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May 10, 2023

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    Unlike a standard shingle that gradually develops brittleness with cracks and loose granules, Malarkey shingles are made of rubberized asphalt for better all-weather resilience, upcycled rubber, and plastics to decrease landfill wastes, and smog-reducing granules aiding in air purity.

    Malarkey Roof Products manufacture and distribute a wide range of roofing systems, including shingles, metal roofs, and flashings. Keep reading to know more about this topic. It’ll be worth your time!


    About the Company

    Malarkey is a family business, started in Oregon in 1956. Their goal is simple – build the shingles for your homes – made better to last longer and more sustainable. They produce high-quality roofing shingles with 100% recyclable packaging.

    Product Designs

    Like most top brands, Malarkey has attractive options in three tiers, making basic, better, and best shingles.

    • Three-tab. These are traditional, single-layer shingles with a flat profile.
    • Dura-Seal AR. Nexgen polymer-modified asphalt technology recently replaced the old Dura Seal line.
    • Colors. Eight colors, including three that meet Cool Roof Rating Council criteria for solar-reflective roofing to reduce heat penetration, a major in higher energy usage and cost.
    • Laminate. Means “layered.” All laminated shingles are called dimensional or architectural, or designer. The layers are made of fiberglass mats covered in asphalt blends with colored granules on top. Malarkey’s four lines are designated as “laminate architectural” shingles.

    What can Malarkey Shingles offer?

    Malarkey guarantees your roof will last for a lifetime, and in the rare times it may need to be replaced, you can rest assured that a reputable company will handle it.

    Pros and Cons 


    Want to give your home a facelift? Malarkey’s roofing system has different products for different types of roofs and slopes, thus giving you the option of which products to use and how they function, and their compatibility with one another.

    You can rest assured that Malarkey’s shingles offer the best of the best for your home. Not only does it come with a five-year warranty, but you can also be confident that it will deliver an awesome experience and help you save money with superior quality shingles.


    While there have been complaints from installers and inspectors, Malarky has not uncovered instances of major product recalls due to conflicts in manufacturing.

    Here is a list of concerns from a client’s perspective:

    Limited warranty transferability 

    The warranty and all the benefits are transferred during the Right Start period. If transferred after that time, the warranty would turn to a 2-year warranty, even if it began as a lifetime warranty.

    Limited choice 

    Some will find this a “pro” since it’s overwhelming to choose from a large selection. Malarkey offers a range of shingle series and colors smaller than what is available in other brands. Still, you’ll likely find options that will suit your home.

    Potential warranty hassles 

    Most homeowners never have to make a claim based on material defects. If there is, expect a hassle dealing with the manufacturer. Several blame the installer for issues with shingles coming off in minor windstorms or failing to seal.

    Problems with poor installation 

    It’s not just the weather that has made things worse in recent years. The construction industry has also been affected by over-zealous contractors, who are rushed into installing the wrong materials.

    Hidden costs 

    It is essential to understand the scope of your roof replacement project before you start planning. A contractor should know the client’s budget and need to complete a successful roof replacement.

    Pest and Molds

    In countries with humid areas, damages from molds and termites can bring hidden costs to the roof’s replacement. Insects and decay can cause problems that have to be considered before installing the new shingles.

    Leaks and Rotting Plywood

    Leaking can sometimes remain unseen until the shingles are replaced during a roofing restoration. These leaks cause impairments to your house, like rotting rafters and other wood constructions. The equipment and labor cost to repair the wood will greatly augment the price for your roof replacement.


    Roof replacements are always a good idea to boost the value of a home.

    Examples include:

    • Improving gutters with low maintenance
    • Reinforce roof’s ventilation
    • Opting for a sturdier underlayment


    Tips for installation

    Installing a new roof is a big thing. Before starting, keep the following tips in mind: Work out an installation plan with your chosen contractor and be sure to communicate any necessary changes to the plan as they become apparent. Once you decide on a shingle, ensure you have enough of them before starting the installation process.

    Costs of installation

    Professional Installation Costs: $200 to $350 per Square.

    Single-story and two-sided (roof) or four-sided (hip) homes are the easiest to roof over, so the overall installation cost is lower. Removing old roofing, multi-story homes, and other complex roof configurations will add to the overall costs of installation (professional labor).

    Can it be done yourself, or how to check if the installation went well with contractors? 

    Replacing a roof can be a difficult and dangerous job. If you’re not experienced, it’s best to hire a professional. The cost of replacing your roof is dependent on many factors, such as the square footage, slope, and accessibility. 

    Check the roof for any damage after the installation is complete. When the roofers finish the job, they should leave a checklist and contact information.

    Care And Maintenance 

    Maintenance tips

    Keep the gutters clean of debris to maintain the structural integrity of the roof. Repair any leaks promptly, as they may cause more damage to your flooring or ceilings. 


    The life of a roof depends on the quality of the materials. A quality roof can last up to 50 years, but it depends on the material it is made from. Roofs should be checked at least once every two years to make sure there are no problems.


    Most Malarkey shingles offer a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects that affect the performance of the shingle. It is offered to homeowners who first had the shingles installed on the single-family, detached house they use as their primary residence.


    Who/what is this product good for?

    Homeowners have options when it comes to roofing materials. But regardless of the type of roof you choose, you’ll need a good, solid roofing contractor. Malarkey Roofing offers a wide range of services, from steep slopes to flat roofs.

    How does it compare to alternatives?

    The top products from GAF and Owens Corning also compare well with Malarkey, but top to bottom, the products from those brands aren’t quite as premium.

    We recommend putting Malarkey on your shortlist of brands if you are willing to pay a slight premium for better quality and performance, which is especially true if you have no plans of moving. The longer you stay at that house, the better value Malarkey offers.

    Possible alternatives for cases when the product is a bad fit

    Malarkey Roofing is a company that specializes in new roof installation and residential roof repair. However, they do not specialize in commercial roofing. If you’re looking for a commercial roofer, contact ABC Roofing.

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