranties, unlimited color options, aesthetically appealing tiles, sustainable and recyclable tiles, and above par customer service Brava Roof Tile has established a new industry standard.

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