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Hydrangea Propagation by Ground Layering

Ground layering is an easy way to propagate hydrangeas. First, cut a notch in one of the branches of the main plant or scrape a little bark off the underside. Take the same branch, bend it over, and bury it in the ground. Make sure at least one leaf node will be underground.

How To Grow Different Varieties of Begonias

There are so many new varieties of begonias to choose from nowadays! Read on to find out what you need to know about growing begonias.
Camellia blooming in snow.

The Great Camellia Show

When I bought my house, there was a lot I had to overlook indoors, but there were also certain features outdoors, like a row of 20-foot-tall old-fashioned Camellia japonicas , that drew me in like a bee to honey. Certainly, a wise real-estate purchase has to take into account much more than camellias, but they certainly sent a clear message: “Somebody loved this place and made a home here, and so can I.”

Why Aren’t My Crape Myrtles Blooming

There are several possibilities for why your crape myrtles haven’t bloomed. Read on to find out more.
Iris plants being dug up and divided

How to Divide Flowering Iris Plants in Your Garden

If you have flowering iris in your garden, you should divide them every few years to prevent overcrowding and promote blooming. Watch this video to find out how.

10 Edible Flowers to Grow, Cook and Eat

Want to wow your guests at cookouts this summer? Then try serving up your meals with edible flowers! There are many edible flowers that make great additions to your favorite recipes, from garnishes to seasonings to the main course. Read on to find out more.
Blooming, fibrous-rooted begonia in pot.

How to Grow Begonias Indoors During the Winter

Robert asks, “I have some beautiful wax and angel type begonias in pots. Can I bring them inside for the winter? How do I care for them?”

Many types of begonias can be grown inside during the winter. Read on for some tips on how to care for them.
Daffodil and Hyacinth flowers blooming.

Understanding the Types of Bulbs in Your Garden

Bulbs are plants that go through a cycle of putting out leaves, blooming, dying back to the ground, and going dormant until the next growing season. Find out what you need to know about the different types of bulbs and how they grow.
Tray of plant cuttings with heating pad

Using a Heating Pad to Help Propagate Plants

When propagating plants from cuttings, it’s important to keep the soil warm so they’ll grow. However, if the temperature becomes too high, it can encourage bacteria growth and disease. To prevent this from happening, place a heating pad under the container to warm the soil. Watch this video to find out more.