Insulated concrete forms have a load of benefits for homeowners. They’re energy efficient, help soundproof your home, and make for a stronger, more durable building. But to get all of these benefits, what you need is a builder who is not only familiar with the system, but who can also build in the style and specifications you want and need.


The United States is an architecturally diverse state with a range of popular styles. ICF blocks do not impact the style of the home you choose to build. So, when selecting the right builder to assist in your new home build, it’s important to not only select a builder who is familiar with ICF blocks and their construction, but also with the architectural style you want to build in.

To this end, make sure that you request portfolios from any builder you are interviewing. Stress that you want to see photographs of homes or buildings they have completed in ICF blocks that are also in the architectural style you desire. Ultimately, when making your decision, your builder should be comfortable with both the material and the architecture together.


It’s a good rule of thumb to think about comparing builders in groups of three. Meaning, that when you begin to select your builder, you’ll want to interview at least three, and receive costs/quotes and estimates of how long the project will take from at least three builders. You should also receive at least three recent references from each of these builders, who you can call and follow up with.

By interviewing and comparing in groups of three, you can help weed out the outliers. If the three builders are all using the same quality materials, and building within the same timeline, then their costs should be similar to one another. A builder who charges much more or much less is an outlier, and unless they can explain the reason for why they differ so much, then they should be discarded.

For example, a builder who isn’t charging as much may be inexperienced, hiding fees, or attempting to use lesser quality products. A builder who is charging significantly more may not be interested in the job. Small fluctuations in costs are to be expected, but keep an eye out for anyone that is significantly higher or lower than the other two quotes.

Choose Your Material

If you’ve taken the time to learn about ICF blocks and their many benefits, then you will also know that they may not always be created equally. When hiring a builder to work with ICF blocks, you will ideally also need to specify the materials. Simply trusting that a builder works with ICF does not mean that you’ll be receiving quality materials. It also makes it more difficult when comparing if you are not specifying the exact materials you want as well as the exact architectural style.

If you’re comparing costs between three builders, and they are each quoting you a different brand of block or a different material, then it’s very difficult to tell who the outlier may be. Someone may come in much higher or lower simply due to the cost of the material they’ve selected, and not due to their experience level or desire for the job.

An ICF wall system is easy to maintain for homeowners. The blocks are durable, help guard against moisture and air infiltration, and last for years. The system also uses fewer materials and takes less labor to build. This can save you money, not only now during the build process, but also over the life of the building in reduced energy costs and maintenance.

This method building is also simple and fully integrated, which means that builders have a chance at mastering it faster than other systems. What this means for you is that any builder you choose who has worked with ICF Wall before will have the necessary skills and knowledge to build you the home you’re looking for. Other systems may ICF blocks, but they’re often complicated, expensive, and have a higher learning curve for builders, all of which often translates into a more expensive project for you.

Get the Right ICF Builder for You

ICF blocks make durable, insulated, comfortable, and healthy homes. They can be used with any architectural style and will last for years. But to achieve all of these benefits, you first need to find a builder that has the knowledge and expertise to provide you with the style and home you want. Use these tips to help you find the right ICF builder for your project, and gain all the benefits of ICF systems for yourself.

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