Having high-quality windows safeguard your home from high winds, extreme cold, and draughts. Fortunately, Harvey Windows and Andersen offer only top-quality window products that fit every homeowner’s needs. These two leading window brands ensure maximum protection of your space.

In this article, we will talk about Harvey Windows and Andersen to help with your decision-making. We will compare them based on their costs, materials, warranty coverage, and styles.

    Harvey Windows Overview


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    Established in 1961, Harvey Windows has delivered excellent customer service, quality, and artistry to become a trusted brand. Their products have carefully-crafted designs and are made from high-quality materials. 

    Harvey’s windows has excellent energy efficiency, high durability, and low maintenance requirements that set it apart from most manufacturers. Their windows also feature exceptional sound dampening qualities that customers prefer.

    Today, designers and building professionals prefer Harvey windows because of their durability and ease of installation. They also offer different styles and sizes of windows that are available in multiple shades.

    To gain more insight into Harvey products, read our assessment of Harvey windows to learn about their cost, availability, and more.

    Andersen Windows Overview

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    Andersen is a pioneer in the window industry and is known for consistent quality and innovation. They have been in the window business for 115 years and are considered the number 1 windows supplier in the United States.

    Many homeowners and contractors prefer Andersen windows since they are made from durable materials with premium finishes. Their windows are known to be beautifully designed and are built to last. 

    As a bonus, this brand also offers products that are easy to clean and maintain.

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    Harvey Windows vs. Andersen: Comparison

    When comparing the window costs, you should know that the prices vary by design and size. 

    For Harvey Windows, the costs of a glass double-hung will depend on the design you prefer. Their classic vinyl windows cost $350, while the slimline designs are sold at $285. 

    On average, the cost of a Harvey casement window is roughly $165 per window. Hiring a professional to install a casement window will cost between $325 and $385 per window.

    New Andersen casement windows range from $350 to $1200 based on improvements and preferred series. Installing a casement window can cost anywhere from $500 to $1,685, depending on local service rates, frame type, and any series upgrades you choose.

    Meanwhile, Andersen’s double-hung windows 400 series costs $400 and $515 with installation. However, you can find lower prices on their older models that cost about $200 to $300, including the 100 series.

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    Harvey Windows’ coverage pays for all replacement window items, including glass, blinds, shades, draperies, and shutters. They also come with lifetime warranties that cover dents, stains, and tears. If a replacement part is needed, Harvey will replace it or visit your home to help fix the problem.

    Harvey offers a ten-year warranty against material and quality faults on aluminum and wood structural components for their Majesty windows. Bear in mind that the 10-year period begins when the window leaves the factory, not when it is purchased or installed.

    To compare, all windows manufactured by Andersen qualify for their replacement coverage. In addition, if your window breaks down during the warranty period, the company will cover the costs of damages, replacement, and repair. 

    In addition, Andersen Windows and its renewal offers a 20-year glass warranty and a ten-year warranty on non-glass components. Check out our full review of Anderson for a better insight into their product and services.

    Harvey Windows are renowned for their quality and performance. The brand’s thermal resistance feature is also significantly better than other windows in the market and is designed to stand up to corrosive and abrasive contaminants.

    As a leading window manufacturer, Harvey  windows are constructed with only quality materials including the following:

    1. Vinyl Windows Harvey vinyl windows are well-known for their unsurpassed durability and low maintenance requirements.
    2. Majesty Wood Windows – These items are constructed entirely of genuine Ponderosa Pinewood that has been specifically treated to prevent rot, degradation, warping, splitting, and mildew.

    The brand’s thermal resistance feature is also significantly better than other windows in the market and is designed to stand up to corrosive and abrasive contaminants.

    Meanwhile, Andersen has been in business for over a hundred years and is a leading company in the window manufacturing industry. They are best known for their high-quality windows made of high-grade products. 

    Andersen offers quality materials like Wood, Vinyl, Fibrex, Aluminum, and Fiberglass. These windows will give their clients the durability that they need.

    1. Wood – Andersen uses wood in their frames and sash for strength and rigidity, aesthetics on their interiors, and its general thermal performance.
    2. Vinyl –  This brand has pushed the envelope of vinyl innovation and is used as a protective cladding for its wood core windows.
    3. Fibrex – This material is twice as robust as vinyl, outperforms vinyl in high temperatures, and produces exteriors that will never fade, flake, blister, or peel.
    4. Aluminum – Aluminum provides a virtually maintenance-free exterior that resists the elements.
    5. Fiberglass – An extremely durable and weather-resistant material. It is used to maintain exteriors and can be paired with gorgeous wood interiors.

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    Custom windows are needed based on several factors, including aesthetics and the weather in your area.

    Overall, Harvey Windows is known for its versatility since they accommodate changes in style, color, and design preferences. Additionally, Their classic style window is still well-known and liked by most homeowners.

    Andersen features a double-hung window that uses metal frames and glass to provide a crystal clear view. These are mostly made of fiberglass but can cost twice as much as a Harvey window. Andersen also allows clients to customize their window design upon request.

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    Harvey Windows vs. Andersen: Which is the Best Choice?

    Remember, different windows have features like security, energy efficiency, noise control, and low glare. Generally, your choice will depend on your needs and preferences.

    Harvey has many different styles and sizes of windows that are available in multiple shades. In addition, they also have a variety of warranties and different window treatments to choose from.

    Meanwhile, Andersen is a pioneer in the window industry and is known for its consistent quality and innovation. For 115 years, they’ve been making windows that beautify your home and protect you from the different elements.

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