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April 25, 2024

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    Even though all window fans are meant to perform the same functions — cooling, circulating, and removing stale air — some do one or more of those better than others. We’ve compiled a list of our 10 favorite window fans on Amazon, keeping in mind noise levels, safety, flexibility, reversibility, manner of control, warranties, durability, and design.

    The Best Window Fans of 2024 (Reviewed & Ranked)

    Best Overall: Bionaire Window Fan with Twin 8.5-Inch Reversible Airflow Blades

    This window fan tops our list thanks to its electronic reversibility, remote control, three speed choices, functionality, and cooling capacity. Most customer reviews say that the fan, despite its size, is quiet, especially at the lowest fan speed. One customer said the Bionaire Window Fan was better than using their air conditioning system and was more effective at moving air around than her ceiling fan. Another customer hasn’t used their air conditioner in two years because this fan is so effective.

    At 13 inches tall, this is not a small fan, so it can block your window view. However, that’s a small price to pay for the air quality, airflow, and circulating power this fan provides. Its size means that it’s great for rooms of almost any size. You can use it in your bedroom because of its quietness or put it in your garage to clear out hot air in minutes. The fan also has an excellent warranty and positive customer feedback, and it is both versatile and affordable.

    Can be installed vertically or horizontally
    Includes a three-year warranty
    Remote control makes thermostat and fan speed and function easy to control from afar.
    Thermostat can be used as a shut-off feature on cool nights
    LCD is bright in a dark room

    Best Affordable Model: AmazonBasics Window Fan

    Even with a digitally controlled option, this AmazonBasics Window Fan is the most affordable option. It has a copper motor, which is durable and long-lasting. It also includes three speed settings and a programmable built-in thermostat.

    You can conveniently control this affordable model from across the room with a remote control, which is surprising considering many other more expensive fans do not have this option. The AmazonBasics Window Fan is only 2 feet long and weighs less than 6 pounds. It’s easy to install and can be placed vertically or horizontally. On Amazon, customers gush about the Amazon Basics Window Fan’s simplicity, powerful circulation without noise, affordable price, and durability.

    Blades can operate separately and independently, so you can use the standard and exhaust functions at the same time.
    Has digital and manual control options
    Includes a handle and removable feet so you can use it in different rooms as a tabletop fan or floor fan
    Includes a handle and removable feet so you can use it in different rooms as a tabletop fan or floor fan
    Some reviews say the fans are flimsy.

    Best Design: Vornado TRANSOM Window Fan

    The Vornado TRANSOM Window Fan stands out for its innovative design. Unlike large, clunky window fans that make their presence obvious with huge grills and buzzing fan blades, this option from Vornado uses an enclosed design to keep noise levels low. The TRANSOM has a sturdy, water-resistant case, so you don’t have to worry about damage from unexpected rain showers. Smart homeowners can choose between an Alexa-compatible model or a remote-controlled model.

    The TRANSOM window fan requires only 8 inches of vacant window space to be installed. This rectangular model includes a “soft-fit” foam block system, allowing it to fit snugly against the window frame without removing the screen, making it easy to install. This window fan provides an exhaust function and standard intake, so you can always have great air quality. This superior model also comes with a five-year satisfaction guarantee, which is longer than nearly every other provider.

    Has temperature settings and four speed settings
    Offers powerful air circulation in a small package
    Provides great value for features
    Sleek design blends in with any decor or room setup.
    Additional soft-fit foam blocks are pricey.
    Designed for horizontal installation only

    Best Power for Size: Sharper Image PORTAL Window Fan

    The PORTAL window fan from Sharper Image is our choice for most fan power in a small package. Like the Vornado TRANSOM, this option is a 6-inch-tall horizontal window fan. It can fit into window frames from 24 to 38 inches wide. It features a reversible airflow setting to remove hot air from a three-car garage in just a few minutes. You can also use the fan’s standard mode to pump cool air into a space. These features can be ideal for business owners or those looking to cool a larger space when used in conjunction.

    This window fan comes in black and ice white, whichever best fits your decor. The Sharper Image PORTAL is so small and thin that it blends into the background. Its slim size and super-low volume mean it is barely noticeable when used, even on its highest setting. Unlike other bar units, which can only be used vertically, you can install this fan vertically or horizontally without issue.

