Both Champion Windows and Pella Windows offer high-performing, durable, energy-efficient windows that are provide added value, comfort, and protection to your home.

If you’re wondering which of the two—Champion Windows and Pella Windows is better, don’t fret!

In this article, we’ll provide you with a breakdown of every aspect you need to consider, including cost, warranty, product lines, energy efficiency, and durability.

Champion Windows Overview

Champion Windows & Home Exteriors was founded in 1953 in  Cincinnati, Ohio, and started as an aluminum storm window and doors, screen toom, and awnings. Today, the company manufactures custom-built and designed home improvement products, including replacement windows, sunrooms, entry doors, and vinyl siding.


Champion Windows offers custom-built, energy-efficient replacement windows available in nine window styles, including Double-Hung, Bay, and Bow, Sliding, Casement & Awning, Garden, Picture, Shaped, and Glass Block.

Their Casement & Awning windows are available in three design style options: awning, casement, and casement fixed center, and their Sliding windows are available in 2-panel slider and 3-panel slider as their design style options. 

For their Shaped Windows, they come in five design style options, namely Ellipse, Half Round, Round, Trapezoid Left, and Trapezoid Right with No Grid, Colonial, Double Sunburst, Sunburst, and Starburst grip pattern options.

Their Glass Block windows are available in three glass style options: Diamond, Ice, and Wavy, and their Bay and Bow windows are available in bay casement, bow, and bay double-hung.  

Moreover, their available windows come in 7 ColorBond® exterior designer colors options, including White, Black, Bronze, Tan, Colonial Blue, Pebble, and Adobe. They also come in three TimberBond® interior wood grain finish variations: Cherrywood, English Oak, and Dark Oak.

Champion Windows are also available in multiple grid pattern options, including Colonial, Diamond, Open Prairie, Prairie, and No Grid. It also includes two privacy glass choices, namely Rain and Obscure.

Pella Windows Overview

Pella Corporation was founded in 1925 by Pete Kuyper and started as a manufacturer of Rolscreen®’s window screen. The company offers custom-built, designed, and manufactured windows and doors suitable for residential and commercial applications.


Pella Corporation features new construction and replacement windows, patio doors, storm doors, and front entry doors. The available window products come in nine window types: casement, double-hung, single-hung, awning, sliding, bay & bow, picture, specialty, and custom windows.

Pella’s Custom Windows come in three types of special shape windows, including Rounded Custom, Rectangular Custom, and Triangular Custom windows. The Rounded Custom Windows are available in Full Circle, Hexagon, Octagon, Full Chord, Oval, Half Elliptical, Full Elliptical, Partial Chord, Full Springline, and Quarter Circle. 

Rectangular custom windows are available shapes, such as Equal Modified Rectangle, Modified Rectangle, Full Arch Head, Trapezoid, and Parallelogram, while Triangular custom windows are available in Gothic Springline, Partial Springline, Isosceles Triangle, Truncated Triangle, and Right Triangle. 

Pella’s Specialty Windows come in seven product types: French Casement Window, Push Out Casement Window, Push Out French Casement Window, In-Swing Casement Window, In-Swing French Casement Window, Tilt-Turn Window, and Hopper Window. 

Moreover, Pella Windows can be categorized into three material types, including wood, fiberglass, and vinyl. They also come in eight window product lines, namely Pella® Reserve™, Pella® Architect Series®, Pella® Lifestyle Series, Pella® Impervia®, Pella® 250 Series, Encompass by Pella®, Pella® Hurricane Shield Series™, and Pella® Defender Series™.

The window product line Pella® Reserve™ is available in seven wood types, including Pine, Douglas Fir, Mahogany, White Oak, Red Oak, Cherry, and Maple. The available prefinished pine interior colors include White, Bright White, Linen White, Artisan Greige, Natural Stain, Wheat Stain, Golden Oak Stain, Early American Stain, Provincial Stain, Dark Mahogany Stain, Red Mahogany Stain, Espresso Stain, Skyline Gray Stain, Charcoal Stain, and Black Stain.

The available Extruded Aluminum-Clad exterior colors are Black, White, Brown, Fossil, Iron Ore, Portobello, Putty, Almond, Classic White, Brick Red, Hartford Green, Pearl Gray, Soft Linen, Satin Steel, Matte Gray, Wolf Gray, Spice Red, Sage, Forest Blue, and Blue Ash. 

For the Pella® Architect Series®, the available Aluminum-Clad exterior colors are White, Tan, Putty, Brown, Classic White, Vanilla Cream, Poplar White, Almond, Sand Dune, Honeysuckle, Fossil, Portobello, Deep Olive, Auburn Brown, French Roast, Summer Sage, Hemlock, Hartford Green, Morning Sky Gray, Eldridge Gray, Iron Ore, Black, Naval, Stormy Blue, Real Red, Brick Red, and Cranberry.

