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The Today’s Homeowner team is dedicated to providing the best home resources for millions of monthly readers. We have an extensive library of how-to articles, tutorial videos, and expert interviews to help you transform your house into a home.

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Home Improvement

Our home improvement guides can help you tackle everything from DIY weekend projects to long-term renovations. Whether you need to refurbish an extra room in your home or weatherproof it, Today’s Homeowner has you covered with the information you need.

Read our home improvement guides for the scoop on:

  • Lawn improvement tips
  • Remodeling by room
  • Seasonal improvements to make throughout the year
  • Eco-friendly home swaps
  • Selecting the right contractor for your next project


Sometimes, construction projects and basic home improvements go hand in hand. You may need help deciding what tools to use for a DIY adventure. Or, maybe you’re seeking some tips for constructing your own furniture. No matter the need, we have resources for:

  • The addition of new spaces or outdoor structures
  • Roof replacements and repairs
  • Window replacements
  • Foundation repairs
  • Building and refreshing furniture

Home Design

Today’s Homeowner understands that your home design is a reflection of you. It’s crucial to your enjoyment of the space and how well your environment fits your style. We have countless resources to ensure your home fulfills your ever-changing needs, as well as current needs on the real estate market.

We’ll help you design your home to meet:

  • Current trends
  • Accessibility needs
  • Energy efficiency concerns
  • Organization and storage needs

Ready to dive in? A better home is waiting.

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