    Comes in a UV-resistant, weather-resistant case
    Has a two-year satisfaction guarantee
    Provides easy installation with modular blocks; you don’t have to remove the window screen
    Has only push-button control, no remote

    Best Storm Guard: Air King Whole House Window Fan

    The Air King Whole House Window Fan is our pick for the best storm guard. A fan’s storm guard is a protective cage built into some window fans to allow you to close the window behind the fan in inclement weather conveniently. Not every window fan has this feature, and the Air King Whole House Window Fan has the best one we’ve seen. Thanks to its durable exterior cage, you don’t have to uninstall the fan or move it in the event of a storm. It is an excellent feature if you live somewhere the weather is especially unpredictable.

    This fan option is called the “Whole House Window Fan” for a good reason. Its 10-inch blades powerfully move air at a high velocity, providing an air conditioning-like feel throughout your home without the heavy electrical toll. The Air King fan is electrically reversible; you can set the fan to exhaust to pump stale air out of the room or intake to fill the room with fresh air. Each function has three speeds. This fan’s air circulation is so powerful you can replace the air on a single floor within 10 minutes if you open other windows, says one Amazon reviewer.

    Features a powder-coated steel front grill and blade
    Has a 7-foot power cord
    Includes one-year warranty
    Offers the reach and coverage of a box fan
    Some reviews state even the low setting is noisy.
    Pricier than other fans in this review

    Best Versatility: Comfort Zone CZ319WT 9-inch Reversible Twin Window Fan

    The Comfort Zone CZ3189WT fan is our pick for versatility. Although this twin window fan is designed to be an excellent fan to stay in your window, you can place it anywhere easily and conveniently in your home. The extendable feet, carry handles, and 5.6-pound weight allow you to set it up in any room in a snap. The remote control allows you to turn it on and off and change the settings and the speeds without getting up.

    The air circulator setting moves each blade in opposite directions, which keeps stale air from collecting in one area of the room. The Comfort Zone CZ3189WT comes with a one-year warranty against manufacturer defects, so if anything goes wrong that wasn’t your fault, or it stops working within a year, you’re covered for a replacement.

    Comes with a removable bug screen
    Expandable accordion side panels allow the fan to fit any window frame up to 37 inches.
    Includes protective cover when fan not in use
    Lightweight, making transport easy
    Accordion side panels may need caulking to stay in some windows.

    Best Warranty: Holmes Bionaire BWF0522M Compact Window Fan

    The Bionaire Compact Window Fan from Holmes has two design options: manual control or a digital thermostat. Its five-year limited warranty is also the longest on this list, meaning that if anything breaks on the fan due to factory mistakes or even slight weather damage, Holmes will replace it.

    The Bionaire Compact Window Fan has a medium airflow capacity comparable to the desk fans and oscillating tower fans made by the same manufacturer. That is considerable power, which means that the Bionaire Compact Window Fan will have no problem cooling down large rooms such as your living room. Pure indoor living is part of Bionaire’s mission, and this fan is so efficient at removing stale air and replacing it with fresh air that it’s almost an air purifier. This model features a wide speed range to customize your airflow.

    Allows control of the number of active fans
    Can be installed vertically or horizontally
    Is suitable as a portable fan for window use or upright indoor use
    Offers no-hassle installation
    Reversible airflow function is manual, not electronic

    Best Smart Features: Lasko W09560 Twin Window Fan

    The Lasko W09560 Twin Window Fan has dual blades that you can control straight from your tablet or smartphone. The fan is Bluetooth-enabled, so all you have to do is download the Lasko Connect app. From there, you can start and stop your fan and adjust its settings from your phone. It also includes a timer, a unique feature among window fans.

    The Lasko W09560 has three settings, all controlled electronically: exhaust, intake, and circulating. This window fan is ETL Listed, which means that Intertek’s Electrical Testing Laboratories have strenuously tested it to ensure it meets all safety requirements. It also helps you conserve energy with its eight-hour sleep timer.

    Digital thermostat display has adjustable brightness
    Includes a 6-foot cord with a plug designed to cease power flow if anomalies detected
    Offers Quick and easy installation
    Is bulkier than other window fans at 12 inches tall

    Best for Circulation: Comfort Zone CZ310R 3-Speed 3-Function Expandable Reversible Twin Window Fan

    Our other choice from Comfort Zone, the CZ310R, is also a dual-blade window fan. We chose it because customers reported superior air circulating function compared to competing window fans with similarly sized blades. With one fan set to exhaust and one to intake, this three-speed window fan can keep the air from becoming stagnant in any room, providing excellent ventilation and saving money on your central heating and air system.