Champion Windows vs Pella Windows: Cost Comparison

In general, the average pricing of Champion Windows in the industry ranges from $460 to $3,400, and it includes the installation costs. For the most accurate estimate of their window products, you can get it by working with Champion expert technicians.

They provide a free in-home estimate for the most accurate cost of your window replacement materials, with the professional installation cost already included. Champion Windows will ensure that the pricing is suitable to your preference and needs and will fit your budget for your window improvement project. 

Moreover, you can also get a rough estimate of the cost, depending on the selected window style, exterior, and interior finish options of their window products.

In general, the standard online-only pricing of Pella Windows ranges from $330 to $620 for the windows and ranges from $625 to $3000, with the installation fees included. The average cost may also vary, depending on the selected window type, design options, and product line of the window products.

You can also get the most accurate price by consulting a Pella expert through an In-Home Consultation or Virtual Consultation. The consultation includes the product samples shown by the Pella expert, installation options available, and the free quote.

Champion Windows vs Pella Windows: Warranty Comparison

Champion Windows offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty, which covers everything about the installation and repair process, including necessary parts, repairs, labor, and materials. The warranty also covers broken glass, screen repair, seal failure, and waste removal. This warranty got everything covered with no additional charge.

If you want more comprehensive and detailed information about the warranty coverage, charges, and transfers, you can consult the Champion Representative. 

Pella Windows offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty, which applies to the original owner/purchaser and the subsequent owners. It is also transferable to subsequent owners and applies to both single-family residence and Commercial applications. 

The Limited Lifetime Warranty doesn’t cover damages, loss, or product failure due to improper storage, use, installation, or handling of window Pella Windows. It also doesn’t cover damages due to normal fading and wearing, repairs done by unauthorized Pella experts, and damages caused by unauthorized experts.

Champion Windows vs Pella Windows: Durability Comparison

Champion Windows features twenty layers of protection—19 layers of metallic and non-metallic coating elements, which are incorporated into the glass surface. It enhances the durability and strength of glass windows and helps provide clear visibility, making them crystal clear. 

Their windows also use a high-quality frame that enhances the maximum performance and provides strength for the glass windows. They also feature a weather-proofing composite lock that protects the windows against any water damage and helps prevent moisture from entering by a weather-proof seal built into the glass windows.

Champion Windows also have air-tight meeting rails with an insulated pocket sill that enhances the comfort inside the room by inhibiting air drafts and decreasing the amount of air leakage. It also helps improve the security of the house. Also, they feature heavy-duty triple weatherstripping that prevents water from entering and enhances insulation.

Moreover, Champion Windows use TIMBERBOND® technology that incorporates the finish into the frame to protect it against peeling, blistering, and chipping and uses ColorBond® technology that helps prevent energy loss, warping, and fading.

Pella Windows use a sealant on their wood windows and clads them in aluminum, which protects the wood against stains, mildew, decay, termites, mold, and degradation.

They also use a welding process that enhances the resistance of windows to twisting and warping. Pella windows also feature a weather-repel system with triple weatherstripping and three points of protection to reduce drafts and keep water away from the home.

Moreover, Pella® Hurricane Shield Series™ Windows and Pella® Defender Series™ Windows are engineered to withstand harsh weather conditions and climates, such as hurricanes. Their Pella 250 Series window frames also use a fade-resistant vinyl formula, which enhances the durability and color retention of the vinyl windows.

Champion Windows vs Pella Windows: Energy Efficiency Comparison

Champion Windows offer energy-efficient windows that are also ENERGY Star and AAMA certified. They feature windows with Low-Emissivity specialized coating incorporated into the glass between the panes and fused with argon gas through a patented technology.

Their Low-E glass windows provide superior insulation performance, blocks 94% of harmful UV rays while allowing natural light to enter, and help keep the inside of the house warm during the winter and cool during the summer by reflecting the heat back to the source. They also enhance temperature control and help maintain a consistent temperature to reduce energy consumption and costs.

Moreover, Champion Windows help reduce the utility cost and the carbon footprint while increasing the comfort and protection of your family inside your house.

Pella windows feature ENERGY STAR certified new or replacement windows with Low-E glass that helps enhance the energy efficiency and comfort of your home and lowers your utility costs. The low-E glass reflects the heat into the room in the winter to keep the inside warmer and reflects the heat away in the summer to keep the house cooler.

Additionally, the Pella windows feature two panes of glass with insulating argon glass in between that helps block the sun’s ultraviolet rays, slows down the conduction effects, and protects the furniture, carpet, and other furnishings against fading. 

The insulated glass also helps maintain a consistent temperature inside the house and decreases the heat transfer, making the house comfortable.

Champion Windows vs Pella Windows: Final Showdown

If you want high-performing, durable, and energy-efficient windows with a comprehensive selection of window types, materials, colors, product types, and product lines, then Pella Windows suits you best.

If you prefer durable and energy-efficient windows that provide ease of installation at a much more affordable price, not to mention have financing options available, then Champion Windows is the ideal choice for you.

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