6 Signs That You May Need to Renovate Your Home

outdated dining room
Ready for a new dining table and chairs, or think your home could use new doors and light fixtures? Then it’s time for a renovation! (DepositPhotos)

Renovating your home can be as challenging as it is exciting, and it might seem like there are plenty of potential upgrades to work on at any one time.

It’s not unusual to put things off until they really need to be done, but there are some signals that shouldn’t be ignored, and delaying an important update could be more costly in the long term.

If you notice any of these things happening around your home, it’s time to get serious about those renovation plans.

Has your flooring seen better days? Or are you tired of its current look? Then it may be time to renovate.

1. Your floor needs to be replaced

Quality flooring can make your home feel more luxurious and comfortable, and whether your floors are tiled, wooden or carpeted, giving them some time and attention could significantly increase the value of your home.

Individual tiles in the bathroom and kitchen may start to detach, so watch out for any signs of lifting. Detached tiles and planks aren’t just unsightly; they’re also a tripping hazard.

For carpeted floors, the life span is generally around 10 years, but it will be shorter if you have indoor pets. Wooden floors are a durable, long-term flooring option, but they are also the most expensive option, and are still subject to rotting over time.

The good news is rotting wood planks are fixable without replacing the flooring completely, as long as you act before the rot has time to spread.

No longer into pink? Then it may be time to renovate your bathroom. (DepositPhotos)

2. Your bathroom and kitchen look old

You’ve probably heard that the kitchen and bathroom should be the main focus when you want to add value to your home, and even in these function-heavy rooms, the aesthetics take precedence.

Making these rooms look more modern could be as simple as adding new quartz countertops, some shiny fixtures or a set of new sinks, but if you’re looking at a full makeover, beginning from the ground up is a good strategy.

Start with the paint job, and then work from the floor up, focusing on eye-catching features like the bathtub, cabinets, and big-ticket kitchen appliances.

You might be surprised what a new oven can do for an old kitchen!

minimalist living room
Tired of minimalism and want a more lived-in look? Then it’s time for a renovation. (DepositPhotos)

3. Your home feels too crowded or too empty

Your home may have been the perfect fit for your family when you moved in, but a lot can change over a number of months or years, particularly as your children grow.

When you’ve done all the decluttering you can manage and there’s still not enough space, you could remedy that crowded feeling by knocking out any unnecessary walls to create a wider open space or adding an outdoor living area.

Alternatively, for those who have too much space, consider filling some of it with pieces of statement furniture or artwork.
Extra space is a luxury many can’t afford, and it will add value to your home if you ever plan to sell.


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