ALSCO has been manufacturing building products since 1947, and plays a leading role in introducing remodelers, builders, and homeowners to the low maintenance and enduring beauty of a new generation of building products.

Whether you want to improve your home’s exterior or business, ALSCO makes a variety of products including trim coil, soffit panels, and roofing accessories that will allow you to focus on your project or enjoy your home without worrying about maintaining the exterior.

Why Choose ALSCO?

ALSCO delivers unbeatable value and performance in every product they make by optimizing every step of the manufacturing process, which allows them the ability to maximize the overall precision and control specifications.

ALSCO has an on-site paint line that ensures that all of their products have a consistent color to provide a seamless look. The dedicated machinery ensures that the products are made consistently time after time to maintain the quality.

ALSCO also focuses on being sustainable by using materials that are recyclable in the manufacturing process, buying local materials to reduce the carbon footprint, recycling waste oil and water, and making products that are 100% recyclable.

ALSCO Products

The following are aluminum building products manufactured by ALSCO:

Color Select Trim Coil

The aluminum trim coil is available in smooth finishes and comes in more than 350 colors to complement or match most siding. The maintenance-free aluminum trim coil installation has a durable finish to protect against scratching, flaking, chipping, and cracking.

Trim coils are easy to bend if needed. But for an elegant install, they can also lay flat. The trim coils are made in the USA, and the materials used are locally sourced from the Midwest and Illinois. This product comes with a lifetime warranty that includes fade and chalk coverage.

Soffit and Accessories

ALSCO soffit provides a beautifully finished look to protect your overhangs. When installed properly, soffits can eliminate any excess heat and moisture that can damage things stored in the attic area or the roof by ventilating the eaves and attic.

It is important to properly ventilate your attic because most warranties for roofing materials can be deemed invalid without adequate attic ventilation. Aluminum soffit accessories are also included in ALSCO’s extensive color collection.


The fascia are the horizontal boards that are attached and run under the roof of your home to give it a polished appearance. They cover the end of the roof rafters creating a finished look to your home.

ALSCO’s aluminum fascia has a finished coating that is durable, resists scratches, and sheds dirt. It has a bead detailing to prevent waves that can be seen with field- bent fascia.

Fascia gives your home a clean look that will last for a lifetime, and is available in the company’s extensive Perfect Trim Plus and woodgrain.


Siding plays an important role in the structure of your home. ALSCO aluminum siding is high quality and optimizes your home’s value, architectural character, and appearance as well as doing the hard work of protecting it from the elements. ALSCO siding is termite- resistant, durable, and provides lasting protection, since it will not crack, peel, rust, or rot.

ALSCO Siding is available in a woodgrain pattern, beautiful colors, and profiles. To maintain this siding, you need to occasionally rinse it with clean water. It is also important to know that it is resistant to fire and will not spread fire faster.

Roof Moldings

ALSCO’s aluminum roof moldings are designed to protect the wooden parts of your home from unwanted moisture that may cause damage. They are available in a variety of styles to match regional construction requirements.

They are available in a wide range of colors that match most soffit colors and vinyl siding. ALSCO’s roof moldings help protect the roof edge from ice and water damage. With a lifetime warranty, these roof moldings can prevent the rotting of the underlying wood.


ALSCO’s Rainware products are designed to withstand even the harshest weather conditions such as ice and snow. They direct the moisture away from the foundation and walls, preventing ice and water damage.

They are made of high-quality aluminum and require low maintenance. They are formulated using the Gutter Tuff Coating System which allows for color retention, easy cleaning, and mar resistance.   

High Quality Products for Peace of Mind

ALSCO building products will give you the peace of mind you need by providing you with products that are durable, high in quality, and environmentally sustainable.

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