ALSCO has been manufacturing building products since 1947 and plays a leading role in introducing remodelers, builders, and homeowners like you to the low maintenance and enduring beauty of a new generation of building products. 

Whether you want to improve your home’s exterior or your business’s aesthetic, ALSCO makes various products, including trim coil, soffit panels, and roofing accessories, that allow you to focus on your project or enjoy your home without worrying about exterior maintenance. Read more below to see why customers are raving about ALSCO.

Why Choose ALSCO?

ALSCO delivers unbeatable value and performance in every product by optimizing manufacturing, which enables maximum precision and control. The products may cost more up-front than some alternatives, but ALSCO’s commitment to quality materials and manufacturing often makes its products a better value in the long run.

ALSCO’s on-site paint line ensures consistent color for a seamless look. The paint line allows factory workers to monitor and control painting, producing a better result. Additionally, ALSCO focuses on sustainability by using recyclable materials, buying locally to reduce carbon footprint, recycling waste, and making 100% recyclable products. 

ALSCO Products

ALSCO offers a wide range of aluminum building products for homes and businesses. While individual product costs vary, ALSCO aims to provide long-term value through durability, quality, and low maintenance.

ALSCO’s trim coil selection has over 350 colors to match your siding. Its maintenance-free installation is durable against scratching, flaking, chipping, and cracking. Trim coils easily bend if needed, but they can also lay flat for an elegant installation. They’re American-made with local Midwest/Illinois materials, and ALSCO includes fade and chalk coverage in the lifetime warranty.

ALSCO soffit provides a finished look that protects your home’s overhangs. Proper soffit installation eliminates attic heat and moisture that damages roofing and stored items by ventilating the attic and eaves. Attic ventilation is crucial since insufficient ventilation invalidates most roofing warranties.ALSCO’s  Aluminum soffit accessories match its color selection, so there are plenty of options. Durable and versatile, ALSCO soffits offer visual and functional benefits for every home.

Fascia are horizontal roof boards that provide a polished appearance by covering rafter ends.

ALSCO’s fascia has a durable, scratch-resistant coating that sheds dirt, while its bead detailing prevents waves you can see with field-bent fascia.

Fascia comes in woodgrain and Perfect Trim Plus colors for a lifetime of clean looks on your home, and its durable construction prevents damage over time.

ALSCO aluminum siding optimizes your home’s value, architecture, appearance, and protection from the elements. It’s termite-resistant and durable, protecting against cracking, peeling, rust, and rot. When comparing aluminum and vinyl siding, aluminum has plenty of benefits that make it an excellent choice for your home, making ALSCO’s aluminum siding even more of a smart investment.

ALSCO’s aluminum siding is available in wood grain, colors, and profiles. To properly maintain your siding, rinse with water occasionally. Durability, aesthetics, and fire resistance make ALSCO siding a fantastic choice for your home’s exterior.

Roof moldings protect wood from moisture damage, preventing rot and other moisture problems. ALSCO’s styles come in plenty of different designs to match regional requirements.

The color selection matches common soffits and siding, and it comes with a lifetime warranty that prevents underlying wood rot, so you’re covered in case of any unwanted problems. Both the colors and the warranty make these roof moldings functional and visually appealing.

ALSCO’s rainware withstands harsh weather and directs moisture away from your foundation/walls to prevent damage. Its durable construction protects your home during storms and cold weather and makes it easy to clean your gutters.Aluminum rainware requires little maintenance and can help prevent overflowing gutters. The Gutter Tuff Coating allows color retention, easy cleaning, and mar resistance. Durability, low maintenance, and protective functionality make ALSCO rainware a smart choice for your home.

So, Is Investing in ALSCO Products Worth It?

Given its commitment to quality, sustainability, and lifetime warranties, investing in ALSCO makes financial sense in the long run for most homeowners. Although more costly up-front than other alternatives, ALSCO products are built to last and offer reliable performance for decades. For homeowners like you who value low maintenance, eco-friendliness, and lasting curb appeal, ALSCO delivers excellent value.


What materials are ALSCO products made from?

ALSCO uses durable, weather-resistant aluminum in its products.

How long do ALSCO products typically last?

With proper installation, ALSCO products like siding, roof moldings, and rainware last for decades without cracking, peeling, or rotting. Many have lifetime warranties.

What are common ALSCO product applications?

You can use ALSCO products for residential uses, like siding, roof edge protection, and rain gutters. ALSCO products are also great for commercial projects.

What are key ALSCO product benefits?

Benefits include durability, fade/chalk resistance, dent resistance, fire resistance, recyclability, quality warranties, and abundant color options to match any home.

How do ALSCO products compare to other brands?

Customer reviews and industry reports consistently show ALSCO outperforming similar products in longevity, appearance, and warranty coverage. The quality justifies the investment for most homeowners.

Are ALSCO products DIY-friendly?

Although ALSCO recommends professional installation for some products, most come with detailed DIY guides. For example, trim coils are okay for DIY installs without specialized tools.

Where are ALSCO products manufactured?

ALSCO manufactures its aluminum products at its Illinois facility, enabling precise quality control and environmental stewardship.

Does ALSCO offer design help?

ALSCO provides a design idea library on its website but not direct design services. Its customer service team can offer product guidance and recommendations.

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