4 Rooms You Should Declutter and Refresh

A few simple touches — such as adding throw pillows and an area rug — can transform your living room.

Upgrading your home can be rewarding and exciting as you start this fresh chapter in life.

If you want to revamp your residence, you first need to declutter. Clutter, after all, is the number one enemy of cleanliness and order.

After that, here are the top rooms to refresh.

1. Living Room

Your living room usually is the first thing most people really see when they visit your home. It’s also where you probably spend most of your time.

To refresh this space, add fun splashes of color that draw the eye around the room and enhance its overall appearance.

Consider color psychology and how you want the room to feel upon entering it.

Then, embellish! Just adding a few new pillows, a throw and an area rug can make the space more comfortable and visually transform the room.

A child's bedroom with pale colors

2. Master Bedroom

A cluttered master bedroom can be an eyesore and can also make falling asleep a lot harder.

Order invites a sense of calmness. So use shelving to organize your belongings, and actually use your closet to hang your clothes — do not toss them randomly throughout the room.

Adding a sofa or chair boosts the space’s luxury, adds another dimension and enhances your décor. You don’t have to go it alone — professional movers can help!
Also, keep your design functional. If you have an accent table that just collects dust and wastes space, say farewell to it or move it to a room where it will get used.

Home office in a modern home

3. Office

An office that’s chock full of random items in no particular order can make working in it difficult.

Invest in overhead floating shelves to help organize your files and papers. Then add a few houseplants to brighten and enhance the room; they also will filter the air, keeping it fresh and clean.

Toilet built above bathroom cabinet
Keep towels and toiletries in a cabinet above your toilet.

4. Bathroom

More and more people prefer their bathrooms to have a spa-like atmosphere. That’s only possible if the space is neat and organized.

Sort your hair care and hygiene products according to function or frequency of use. Put things where it makes sense to have them.

Next, add storage and look vertically — invest in floating shelves for optimal bathroom tidiness. And keep items on those shelves in decorative boxes so everything is ‘hidden in plain sight’ for a seamless look.


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