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May 17, 2023

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    Both Malarkey Shingles and Owens Corning® Shingles feature high-performing, durable, and sustainable roofing shingles, which are mainly used as a roof covering for both residential and commercial applications. 

    They also protect your home from all kinds of elements and harsh weather conditions and help provide waterproofing while preserving our environment in the process.

    Choosing between the two shingle brands can be overwhelming. So how do you decide which roofing shingle is the right one for you?

    Below is the breakdown of everything you need to know and consider about the two: cost, warranty, durability, and installation.  In this article, we’ll provide you with an in-depth review of  Malarkey Shingles and Owens Corning® Shingles to help you. It will cover the cost, warranty, durability, sustainability, and shingle types.

    Close up of asphalt shingles.
    Asphalt Roof Installation
    In general, you can expect to pay between $6,600 and $19,500 and is the most popular roofing choice for most homeowners.
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    Tin Roof Installation
    In general, you can expect to pay between $14,000 and $25,000 but last more than twice as long as asphalt shingles on average.
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    Close up of a slate roof.
    Slate Roof Installation
    In general, you can expect to pay between $20,000 and $30,000 but can last over 100 years due to it’s superior durability.
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    Malarkey Shingles Overview

    Malarkey Roofing Products is a family-owned manufacturer of residential, commercial roofing products and other building products, including shingles, base sheets, cap sheets, ply sheets, shingle underlayment, granules, and polymers.

    Source: malarkeyroofing.com

    Malarkey Roofing Products offer sustainable, high-performing asphalt shingles, which are categorized into three types: Architectural Shingles, Designer Shingles, and 3-Tab Shingles.

    Architectural Shingles, also known as laminated shingles, are available in four product lines, namely Highlander® NEX® AR, Vista® AR, Legacy®, and Legacy® Scotchgard™. 

    The Designer Shingles, also known as Malarkey’s dimensional shingle type, only features one product line, namely Windsor® Scotchgard™. And for the 3-Tab Shingles or Malarkey’s most economical shingles are also available in one product line, namely Dura-Seal™ AR.  

    Moreover, Malarkey Roofing Products’ shingles are available in 11 color variations, including Heather, Ivory Mist, Black Oak, Golden Amber, Weathered Wood, Storm Grey, Silver Wood, Sienna Blend, Natural Wood, Midnight Black, and Antique Brown. 

    Their available solar reflective color options for the shingle roofs are Riverstone Grey, Moonlit Black, Willow Wood, Sterling Mist, Sandy Shale, Desert Noir, Cedar Cask, and Burlwood.

    Also, Malarkey offers 37 trim colors choices, including Tricorn Black, Rookwood Shutter Green, Neptune Blue, Rookwood Sash Green, Roycroft Bronze Green, Rookwood Dark Green, Windward, Cornerstone, Roycroft Pewter, Shipyard Grey, Pavestone, Pussywillow, Rookwood Red, Plantation Brown, Gambrel Brown, Mockingbird, Aurora Brown, Marron, Shaker Red, Sonora Rose, Renwick Golden Oak, and Portico.

    The other available trim color options are Stucco Greige, Townhall Tan, Bedouin Beige, Sand, August Moon, Colony Buff, Maison Blanche, Townhouse Tan, Classical White, Downing Earth, Dormer Brown, Pelican Tan, and Rocky Coast, White Heron, and White.

    Owens Corning Shingles Overview

    Owens Corning® started back in the 1800s lab wherein they unexpectedly produced mineral wool insulation. Today, the company manufactures residential and commercial insulation products, roofing products, and other components, such as composite solutions. 

    Owens Corning® Shingles feature high-performing architectural and laminated shingles that are available in two series: Duration® Series and Oakridge® Series.

    Source: owenscorning.com

    Duration® Series is available in eight product lines, including Duration® Shingle, TruDefintion® Duration®, TruDefintion® Duration® Designer, TruDefintion® Duration FLEX®, TruDefintion® Duration STORM®, TruDefintion® Duration® COOL, TruDefintion® Duration® COOL Plus, TruDefintion® Duration MAX®, and TruDefintion® Duration® Premium Shingles. 

    The available color options for Duration® Shingle Series are Amber, Canyon, Pacific Wave, Brownwood, Storm Cloud, Chateau Green, Colonial State, Desert Tan, Driftwood, Estate Gray, Harbor Blue, Onyx Black, Quarry Gray, Slatestone Gray, Shasta White, Summer Harvest, Carbon, Cliffside Gray, Mountainside, and Golden Meadow.

    The other available colors include Teak, Antique Silver, Black Sable, Terra Cotta, Forest Brown, Mojave, Sierra Gray, Night Sky, Sand Dune, Oyster Shell, Sand Castle, Summerwood, Sedona, Copper Trail, Midnight, Merlot, Mystic Gray, Prairie Wood, Rolling Stone, Aged Copper, Forest Brown, Granite, Mesquite, Smokey Mountain, Bourbon, and Sycamore. 

    The Oakridge® Shingles  Series are available in 14 color choices: Sand Castle, Onyx Black, Aged Cedar, Brownwood, Chateau Green, Flagstone, Desert Tan, Shasta White, Driftwood, Estate Gray, Twilight Black, Peppermill Gray, Sierra Gray, and Teak.

