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May 9, 2023

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    The importance of having hurricane impact windows is key to living a safe and convenient life, especially in areas that typically encounter strong storms through the course of a year.

    Standard or ordinary windows will not be able to perform and protect homes, unlike hurricane impact windows. These windows have certain qualities that make them potent and reliable during the most severe weather.

    • Hurricane impact windows have superior quality glass as well as highly-reinforced framing.
    • Hurricane impact windows are made to withstand strong surges of wind and rain.
    • Having hurricane impact windows offers an added layer of protection and could potentially save a lot of lives.

    What are Hurricane Impact Windows?

    Hurricane impact windows have superior quality glass as well as highly-reinforced framing. These two aspects factor in their rating. The smart move is to always look for the Notice of Acceptance when you shop for hurricane impact windows in South Florida.  

    It is essential to understand that the majority of the damage caused by a hurricane to a home is due to broken openings caused by flying debris and strong winds. Depending on the intensity of the storm, flying debris may range from tree parts to even parts of a home. As soon as the envelope of the house gets compromised, serious damage can easily escalate inside. Penetration of strong winds can cause pressurized conditions and even tear the roof off. Having hurricane impact windows can help in preventing these things from happening.

    Advantages of Hurricane Impact Windows

    No glass is 100% break-proof. However, hurricane impact windows are made to withstand strong surges of wind and rain. This type of window has the great advantage of breaking without flying shards of glass. Hurricane impact windows can survive winds that reach up to 200 miles per hour. This ultimately helps families seeking refuge within the confines of their homes even during strong storms. Hurricane impact windows also block 99% of UV light and offer excellent sound insulation.

    Today’s Homeowner Tips

    If you live in South Florida or opt to purchase a house in the area, anticipating the different challenges that mother nature might throw out to your home requires smart choices. Having hurricane impact windows will provide the proper protection to keep your family and your belongings safe.

    You could find a lot of companies offering these types of windows but below are the best ones in South Florida. 

    Top 5 Best Options of Hurricane Impact Windows in South Florida

    Winco Window

    Winco Window manufactures tornado and hurricane rated windows, meeting the standards of the Federal Emergency Management Agency – FEMA P-361. The windows from Winco purportedly could withstand up to 250 miles per hour winds. The company has been in service since 1915 and has continued to innovate via high-performance windows that are certified and tested at a site facility. With this, you can expect high-quality products assembled by experts in the field. With the company’s vast experience and decent reputation, choosing Winco Window for your hurricane impact window needs would be a very smart choice. 

    CGI Impact-Resistant Windows & Doors 

    CGI Impact-Resistant Windows & Doors offers premier hurricane impact windows as the company is proud to make it as their specialty. The company’s Sentinel line offers impact durability and energy efficiency at a reasonable price. They offer different types of CGI Sentinel hurricane impact windows such as casement, single-hung, outward-projecting awning, fixed, among others. The office of CGI Impact-Resistant Windows & Doors is in Hialeah, Florida.


    Origin’s hurricane impact windows have always been compliant with the state building codes of Florida. Their windows have a flush casement that helps void any potential overlapping framework. Origin utilizes aluminum and not steel frames to achieve a flex-free resistance that can combat harsh weather conditions. The company’s hurricane impact windows showcase an ultra-secure quality as they come with an Encloser lock that is designed for precision and safety. This lock functions by engaging cylindrical cams towards window keeps. Another unique trait from Origin products is that they are a combination of precision engineering from US and UK manufacturing. Origin sources all materials as they base their products on quality testing results. Their windows come with a 10-year warranty. In terms of aesthetic appeal, Origin offers products with a wide variety of colors. They even offer dual colors that can make the exterior side different from the interior portion. Undoubtedly, Origin is one of the best options for hurricane impact windows in South Florida.


    Kolbe is one of the premier options offering hurricane impact windows as the company provides a three series option: Heritage, Ultra, and Forgent. The Forgent series showcases a durable hybrid of UV stable polymer and fiberglass called Glastra. Their Ultra and Heritage series windows also offer durability and efficiency. Kolbe hurricane windows are unique as they have no brackets or any visible rod necessary to keep the sash in place.

    PGT Custom Windows & Doors

    PGT Custom Windows & Doors is one of the best options for hurricane impact windows in South Florida. The company has acquired individual brands such as Windoor, CGIC, Western Window Systems, and CGI. Through this acquisition, the company has turned out to be one of the premier providers in the doors and windows industry. PGT Custom Windows & Doors is one of South Florida’s finest and has been trusted by a lot of homeowners.

    Key Takeaways

    Hurricane impact windows should never be overlooked as essential parts of a home. This applies especially in areas that experience severe storms during the course of a year. Having hurricane impact windows offers an added layer of protection and could potentially save a lot of lives. Strong winds that come with unexpected debris can damage standard windows and shards can pose a dangerous threat to safety. With hurricane impact windows, the durability to withstand these harsh conditions make them the perfect choice, especially in South Florida.

    Opting to get hurricane impact windows is just half the battle. Choosing the best supplier of these windows in South Florida should come with careful scrutiny or analysis. The 5 best options mentioned above are the most reliable ones offering high-quality hurricane impact windows. These top companies offer the best chance of securing your home during the most dangerous storms. Always keep safety a priority by having hurricane impact windows for your home.

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