    The extender panels on the sides of the fan allow you to install the CZ310R horizontally or vertically, and it also comes with a remote control to change the speed and function from a distance. The two legs provide stability and keep it from moving around in the window frame. No assembly is required, and you can easily take this fan to any room in your home.

    Is affordably priced
    Includes Bug/dust screen
    Legs and handle allow for use as floor or tabletop fan
    Moves air efficiently in large rooms
    Has fewer weather-resistant features
    Some customers said installation is tricky.

    Best Dual-Action Function: Genesis Twin Fan High-Velocity Reversible AirFlow Fan

    Our pick for best dual-action functionality goes to the Genesis Twin Fan High-Velocity Reversible AirFlow Fan. Each fan is powered by its own copper motor, meant to withstand constant use and give your fan longevity. You can choose to operate each 9-inch fan independently or together. Although some reviews say this fan can be noisier than others of a similar size, its list price is less than $50, so it can be a great budget choice for a garage.

    The removable legs and carry handles allow you to use the Genesis Twin Fan as a standing fan, and the expandable accordion panels adjust to fit windows 37 inches wide. This fan is ETL-Listed, meaning it’s safe for use in every room. Many Amazon customers said the company was easy to work with and responded promptly to questions or product issues.

    Can be installed vertically or horizontally
    Is lightweight and portable
    LED lights make it easy to identify the settings.
    Does not include remote control
    Some customers say it’s noisy.

    How To Choose the Best Window Fan

    Keep these key features in mind as you search for the right window fan.

    • Fan type: You have three options for fan type: desk, floor, and standard frame. Standard frame window fans use mounting hardware to attach to your window directly and often include sliding frames that allow you to attach to windows of multiple sizes. Desk fans are smaller and more portable, while floor fans’ oscillation features are more useful for cooling large rooms. Decide where you’d like to place your fan before you buy it, and let the location guide your choice.
    • Housing: The housing portion of a fan is the case that keeps the fan’s blades safe. Most fans feature high-quality plastic housing grates. However, if you live in an area known for harsh weather, you might want to choose a fan with a metal storm grate. These fans have tougher exteriors, so you don’t need to move them when you know a storm is coming.
    • Reversibility: Reversibility allows you to use your window fan to filter fresh air into a room and push stale air out by reversing the airflow direction. Look for a window fan that offers electric reversibility, which allows you to switch airflow direction without physically removing and changing the direction of the blade.
    • Remote and timer features: If you primarily use your fan at night, you may want to focus on timer functions. Timer functions help you save money by stopping the fan a few hours into the night when you’re likely to be asleep. Remote functionality allows you to control the fan from a distance. Some models even allow you to control the unit using a mobile app and Bluetooth connectivity.

    Final Thoughts

    Our pick for the best window fan is the 8.5-inch Bionaire Window Fan, thanks to its impressive and convenient features. Control the fan manually with its remote or use the adjustable thermostat feature to activate the fan when needed. The fan is mountable vertically or horizontally and is designed to fit most windows. With a flexible design, great air circulation, and high-tech features, the Bionaire Window Fan is a solid fan at an affordable price point.

    Ranking Factors for the Best Window Fans

    When comparing window fans, we looked at the following features.

    • Average customer review and sentiment
    • Ease of installation
    • Installation flexibility
    • Manual or electric reversibility
    • Material and construction
    • Noise level
    • Price point
    • Range of window sizes

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which window fan is best?

    Our overall recommended window fan is the Bionaire 8.5-inch model detailed above. However, the best window fan for your needs might vary depending on placement and budget.

    Do window fans actually work?

    Yes, window fans can help cool a room while lowering your energy bill. Ensure your unit is securely installed and connected to your windowsill to get the most cooling power from your fan.


    Is it better to have a window fan blowing in or out?

    Experts at Consumer Reports state that you should place outward-facing fans in warmer areas to expel hot air and place inward-facing units in cooler parts of your home to circulate cold air. Proper fan placement helps cool your home while also using less energy.


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