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May 10, 2023

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    Atlas has been an innovative disrupter in the roofing industry since 1982. As the leading manufacturer of polyiso insulation, they’ve paved the way for high-performance construction and roofing material manufacturing that challenges the status quo.  

    The company has expanded from a single manufacturing facility to a global leader with nineteen plants across North America. Despite their impressive growth, they’ve stayed focused on customer satisfaction, maximizing energy-efficiency, and decreasing environmental impact in their products and practices. 

    Their superior performance, high-standards, and commitment to the environment make them a true leader in the industry. Above all, their product line speaks for itself. 

    Let’s look at Atlas’s impressive product line to see what makes this company so impressive. 

    Atlas Polyiso Roof Insulation

    Atlas Polyiso Roof Insulation

    The entire line of Atlas roofing products is notable. However, it’s their polyiso roof insulation that illuminates Atlas’s innovation. In the 1980s, the company noticed the high-demand for single-ply roofing insulation. Rather than jumping into membrane manufacturing, the company focused on developing rigid foam polyiso roof insulation. 

    There’s a reason that polyiso rigid foam insulation is used in 70% of commercial properties. It’s a sustainable and cost-effective alternative. Atlas’s ACFoam line of polyiso roof insulation is genuinely a mark above the rest. 

    The ACFoam product line offers higher thermal performance, vapor protection, and fire resistance than the rest of the market. Plus, the products are so sustainable and efficient, that the whole ACFoam line can help buildings earn LEEN® credits and meet green building laws. 

    In conjunction with their insulation, they offer a full range of complementary products, like their Techni-Flo® ventilation system, to help their customers create an entirely energy-efficient, high-performance building from the ground up. 

    Atlas Wall Insulation 

    Atlas’s wall insulation has a polyiso core, but it’s more than that. Their EnergyShield continuous wall insulation line offers an unparalleled list of benefits. Their entire line is air, water, and vapor resistant. They’re cost-effective, and like all of Atlas’s products, they promote energy efficiency. 

    Atlas designed their wall insulation products with assembly in mind. The thickness of the boards promotes more efficient wall assembly, and the thermal benefits make energy-efficiency and longevity possible. 

    Aside from the inherent performance benefits, Atlas’s wall insulation product line has zero ozone depletion potential and no global warming potential. They use HCFC-free, HFC-free, and CFC-free blowing agent technology. 

    Atlas Roof Shingles and Underlayments 

    In addition to its insulation products, Atlas also provides a wide range of shingles and underlayments. In fact, Atlas started as a shingle manufacturer in the eighties, and they’ve never lost touch with those roots. 

    Atlas strives to provide shingle options to meet every market’s needs and demands. They cater to the cost-concerned consumer as well as the aesthetically conscious consumer. 

    They offer innovative and premium roofing underlayments and roof rolling options. The sheer magnitude of their workforce, product line, and manufacturing prowess makes their shingles and underlayments something worth noticing. 

    Atlas Molded Polystyrene

    Atlas’s molded EPS (expandable polystyrene) line will have you asking, “Is there anything they don’t do?” When it comes to commercial and residential construction material manufacturing, Atlas has high-quality products for nearly every step of the job. 

    Their EPS product line application ranges from foundation solutions to garage and entry doors, to sheathing and stadium seating, to sunrooms, attic insulation, and more. The sheer magnitude of products and applications that Atlas has is genuinely remarkable.  

    The Atlas Difference

    Atlas Polyiso Roof Insulation

    A brief look at Atlas’s product line makes it clear that this company is a truly innovative leader in commercial and residential construction material manufacturing. Their commitment to minimizing environmental impact highlights that their values go beyond profits. 

    The company has been around for over thirty years, and rather than being stuck in a time loop, they’ve rapidly adapted and accurately predicted evolving market demand. Plus, Atlas is known for its commitment to customer experience, and that’s not a common trait in the construction manufacturing world. 

    Additionally, Atlas regularly donates to causes and charities, like the Susan G. Komen for The Cure foundation. They’re also a leader in developing new technologies, including state-of-the-art substrate products for lamination, OEM, and construction industries. 

    With a combination of expertise, dedication, and a commitment to sustainability, it’s no leap to say that Atlas is one of the most impressive materials manufacturers of our time.

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