CertainTeed is one of the most reputable brands of roofing shingles in the United States. Residential homeowners and roofing professionals recognize this brand’s shingle quality is top-tier of all fiberglass brands. If you’re opting for CertainTeed, stay tuned and see below what CertainTeed has to offer.

What You Need To Know About CertainTeed

Dimensional shingles, Strip shingles, and luxury shingles are the three varieties of asphalt shingles produced by CertainTeed. Strip shingles are a conventional 3-tab style from CertainTeed that is lightweight and cost-effective.

Their dimensional shingles, on the other hand, are the most advanced choice on the market. They give your property a more constructive design and make it appear as though it has roofing that is more costly materials. These tiles are thicker and provide better protection against severe weather.

Below are the details for each type:

Strip Shingles

The XT 25 is the only brand of strip (3-tab shingles) available, and it is available in a variety of colors.It is composed of single-layer asphalt and is simple to build, making it the best option for compact dwellings.

XT 25 is also fire resistant and comes with a warranty of 10-year against algae damage. They do not, however, stand up well in high gusts. For five years, the guarantee only covers up to 60 miles per hour winds.

Dimensional Shingles

The multi-layered pattern of CertainTeed dimensional shingles replicates the look of genuine wood shake and slate. These shingles are heavy and come with a stronger warranty than CertainTeed strip shingles.

Currently, they have five variations, namely, Landmark Landmark Pro Landmark Premium, Northgate, and Highland Slate.

CertainTeed Shingles: Pros and Cons

To better grasp what CertainTeed has to offer, we’ve highlighted the best aspects and considerations you have to check.

Advantages of CertainTeed

Below are some of the best features that both homeowners and contractors alike love about CertainTeed:

Convenient Installation

CertainTeed shingles are heavier than most, but they are easier to install. With any roofing installation, if anything is done improperly, you’re going to face a lot of repairs. 

Also, CertainTeed offers a certification training program for roofing contractors and their innovative NailTrack system. This system gives roofers the advantage of working in a wider area without worrying about complications.

Generous Warranty

CertainTeed provides a lifetime transferable limited warranty. This means that if your house’s roof needs repair, you will not have to pay for the new roof. Other businesses, such as IKO, are more stringent when it comes to transfers. CertainTeed shingles, on the other hand, come with a 10-year SureStart guarantee that covers all costs of labor and material if a shingle fails.


CertainTeed shingles are one of the heaviest roofing shingles available. They’re made with several fiberglass layers for durability and to prevent granules from coming off.

Integrity Roof System Benefits

With Integrity Roofing, you get a complete roofing material system. Solaris hip and ridge caps are included in this system, as well as roof shingles, waterproof underlayment, starter shingles, and ridge caps. If you choose to install the entire system, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that all of the components are compatible.

Quality Resistances

CertainTeed shingles are the only ones with fire rating of Class A and StreakFighter warranty. They feature an innovative EcoSmart technology that slows algae growth, preventing damages.

Disadvantages of CertainTeed:

Quality Comes At A Price

Certainteed products are more expensive than most others. It’s important to know that quality and durability are among the best.

Warranty Claim And Extended Warranty Hassle

It offers competitive warranties, there are complaints about claims being rejected due to defects in the building materials.

Furthermore, the extended warranty will cost you more in two ways: 

  1. CertainTeed materials tend to be more expensive than other brands. 
  2. And, the extended warranty can add up to 15% of the total price.

CertainTeed Shingles: Product Line Prices

CertainTeed products are durable and long-lasting, so you can expect them to be more expensive than other brands. The good news is that they’ll last for years and won’t need to be replaced as often.

Keep in mind that CertainTeed offers different pricing for different lines of shingles, which is why this article will provide you with prices for some of their most popular shingle lines. Below are the price ranges per square for each product line:

Product LinePrice Range Per Square
3-Tab XT 25$70-$85
3-Tab XT 25 IT$65-$80
Landmark PROS$120-130
Landmark Premium$150-$160
Independence shingles$165-$180
Grand Manor$220-$245
Highland Slate shingles$150-$165
Labor charges for installation$130-$240

Please make sure to call a CertainTeed number to get the most accurate quotations for your project.

CertainTeed Shingles: Care And Maintenance

To make the most of your shingle roof lifespan, you must invest some time in proper maintenance. Here are helpful tips for keeping your CertainTeed roof sound and maintained.


Asphalt shingles are the prevalent roofing used on residential buildings. Asphalt shingles, despite low-maintenance, can grow mold or algae, which is why they need to be cleaned occasionally. 

Apply a cleaning solution to your carpet, then gently brush the growth away with a soft-bristled broom or a broad, handled brush. Don’t use a power washer on your asphalt shingle roof if you want to maintain it. The high-pressure spray might dislodge the granules that shield your roof from UV radiation and water incursion.

General Maintenance

Avoid fire and other potential hazards. Ensure that your roof and gutters are free of any debris. If you don’t, it can clog your gutters and push dirt or ice under your roof. The accumulation of moisture, pests and harmful bacteria can lead to the proliferation of mold on your roof

This neglect can create black streaks that are unattractive and damaging over time.

Additionally, removing branches over your roof is a wise precaution to avoid damage from stormy weather. Consider hiring a professional if you’re not familiar with tree trimming.


Wood shake roofing is a great choice for homes that need long-lasting protection. However, frequent maintenance is required to prevent rot and mold from forming on the roof.

Finally, woodpeckers are known to peck holes into cedar roofing to hunt carpenter bees and other insects. Treating the insect infestation will make your roof less attractive to woodpeckers.

Clay and Slate

These are long-lasting, but they can be fragile when walked on. Repair any broken tiles or shingles as soon as possible to avoid water intrusion.

Mold may form on clay and tile roofs, so you should consider hiring a professional to clean them. Cleaning your roof without causing harm or removing any materials is something only a professional can do.


A metal roof is amazing for homeowners who want to save on maintenance and get more longevity. But, a modern metal roof can last up to 50 years. Additionally, most modern metal roofing products go with a resistive paint system against scratch and rusting.

Note that other metals mustn’t contact metal roofing to avoid corrosion through a chemical reaction known as bimetallic corrosion.

Is CertainTeed Shingles Your Best Roof Option?

Roofing shingles from CertainTeed are a fantastic option for your new roof. CertainTeed shingles are expensive, but they are a dependable and long-lasting brand for installing asphalt shingles.

CertainTeed shingles are the perfect choice for homeowners, offering the highest quality and superior warranties. Also, it offers a better product than conventional shingle roofs.

CertainTeed provides a high-quality asphalt shingle with durable fiberglass layers, strong, and a remarkable resemblance to genuine slate.

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