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April 2, 2024

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    Pella Vinyl windows offer durable window solutions for homeowners and commercial spaces. This guide will navigate everything you need to know about the windows. From information about the company to warranty options, this is everything to know about Pella Vinyl Windows.

    What Are Pella Vinyl Windows?

    One of the most significant advantages of Pella Vinyl windows is their low cost. It’s not the only thing, however. Their windows are also low-maintenance and certified energy-efficient, which are all things that many homeowners want.

    Pella provides a variety of high-performance vinyl windows. They are designed to endure harsh weather conditions and have the characteristics listed above. The vinyl is also manufactured using a special formula that enhances weathering and helps keep the color.

    Pella Corporation has a long history of innovation, which is still a part of its corporate culture today. A monument to Pella’s invention and creativity throughout its 92-year existence, with over 150 patents on display.

    Additionally, Pella is not limited to windows. The brand also sells patio doors and windows with similar benefits to its many window options.

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    Pella 250 Windows

    Pella Vinyl Windows are 52% more durable than standard vinyl. Vinyl windows with Pella’s foam insulation and triple-pane glass are 62 percent more energy-efficient than single-pane vinyl windows.

    You also have a lot of alternatives. Pella vinyl windows come in a greater variety of window designs and nearly a dozen exterior colors. This line is available for awnings, double/single-hung, casement, sliding, and picture

    Hurricane Shield Vinyl Windows

    A hurricane is one of the most severe weather occurrences. Vinyl hurricane windows are designed to resist these catastrophes.

    The Hurricane Shield Series windows meet high coastal requirements such as the Florida Building Code, and they can be utilized in homes in the High-Velocity Hurricane Zone.

    The resistance of hurricane windows to extreme weather circumstances helps safeguard your home and all contents within from significant damage. They seal and lock to provide protection without requiring any further storm preparations.

    Pella hurricane windows provide excellent performance and added protection whether you live on the Gulf or Atlantic Coasts.

    These windows can work for awning, single-hung, casement, or sliding

    Defender Vinyl Windows

    The Defender Series5, like the Hurricane Shield Series, provides protection from hurricanes and other storms. These shatter-resistant windows also protect against the sun, with UV penetration blocked at 98%.

    Not only does the outer glass block harmful rays while adding a touch of elegance, but it also protects against intruders and eliminates outside noise.

    Those are characteristics that can increase the comfort and safety of any home, not just those on the coast or in other storm-prone regions.

    This style is ideal for double/single-hung, and sliding

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    How Much Do Pella Vinyl Windows Cost?

    For the exact cost, you will need to visit your local showroom or supplier. You might also choose to schedule a home consultation as prices vary depending on your unique needs.

    According to third-party purchasers, prices for Pella range between $90-$1,000+ depending on the area coverage and line selected.

    The most affordable option is Pella Vinyl 250 and goes up from there. The highest costing Pella windows are in the Pella 850 line, but that is a wood option and premium.

    The highest vinyl line Pella carries ranges between $150-$390.

    The company says that their vinyl windows provide many advantages, one of which is the return on investment. When you replace your windows with high-quality vinyl replacement windows, you can anticipate recovering 72% of your project’s cost when you sell them.

    Additionally, vinyl windows may be an excellent alternative for new construction if you’re not planning to live in your house forever. If you’re not building a permanent residence, vinyl windows may be your finest option due to their value and durability.

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    Pella Vinyl Window Durability

    When it comes to durability, there are a few things to look out for.

    • The color of the window frame’s trim should be the same throughout.
    • Metal-reinforced interlocking sashes are used to create a stronger structure than window frames fastened with screws or other fasteners.
    • Multiple chambers, which help to further strengthen the window frame and improve performance, are another indication of structural integrity and longevity. To determine the quality of these components, count the number of chambers and note their size — the smaller, the better — to get a sense of their quality.

    Pella also claims to have been tested beyond limits to ensure mechanisms are as durable as possible.

    The Easy-Slide Operator’s ball bearing mechanism and robust Kevlar-reinforced belt provide long-lasting, smooth operation. The mechanism was subjected to extreme testing with drywall dust and debris to ensure that it can endure dirt, wear, and abuse.

    According to the website, testing includes:

    • thermal-testing for glass
    • insulated glass testing
    • air, water, and structural chamber testing

    Pella fiberglass house windows and patio doors are constructed with a proprietary fiberglass material, which is the most durable form of glass on the market today.

    The distinctive vinyl formulation is performance-tested for outstanding weathering, longevity, and color retention in addition to their vinyl products.

    Pella Vinyl Window Warranty

    Pella has a strong warranty policy for all of its materials. You can visit the website for a breakdown base don each specific line. Overall, there is a Pella Care Guarantee. 

    The Pella Care Guarantee is only available to consumers who buy and install Pella windows from local Pella Window & Door Showrooms.

    The Pella Care Guarantee is not accessible through other retail outlets, Pella Certified Contractors, or independent contractors.

    If your items are covered, the Pella Care Guarantee includes a limited lifetime warranty and service agreement. The product warranty for your product, which can be found on the website with in-depth information.

    In addition to these traditional warranties, there are also historical warranties, an arbitration agreement, and a wood warranty.

    Proper care and maintenance are required as with most materials, or you run the risk of voiding your contract.

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    Pella Windows Energy Efficiency

    All of these windows and patio doors are ENERGY STAR® certified, with energy-efficient alternatives that meet or exceed ENERGY STAR® criteria in every state.

    The Pella Lifestyle Series Energy Efficiency package is 83 percent more energy-efficient than single-pane glass on average.

    Pella Windows Noise Reduction

    Depending on the line you select for your windows, you may be privy to quieter living conditions. Pella Lifestyle Series products, which come with sound control glass, aid in the reduction of outside noise.

    Pella Lifestyle Series has performance choices that reduce 52% more noise than single-pane windows.

    Is Pella DIY-friendly?

    Recognizing that more homeowners love DIY projects than before, Pella has created materials to help with replacement installation. You’ll find directions on the Pella site for pocket and full-frame installations.

    However, beware, it can be surprisingly easy to null your warranty by not following directions or making a mistake.

    Pella Awards and Certifications

    This review wouldn’t be complete without acknowledging the extensive list of accolades Pella has gained over the years. Here are a few to note:

    • Parents for Window Blind Safety Testing Approval
    • 2021 Best Window and Door Product at International Builder’s Show (for easy open mechanism)
    • Best in Show at International Builder’s Show
    • Best for Kids Certification
    • Energy Star

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    Is Pella Vinyl Windows a Good Option for You?

    Pella is a fantastic window option with a quality warranty program. The site is easy to navigate and there you can find more information on styles, accolades, and reviews.

    Given the cost and otherwise fair components, Pella Vinyl Windows are a great choice for your home.

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