Armstrong World Industries, better known as Armstrong Ceilings, is the top manufacturer of innovative commercial and residential ceiling, wall, and suspension solutions. For over 150 years, the company has provided ceiling and wall solutions for residential properties, healthcare facilities, classrooms, stores, offices, and restaurants, with many of their products made in the USA. 

Armstrong’s products have helped improve the buildings’ efficiency and overall performance where their products are installed. 

Kanopi by Armstrong is a branch of the company specializing in direct-to-consumer sales, making Armstrong’s beautiful and innovative solutions available to the general public for the first time.

Kanopi Commercial Ceiling Products

Kanopi by Armstrong offers ceiling tiles, grids, and wall products for various spaces, including restaurant ceilings, offices, healthcare environments and schools. Their mineral fiber ceiling tiles are made from 24 to 95 percent recycled materials and contain either renewable or natural materials like starts, perlite, and clay.

Ceiling Tiles

The ceiling tiles offered at Kanopi come in a wide range of sizes and neutral colors in addition to traditional white ceiling tiles, that can work well with any environment. Some even allow for painting to customize the tiles to your space. 

Unlike other companies, whose ceiling tiles offer few benefits, these tiles help with sound absorption and create a healthier space for everyone–patients, staff, students, or anyone else in the building.

Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

Kanopi knows that a quieter workplace means a more productive space. Sound will continue to bounce around a room, reflecting on various hard surfaces until something absorbs it. With ceilings being as expansive as they are, they offer the best solution to acoustic issues–and Kanopi has created high-quality acoustic ceiling tiles to ensure quieter workspaces. They have acoustic tiles that can fit any client’s needs and budget–from those looking to create a soundproof room to those who want to ease the noise levels to a manageable level. 

Kanopi’s office ceiling tiles range in rating, from “Good” to “Best”  for different features, including sound absorption and blocking. Ceiling tiles with a “Good” rating in acoustics will offer up to 55 percent sound absorption. Kanopi tiles with a “Best” rating, on the other hand, offer up to 95 percent sound absorption. 

Sanitary Ceiling Tiles

Maintaining clean and sanitary environments is critical, especially in today’s day. Kanopi offers tiles that are easy to clean and disinfect, making them great options for many settings, particularly healthcare facilities. These specific tiles can be disinfected via fog, spray, or wipe disinfectants. 

They also offer tile systems that help to clean and purify the air.

VidaShield UV24 Air Purification System

This purification system is the ideal solution for school ceiling panels. They are designed to draw air into a chamber above the ceiling and out of sight. The chamber treats the air with UV-C air cleaning technology before it recirculates back into the room. These 2’x4′ systems fit easily into existing grid systems, with no need for extra tiles or grids. A single panel will treat 50 cubic feet a minute, or 3,000 cubic feet an hour. In third-party tests, the system neutralized 97 percent of pathogens on the first pass. The 24/7 continuous purification helps to reduce airborne pathogens and prevent them from settling on surfaces.

The system offers two styles, Ultima and SchoolZone Fine Fissured.  

AirAssure™ Seal Ceiling Panels

AirAssure™ seal panels have a smooth, drywall-like finish. The AirAssure™ seal helps contribute to safer indoor air quality while also reducing air leakage through the ceiling in a space up to 4X, compared to tiles that do not have the same technology.

AirAssure™ panels also help increase the effectiveness of in-ceiling filtration and purification systems, like the VidaShield system, by up to 40 percent. These tiles are easy to retrofit with your existing ceiling and are durable and over some of the highest acoustic ratings that Kanopi offers. The system comes in two styles, Calla and Ultima.

Commercial Ceiling Grids

Ceiling grids are the lines that show between a series of ceiling tiles. The standard for grid systems is about 15/16″ wide, made of strong metal. Another size option in a narrower 9/16″ is also available if desired. Choosing the right grid size and edge profile is important, as it affects the installation of the ceiling tiles and the appearance. 

There are different types of suspension, and what you choose depends on your preference and space. Some grid systems also come in a wide range of colors, not just neutral options. 

Wall Products

Kanopi ceiling tiles aren’t just for the ceiling. Some can also work well as wall tiles, providing the same benefits they would on a ceiling to a wall. Acoustic wall panel options like the INFUSIONS Resilient Partitions work to create quieted cubicles, rooms, or study spaces within a larger room, creating a sense of privacy even if there are no doors. 

Choose a Superior Commercial Ceiling Product

Kanopi by Armstrong offers products for offices, healthcare facilities, schools, and restaurants, ensuring these places have attractive walls and ceilings. It isn’t just the appearance of these places Kanopi is concerned with; their products offer health and acoustic benefits and even a Class A fire rating, making them excellent additions to any space.

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