This review covers everything you need to know about Thompson Creek Windows, including durability and warranty.

Buying the wrong windows will cause you future headaches that will cost you more and more money.

We’ve reviewed dozens and dozens of window manufacturers, and Thompson Creek is one of the better ones.

With so many window options for your home, it’s important to consider if it’s the best option.

So in this review, we will compare and contrast with a number of providers and help you determine if it is the right one for you and your home.


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What is Thompson Creek Windows?

Thompson Creek Windows Company is comprehensive in its offerings, despite the name. The company offers options for doors, roofing, windows, gutters, and siding. Within each of these areas is an extensive catalog with catered offerings for every want and need.

This review will focus on the windows. Rest assured, Thompson Creek has everything you could need for residential and commercial spaces.

Under the Window tab on the Thompson Creek website are the following categories to help shoppers further narrow their needs.

  • Sound Shield
  • Energy Efficient
  • Double Hung – The top sash of Thomson Creek’s double-hung windows can be lowered, while the bottom sash may be raised. Both sashes can be securely fastened for safety or entirely removed in an emergency. Both top and bottom sashes tilt in for simple cleaning.
  • Casement – The casement windows open from the side by an easy crank system and hinge, which means easy cleaning from the inside.
  • Picture – Vinyl picture windows from Thompson Creek allow homeowners to enjoy the scenery. These windows provide optimum light and visibility from both the inside and outside of your house!
  • Custom
  • Slider – The slider window serves as a ventilation and light-gathering device when opened. The slider windows include two panels that slide from side to side and are made of the best quality materials for maximum durability and energy efficiency.
  • Bay – Living room bay windows are a good option for adding light and warmth to your house while also providing curb appeal.
  • Bow – Bow windows combine four or more fixed or venting windows. In this case, they may use picture, double-hung, or casement windows to form a mesmerizing curve.
  • Awning and Hopper – Awning windows hinge at the top while opening at the bottom. They’re a great choice for kitchens and bathrooms. Hopper windows hinge at the bottom and open at the top, making them ideal for most basements.
  • Garden – Vinyl garden windows from Thompson Creek add depth and light to your kitchen. These garden windows include storage, making them ideal for an in-home herb and vegetable garden.

The Thompson Creek team is on standby to help shoppers determine which option is best for their homes. The company prides itself on being hassle-free and ready to assist. Professionals at Thompson Creek Windows will carefully evaluate your window replacement project and create a customized fit for your home.

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How Much Do Thompson Creek Windows Cost?

Thompson Creek is considered one of the more expensive window manufacturers on the market. Set prices are difficult to find because it depends on the location and the supplier.

So while there are plenty of benefits for Thompson Creek, price is not necessarily one of them. Though, keep in mind that Thompson Creek does supply free estimates before purchase.

If you’re considering vinyl replacement windows for your home, then you’ll need a firm to inspect the openings, offer suggestions, and give an in-home free estimate for your custom window replacement job. All of which Thompson Creek is happy to do.

Get Free Window Estimates in 30 Seconds
Connect with trustworthy experts in your area.

Locally-Owned and Manufactured Company

Thompson Creek windows are made in their very own local facility, unlike some competitors who ship overseas. This eliminates the middleman markup, allowing you to hold one company accountable for your project. The only option when it comes to replacing windows is Thompson Creek. At Thompson Creek, you get more bang for your buck.

To learn more about how Thompson Creek compares to the competition, read our article Thompson Creek vs Pella.

Installation Experts

The quality of the replacement window is determined by how well it was installed. Your Thompson Creek windows will be professionally installed using our proprietary installation techniques, which are guaranteed to outlast our guarantee.

The installers will clean up the work when finished and leave your home as clean or cleaner than it was before they arrived.

Selecting an installer, as recommended by Thompson Creek, ensures that your warranty remains valid.

Sound Proofing

Thompson Creek windows eliminate sound, and they provide Sound Shield noise reduction glass for enhanced performance. The combination of an aluminosilicate glass and a sound-reducing window construction uses the Sound Shield glass, reducing noise by as much as 35% for some window types.

The United States Department of Transportation has created a national noise map with a sound-level rating scale. We recommend Sound Shield noise abatement glass for anyone living in a busy or active area with more than 35 decibels of average noise.

Sound Shield™ is available only with a few select lines of premium windows. Styles include the double-hung, picture, and bay.

A full list can be found on the Thomspon Creek website. Click below to check them out.

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Energy Efficiency

The Thompson Creek replacement glass windows meet or exceed the 2021 Energy Star criteria and are intended to improve your comfort while lowering your utility expenses. They also enhance curb appeal.

When it comes to selecting replacement windows, the first thing you’ll notice is different Energy Star certification ratings, which are typically inscribed on the glass of the window.

The Energy Star program is run by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the US Department of Energy (DOE) with the goal of providing consumers with useful information on how much energy various devices and products consume.

Many energy-efficient goods in homes, industrial plants, and commercial buildings have received a certain level of efficiency and are labeled with these ratings.

Luckily, Thompson Creek rates well for its energy efficiency properties.

Thompson Creek Window Warranty

The Thompson Creek warranty is valid for up to 50 years. They deem this their “no hassle warranty,” which can be further broken down in this section below.

They thoroughly back the home improvement products provided. When you hire Thompson Creek, you get more than just a contractor – you get a life partner.

Today’s Homeowner Tips
Thompson Creek provides a Buyer Protection Guarantee, as well as a No-Hassle Warranty. Both of these programs are in place to protect your investment from beginning to 50 years after completion. If you decide to sell your house during our guarantee period, you may be able to pass the warranty on to the buyer.

To combat issues with suppliers vs installers, Thompson Creek chooses to be the manufacturer and installer, so it’s one team working on both the product and installation, which guarantees to save you time, money, and aggravation in the future.

We give them a 4.4 which is quite high in this category, check them out and get an estimate below.

Buyer Protection Guarantee

Every customer will receive the same discounts and rebates on the scope of work on the same day, according to Thompson Creek. The Buyer Protection Guarantee is in place to protect purchasers.

If you discover a comparable product and installation service with all of the Thompson Creek features for a lower price within 30 days of signing your contract with Thompson Creek, we’ll refund the difference plus an extra $25.

Additionally, if you are dissatisfied with the quality of your Thompson Creek goods and/or installation within 30 days after the installation date, Thompson Creek will first attempt to fix the problem before allowing you to return your Thompson Creek materials.

Is Thompson Creek Windows a Good or Bad Window Option?

Thompson Creek has excellent reviews and prides itself on being a high-quality provider and installer for clients. Therefore, Thompson Creek is a great option for homeowners looking to replace their windows with a durable, modern option.

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