    Cost Comparison: Malarkey Shingles vs Owens Corning Shingles

    For the most accurate pricing of Malarkey shingles, you can get it from the available distributors, dealers, and local stores authorized by Malarkey Roofing Products. The list of contractors can be accessed on Malarkey Roofing Products’ website.

    In general, the price of Malarkey shingles ranges from $70-$170 per square, depending on the selected shingle type and the product series. The price only includes the materials alone.

    For their shingle type Architectural Shingle, the price ranges from $120 to $160, and the Designer shingles cost about $158 to $185. For their 3-Tab shingles, the price ranges from $70 to $85. 

    The professional installation costs range from $200 to $350 per square. It may also vary, depending on the provided pricing of the selected contractor.

    The standard cost of Owens Corning® Shingles ranges from $70-$140 per square foot for basic shingle products and $250 to $300 for premium shingle products. The pricing is for the materials alone. It doesn’t include the other fees, including the labor, installation, and replacement fees.

    Moreover, you can get the most accurate pricing of Owens Corning® Shingles through their authorized distributors, contractors, and local stores. The following list can be accessed on Owens Corning®’s website.

    Warranty Comparison: Malarkey Shingles vs Owens Corning Shingles

    Malarkey Roofing Products offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty for their roofing shingles, which are categorized into three types: Standard Shingle Warranty, Emerald Pro Warranty, and Emerald Premium Warranty. They have warranty coverage against manufacturing defects.

    The Limited Lifetime Warranty applies to the original owner or subsequent owner as long as the original owner maintains the primary residence where the Malarkey shingles and accessories were installed originally. The warranty coverage is also transferrable to the subsequent owner during the Right Start™ period.

    The warranty coverage includes a Right Start™ Period where the warranty is non-prorated for 7 to 15 years, depending on the product. Once the Right Start™ Period is done, the warranty coverage is now prorated.

    Moreover, the Limited Lifetime Warranty also features Enhanced Wind Warranty Option, which includes Malarkey shingles’ protection against high winds, and the coverage increases when you install a Malarkey shingles and accessory products for your roofing system.

    They also offer a Scotchgard™ Protector option that protects Malarkey shingles against discoloration or staining due to algae growth.

    Owens Corning® offers four types of available Lifetime Limited Warranty categories: Standard Product Limited Warranty, System Protection Limited Warranty, Preferred Protection Limited Warranty, and Platinum Protection Limited Warranty.

    The Standard Product Limited Warranty has coverage of 10 years for all Owens Corning® shingles and their components. The other three types—System Protection Limited Warranty, Preferred Protection Limited Warranty, and Platinum Protection Limited Warranty has coverage of 50 years for manufacturing defects of all shingles and components. 

    Durability Comparison: Malarkey Shingles vs Owens Corning Shingles

    Malarkey shingles are made of high-grade rubberized asphalt with plastic polymers and upcycled rubber that provides excellent weather resistance properties and durability for the core of the shingles. All Malarkey shingles also feature polymer modified adhesive that protects against delamination and damages caused by extreme weather conditions.

    They also feature Zone® Nailing Area, which offers a larger nailing area for an easier and improved installation process with enhanced accuracy and speed. It also ensures that every nail penetrates the shingle layers to prevent leaks. 

    Malarkey shingles also use NEX asphalt technology with the feature 3M™ Roofing Granules that protect the shingles from scuffing and the aging effects of UV rays.

    They also use 3M™ Smog-Reducing Granules that convert hazardous smog gases to water-soluble salt ions, and 3M™ Copper Granules that provide algae resistance properties and help protect the shingles from black streaks and damages caused by algae growth.

    Duration® Series Shingles uses SureNail® Technology that features an engineered fabric strip that helps provide excellent gripping power and ease of installation in the nailing area.

    It also enhances the shingles’ resistance to strong winds, water infiltration and keeps the shingle layers intact. The nailing zones also provide strength to keep the shingles from separating due to high winds. 

    Oakridge® Series offer laminated shingles with a double-layered nailing zone that enhances the gripping power of shingle layers. It also features StreakGuard™ Algae Resistance Protection, which incorporates granules that helps resist algae growth and protects the shingles against black streaks caused by algae.

    Sustainability Comparison: Malarkey Shingles vs Owens Corning Shingles

    Malarkey shingles use polymer-modified (rubberized) asphalt combined with upcycled rubber and plastic polymers to create durable and eco-friendly asphalt shingles. They get the upcycled rubbers and plastics from the landfill and incorporate them into their shingles, reducing landfill wastes. 

    They also incorporate smog-reducing granules into their Malarkey shingles that help clean the air. Moreover, Malarkey Roofing Products plant trees as part of their sustainability project to help make a cleaner and healthier environment.

    Owens Corning® features Energy-Star rated shingles incorporated with granules that help reflect solar energy and help maintain the temperature inside the house by reducing the amount of heat transferred. 

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    Final Thoughts on Malarkey Shingles vs Owens Corning Shingles

    Both Malarkey Shingles and Owens Corning® Shingles offer high-performing, durable and sustainable shingles. Both shingle brands provide a wide selection of shingle types and color choices, but if you prefer a much more affordable shingle brand without sacrificing the quality, then Malarkey Shingles will suit your better.

    If you want a sustainable shingle brand that offers a variety of warranty coverages, then Owens Corning® Shingles can provide you with that.

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